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[Prime] Logitech G305 $43.43 (EXP), G502 Wired White $56.63, G903 (Hero Sensor) $105.19 (EXP) Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU


G502 Wired
G903 Wireless Expired

I also saw many other more expensive versions on Amazon but I personally didn't find any difference. If you do notice anything point it out in the comment section.

Hope this helps!

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  • The 305 wireless using a lithium AAA is very nice for a sub $50 mouse

    • Do you know how often you need to replace the battery? I have a G603 as my working mouse and the two batteries last forever.

      My other one Alienware 310m which only uses 1 battery but it runs out every 2-3 weeks.

      • I've had the duracell AA that came with my G304 for 3 months and the Logitech suite says it's still full. I wanted to try the lithium AAA but thought I'd wait until this one goes flat.

        I've got it running on Endurance mode and have used it 5 days a week working from home in that time. It's set up to auto detect games through Logitech suite and switches to performance mode.

        • In that case I will get one then. Cheers.

        • How did you enable endurance mode? I just switch mine off at the end of the day. Also ensures that knocking the desk doesn't wake my laptop up.

          • @eraser215: It was all through the logitech suite. You enable endurance by default and then set up a profile for performance, I think there was a setting for allowing different dpi per profile which I set too. You then set it to detect apps or other games that you want to use the alternate profile with.

      • Aye, fellow G603 users. Just wondering, has your scroll wheel screwed up like mine did? I've had mine replaced 3 times and the scroll wheel stopped working properly on all 3.

      • The app still shows full battery after 30+ hours use with the lithium aaa

        Edit: using 1000hz performance setting

  • Been waiting for the G Pro Wireless to come on sale for AGESSSSS, guess imma keep waiting.

  • Waaait this is the Hero sensor 903 for $105?!

  • Was just about to post this. I dont think I've ever seen the G305 go for any cheaper than this. Copped one.

  • I have a G304 and it has been great, it would have been a perfect mouse if it has a hyper scroll. Any chance of this G305 has that?

    • I also have the G304 - it's a great mouse

    • Just wondering, hows the reliability of the scroll wheels on the G304?

      I've used several G603 in the past few years and the first thing that gives out is the scroll wheel.. Otherwise I love it, I got the G305 to replace it cause of the broken scroll wheel.

    • The G305 is the same as the G304, the numbers only differ in that they sell in different regions.

  • I know I should have waited. Anyway they are all good value.grab if you want

  • Any good keyboard deals? Want a decent one for work

  • Really tempted by the G502 but the double click issue and Ghub is off-putting. When ordering from Amazon UK, will warranty issues be resolved with Logitech directly?

    • I've just read the reviews for G903 it has the same issue. Will stay away from these ones this time.

    • The G502 (even the hero version) is old enough that you can still use LGS with it.
      As for the double click issue, that seems hit and miss, i've had my G502 for a year and half and haven't run into this issue yet.

  • g903. just get and then ask.

    • yes it is HERO sensor variant.

    • by the looks of It yes? the model number of so-called west European version ends with 5673 while east European version ends with 5672. the one JB sells ends with 5674, so maybe…. OZ version?

    • Reading the reviews doesn't fill me with confidence and I don't want to deal with the overseas warranty even if it amazon.

  • Damn, I've been eyeing a g502 wireless and it's the only one not on sale.

  • Thanks, I've been looking for a decent, cheap wireless keyboard & mouse combo. This post led me to find Logitech MK540 for $48, about half the price of everywhere else.

  • Is the 903 suitable for work? Or is over the top

    • Why not just get G305? It's way more lowkey in terms of looks imo. I think 903 looks a bit much for office.

    • +1 vote

      I have both G903 and MX Master 2s.
      Trust me you would want Master 2s or 3 it is far more ergonomic and comfortable to use for work.

  • Keep in mind the dreaded ghost clicking issue that happens with the G703 and G903. I am using G703 right now that started doing it after only a couple of months. Definitely do some research on it before jumping in. I'm starting the replacement procedure now with Logitech, but by all reports it will just happen again to the next one.

  • G305 vs the MX Master @ $48 on today's prime deal? Daily office + gaming use.

