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[Prime, Waitlist] Cordless Computer Air Duster - $63.99 Delivered @ Opolar via Amazon AU


Have been on the look out for one of these as a small hand held, not a bad lightning deal now.

Replacement for compressed air spray cans and handy for anyone who wants to give something a quick once over dust clean.

Edit: 100% claimed Join the waitlist and check the page, you only have a short amount of time to purchase. Note that the waitlist might not be able via mobile site/app, request desktop site.

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This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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    how strong is this thing compared to a compressed can air duster?

    • +1

      I've used a mates one (which is why i was hunting one down) and its better if not the same (aka it cleared out the dust from my pc)

      plenty of reviews online as this series is a common one used if you wanna see some in action

      • Noob question.

        Don't you need to use a vacuum to clean your PC? How would blowing dust around the PC case help?

        • +5

          You run a huge risk of damaging component when you use a vacuum to clean the inside. The vacuum generates static which can result in a discharge. My own experience as a teenager resulted in a fried motherboard and a very sad summer…

  • Thanks was on a lookout as well

  • Always looked at these, what better time than when I just got a couple of cans!

  • Deal is 100% Claimed

  • +1

    Buy first, think later - thanks OP

    • This is the way.

      I've missed out because i was thinking.

  • +9

    Fully claimed in 6 mins. Wtf.

    • +2

      Lol.. I had the screen opened since this morning waiting for the deal at 12:40.. bought it immediately.

  • +2

    Given i also have Makita tools, would a 18V Blower be more versatile? i know its a lot bigger, but……

    • +1

      I use my leaf blower for cleaning out PC's too haha

      I think this would much better for tight spaces. Or even in your car for getting dust out of vents and panel gaps.

      • I was looking to get one to clean out air filters too but oh well. Ill wait and see for the next one

      • That's an interesting idea I had never considered. Could make things a whole lot easier lol

    • I have a similar one but yes when trying to get into the computer or the fans inside the case, these are much better and also USB charger not the custom charger/power pack :)

    • yea i use a small leaf blower for my pc and general dusting as well, ive used it on other ppls computers as well when you wanna stand back a bit further, either tie down/jam the fans and full send or turn it down a bit to not kill the fan bearings.

  • Back in stock for black (blue was still available)

  • Oh well, I guess I'll have to keep using my leaf blower to clean my PC.

  • +6

    I'm uhhh sticking with my wife's hairdryer

    GTX1060 plz love me

  • +4

    I cannot live without this air duster. Helped me clean out the cab on my mower, blow water particles out of my clipper blades, it is very powerful and a great tool.

  • all gone!

  • +5

    Waitlist is full. No more. :(

  • +4

    I'm into the Ryobi ecosystem so I just use the inflator

    • How well does this work? Is it comparable to the air duster in terms of "air power"?

      • It certainly does the job. I also 3d printed an attachment to funnel the air much like the one in this deal.

        It only makes sense if you already have the battery though, otherwise its an expensive solution.

    • Ouch, it has been going up by ~20% every year! (was $49)
      I have a Ryobi battery and would buy one for $50…

  • -1

    Black still has stock

    • Looks like black is a different model?

      • Oh didn’t notice it was a different model, my mistake

    • Matte Black or Black?

      They aren't the same product. Matte Black has no stock :(

  • +1

    only stock at Full price

  • +1

    There is still stock - however it is not part of the deal (ie. you have to pay full price)

    • It is not the same model.

  • Damn, I've been eyeing these for a while. Aliexpress has non - opolar branded ones for almost $70. Just need to search for air duster.

  • +22

    If you missed out on the deal you can order it directly from Opolar for about $79.49 AUD


    • +18

      Not sure I can sleep at night knowing it was cheaper…

      • +7

        You wouldn't be an Ozbargainer if you did

      • +4

        code opolar10 brings it to $71 if that makes you feel better

        • +24

          And OPOLAR15 gives you 15% discount!

          • +6

            @KaizenMode: Which is ~$67.30 AUD. Free shipping!

            Thanks for this. Would be happy to purchase via this route.

          • +1

            @KaizenMode: Anyone try OPOLAR99?

            I was 3 mins too early before i see you post this, damn it!

          • +3

            @KaizenMode: Thanks for the code.

