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Sony iPhone/iPod Dock Clock Radio Bonus Speaker Dock $149 (Cheaper Than BigW)


Sony iPhone/iPod Dock Clock Radio Bonus Speaker Dock $149 valid until 28 Nov 2011 All store.
Cheaper than most other deal from DSE, BigW and WOW sight and sound.
See Catalogue page 7.

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    I have the Sony Clock Radio, and it's a great little iPhone charger/dock/radio and alarm clock. Pretty decent sound too. I paid about $180 for it a couple of years ago.

    For $150 including that other little dock, that's a great deal.

    However I will warn this to anyone who wants it in their bedroom - the clock is really, really blue, and bright. It has a three dim settings, all equally useless. If you have trouble sleeping with light near you, you might find this annoying.

    It didn't usually bother me, but if I had a particularly restless night I would cover the LCD to stop it being so bright.

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      Actually - to edit my previous statement. Looks like there is a new model of this that is almost functionally exactly the same as my one, but the brightness issue has been resolved. I assume that this model advertised here is the newer model (as mine is several years old).

      So it may not be as much of a problem now. (But still have a look and do some research)

  • This Model doesnt mention DAB+ unlike previous special..

    • I couldn't find a previous deal that mentioned DAB+ - could you post a link if its still valid?

      • OK, after searching I found BigW, Dick Smith and Wow S&S deals similar to this one. Clicking through to the actual sites, none of them were for the DAB+ version. So I'm 99% certain that this bonus deal is for the older non-DAB+ model.

        • http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/56943
          I was just going off this post, but I dont think the S15 has DAB+ anyway.
          XDRDS12iP is the DAB+ model
          Not that I could get TripleJ in digital where I am just yet.
          all these Sony docks review really well.

  • It has 3 brightness settings, I checked it out yesterday at DSE. Great deal. Thanks. Nearly bought yesterday, but am now making tracks to the nearest Good Guys today!!

  • I am looking to replace my logitech Clock where the speakers are distorting want to get the DAB+ model to be a little future proof.

  • Brightness is definitely not a problem now (well in my DAB+ version it isn't), you can't see it at night at all on the lowest setting. I picked mine up for $120 or so few months ago off Amazon UK

    • Interesting that this one has DAB+ when shipped from the UK. UK doesn't currently use DAB+ (only DAB) and as far as I can tell switchover isn't planned until 2015ish. A lot of DAB radio's from the UK won't work with DAB+, and some manufacturers has 2 versions of products - one for DAB and one for DAB+.

  • Blue light suppresses melatonin production and screws sleep cycles.

  • Good timing as I am looking for an alarm clock dock for my iPhone4s. is this Sony dock better than Philips DS1100?


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