  • I recently purchased a G604 that started to doubleclick in less than a week. I was approved of a warranty replacement but then Logitech screwed me around for a month where I spent 10+ hours on the phone with support to actually get the replacement.

    It was only after I kicked up a fuss on social media by posting screenshots on Logitech's public posts showing how in my online support ticket I was approved of a replacement a month ago, yet still being screwed around by support staff never getting back to me on their own deadlines that I was able to get a refund rather than a replacement.

    I took that refund and spent a couple of dollars on Kailh GM4 mouse switches and soldered them in.

    • Thinking of doing this with my G703 over getting a replacement, as by all reports they will all do it again after a month or so. Is that the recommended replacement switch people are using? How have you found it since changing over?

      • They are the ones that most people recommend. On aliexpress they are around $12 for 8 switches, but they take months to arrive. On eBay they are around $10 for 2 switches but you will get them a lot sooner.

        They are great. No issues a few weeks after I did the swap. Originally I tried to repair the switches by bending that tiny little spring inside, but I ended up bending a little too much and had mush clicks with no tactile feedback. Repairing those metal clips are significantly harder than replacing the switches entirely.

        Make sure to get a desolder pump and desolder wick as the through hole soldering in mouse switches is pretty chunky.

  • Thanks the wife wanted a second g305 for work she loves the white g304 I got from last deal so much

  • The double-clicking issue has me twitching on the "add to cart" for the g903

    • It have me nervous on all Logitech mouses tbh

      • AFAIK it's all manufactures that use the same faulty Omron switches. Lots of Corsair and Razer forum posts about doubleclicking too, I just think Logitech is a much more popular brand and sells more than the others.

  • Any rumors on whether the G Pro Wireless will be available?

  • Pulled the trigger on the G903… Let's see how it goes

  • Really tempted by the G903 but I don't think I can live without the extra DPI-shift thumb button the G502 has, very helpful to instantly temporarily switch the DPI for my work.
    Going to pickup a spare G502 incase/when my non-HERO dies.

    Actually the white it pretty damn ugly, might wait and see if the black pops up cheap.

  • Anyone else getting a "delivery date pending" on the g305?

    • Was just about to ask. Yes, me too. First time getting this message.

    • My status went to shipped like 2 hours after I bought it.

      • Welp. Mine is still on "delivery date pending".
        Perhaps they out of stock already even though it hasn't been reflected on their page??

        • Any updates to your order? Mine's still on "pending" too… might give it another week before i cancel it.

          • @Uchuujin: Mine's been pending since order but Amazon charged my credit card yesterday for it and it shows as in stock - maybe it'll ship soon?

            • @noflexzone: Here's what I got from Amazon CS:

              "Our delivery estimates are based on item availability, the quantity ordered, selected delivery speed and the delivery address where the item is coming and where it will be delivered, but according to my researched there was no issue with this order infact it entered the advanced shipping soon status, which means that it will be shipped out shortly."

              I have asked the same question twice and two CS person gave similar answer so let's hope it ships within a week time.

            • @noflexzone: Mine just marked as shipped this arvo…. ETA 18th November! Ah well…. lucky it was just to test and i have a main mouse already… hope they ship yours out soon.

    • Still no updates regarding the delivery date. I am thinking these may end up being cancelled.

  • Eastern vs Western European? Whats the Difference ? German Packaging Apparently

  • Grabbed a g502 for myself, and the g305 for the misses. Thanks OP!

  • Aww I've been trying to get the g305 for months, is there a way to set notifications when a deal pops up? I clicked "want" thinking it would notify me but it didn't

  • Currently using a G402 would the G502 be a good upgrade?

  • For anyone still waiting for dispatch like I am, get on Livechat to Amazon and ask for an update and they might give you a $20 voucher. I didnt even ask for anything but an update and they just offered it

  • Mine was actually finally sent on DHL Express yesterday. If yours used DHL as well, do you mind letting me know how long it took?

    • My other mouse took 5 days from the day they shipped (inclusive). Took a day from Rochester to London. Melbourne customs clearance completed at the fourth day night and delivered on the next morning.