            I decided to order it anyway, +$6 but I use canned air a fair amount so this will save money and time long term

          • +4

            @KaizenMode: missed out from amazon
            @kaizenmode thanks for the 15% code .. i ordered one from their website direct

          • +2

            @KaizenMode: Thank you, ordered one from the site using the code also :)

          • +3

            @KaizenMode: Thanks! Bought one. Will be sleeping as snug as a bug in a rug tonight :)

          • +3

            @KaizenMode: Thanks for this too, got one direct for ~$6 more ($70.08 at checkout).

            Cannot complain. Sweet.

          • +2

            @KaizenMode: Nice one, thanks! I bought the upgraded model that can vacuum as well.

            p/s I chose to pay in USD with my bank account, it worked out a few bucks cheaper than PayPal conversion rate.

          • +4

            @KaizenMode: Thanks for the code, got one for $67.24 AUD

            • +1

              @PigGainOut: Curious on what bank you used to have that exchange rate. Mine come to 69.50

    • Thanks. Was eyeing this off a few days ago at the full $109. Happy to have ordered direct for a few dollars more than the flash deal.

    • Thank you and with the code, I bought 2020 model

  • +5

    Black and Blue fully claimed and Wait List full.

  • +2

    I was on the waiting list for the matte black version and manged to have one allocated to me for lightning deal price.

    • I was on the waitlist for the blue - no notification - refreshed the page and sold out - no longer a waitlist….

  • Thanks OP, bugger I/we missed out, I've being looking for something like this for ages, at a fair price, damn.

  • Damn, would've loved one of these.

    • +3

      Check above link from @kaizenmode He put up a 15% discount code with Free Shipping.

      • Yeet, ordered one from the OPOLAR site.


  • +2

    Bought one from the OPLOAR site. $70.08 Aussie. Thought of waiting in case more appeared on Amazon, but what's a few bucks?

    • Can you let us know how long it takes to receive from the global site? Wondering if it's from a Chinese warehouse as opposed to local here.

      • Yep. will do.

      • They have shipping information on the web.


      • Also ordered one from their site - my CC statement says OPOLAR Hong Kong so I think it might be shipped out from HK

      • I've received mine after 7 days, and it went by plane from somewhere in China.

  • i been wanting one of these for agees, meanwhile still using air cans

  • It's back in Stock at $109.99

  • Grabbed one for $63.99. Thanks OP

    • Did it show up as in stock again?

  • +2
    • Thanks for this! Thought I missed out. Just grabbed it

      • How is this possible. I checked much earlier and they were all gone :(

  • +1

    and now it's gone up $132.26!

  • +2

    This one on Aliexpress is cheaper at AU$54.94 plus $2.55 standard shipping. Estimated delivery is Nov 09, but I wouldn't count on it. Looks like the same unit to me.

    • I should also add that the above price doesn't include GST. The actual shipped price comes to $63.22 before applying any coupons you might have.

  • Noob question here, why is this better than a normal air blower that you can buy from Bunnings?

  • +2

    Got one for $69.47 shipped from Opolar store.

    • Nice I bought one for the same price too.

  • is a hairdryer on cold setting sufficient?

  • is the 2020 version worth the extra ? Looks like it has a vacuum cleaner function as well

  • Mine's come in, ordered via the website and delivered by Fastway (Aramex). Oddly enough it came in Amazon packaging, so I guess they just sent it all out of one place even if you order it from their site.

    • Ordered mine via the website also, it's being delivered by CouriersPlease and came from Dandenong South, Victoria. Maybe it will have Amazon packaging. Nice surprise though, I thought it would have been coming from China or another part of Asia.

      • I've received mine today after 7 days, and it went from China. I've bought the more expensive model that also comes with vacuum mode.

  • Ordered off OPOLAR website. Delivered today by amazon. I did order black but got blue. Overall happy it came within 3 days, good surprise.

    • Same here, ordered on the 13th through the website and delivered today by amazon. Ordered black and got blue too.

      • Hey, just wondering if you got a shipping notification? I bought it on the 14th, but haven't heard anything since the confirmation email.

        • Only got the shipped notification today, just a couple of hours before delivery. So don't worry and give them a couple of days to come through. :)