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[Prime] Logitech MK850 Wireless Bluetooth Combo $106 Delivered @ AZeShop via Amazon AU


lighting deal, will be expired in 1 hour, the deal just started and will be expired in one hour

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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  • Great keyboard and mouse. I'm using them right now as my day to day kb/m :D

    • Lkewise and I jumped onto the MX Master (original) deal earlier today - primarily for Darkfield.

      Great set supporting multiple devices and has lasted for me for a few years now (still going strong) but you would need to use a non-shiny surface (I've been porting my mouse pad using this combo set)

    • Same here, but replaced the mouse with the MX Master 2S.

  • Currently using this, a very good combo.

  • Thanks OP, was looking for a combo for my work laptop as it mac and also wanted something to work with my personal laptop (windows) as well. This would solve both the purposes. Was looking to buy K750 but I feel square keys are much better.

  • Same. Using them right now.

  • I need a keyboard and mouse to work from home. Is it worth getting, as it's only 15% off?

    • Hands down. I despise the sound of mechanical keyboards. These are low profile membrane so they're fine to type with all day and are quiet. Bliss

    • I got these on eBay 20% deals for 97$ something. Love the mouse, but keyboard has connectivity issues on my surface laptop (never had any issues on my cell and ASU’s laptops)

      • I get random connectivity issues too, but I find it's just cos I don't really have line of sight. Some of my computers are 3m away so I just use an extension cable and hang it off my curtain so the devices have a better time with connectivity. I think I've just realised why I randomly have issues. I have an Elgato light blocking los haha. That could be it

    • Best price on this in the Covid environment. But not the lowest its been in normal times. I'm thinking of this too.. or opt for a Chinese mechanical keyboard.

  • "Quickly switch among up to three Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android devices"

    Does anyone know if it can it also work on other devices like a CCTV system? Or do the additional devices need to be a certain operating system?

    Looking to get rid of the second mouse on my desk.

    • At a guess - so long as the device accepts this via usb. You will need to use Win/Mac to set up the connection between the dongle and the kb/m, but after that, you can plug it into anything and they'll still be paired

      • Great, thank you.

        Currently have a wireless mouse via usb/bluetooth with the cctv system, so hopefully don't have any dramas with it accepting this model.

        • Very nice :D I'm able to use this in the BIOS so you shouldn't have any troubles at all then. It's just a standard driver

      • I've found that Solaar can pair the keyboard to the unifying dongle on Linux, without having to use a Windows or Mac device.

  • Deal is finished,

  • Really good keyboard and mouse at this price. I bought it at around 135. I have no problem connecting it with multiple systems.

  • Phew, got in just in the nick of time.

    Edit: I'm an idiot, deal is still going, just shows as full price for me because I already bought it.

  • I only see $125 now

  • dang if only this deal existed before I bought my k780 keyboard + m720 combo…

  • Best kbm set I have tried!

  • Back for another lightning deal now until 11:30pm (and at $102 instead of $106) - bought it yesterday at $106 but just hopped on Chat and they gave me the difference in credit.