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[Prime] Sony NW-A55 Hi Res Digital Music Player $208 Delivered @ Amazon AU via Amazon UK


Sells at $338 usually. Great price point for this player with generally very good reviews.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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      • It also has support for ape (Monkey's Lossless), which is rare. No opus or Ogg Vorbis support though (Opus is supposed to be the best codec for music; by best is meant best quality as a given bit rate compared to other codecs; 128 kb/s is said to be transparent).

      • It says in the specifications that the "MAXIMUM POWER OUTPUT (JEITA 16Ω/MW)". Does this mean it will have issues powering my 250Ω and 300Ω headphones?

        • +2

          I'd say most portable music players will struggle with 250/300 ohm cans

  • +7

    Proprietary charging port is pretty ugly.

    • Yes, the charging port was voted down in many reviews.

    • It looks the same as the vita

  • +2

    I so wanted one of these when they first came out. They look a bit dated now

  • +2

    No Wi-Fi support could be a deal breaker for some.

  • +2
  • +7

    I’m genuinely wondering why people still buy these MP3 players these days?

    • +17

      I you are wondering , this player is certainly not for you

    • +14

      With phones going the way of no headphone input and either no or lackluster DAC it's easy to understand

    • -8

      People who never heard of spotify & smart phone probably.

      • +18

        A. Most new smartphones don't have headphone jacks.
        B. Sound quality on DAC's in smartphones for the most part are average.
        C. If you want a dedicated device for music seperate from your smartphone.
        D. These are dedicated for high fidelity audio, not something alike Spotify streaming.

    • +4

      Lol, i still use my ipod nano i bought 4 years ago, they discontinued it after.

      I like to have my music separate to my phone as it drains my phone battery. For me, I guess i'm just old school :)

      Good thing my Nano connects to my 1st Gen airpods lol

    • +4

      its tiny, light and easy to carry when going for a run

  • I have the NW-A40. I don’t have any hi res audio so just use it as a regular MP3 player at the gym. It pairs well with AirPods pro, it has a setting which lets you adjust the volume on the AirPods (a lot of devices don’t - they’re locked at max volume when paired with the AirPods)

  • +9

    16GB, what is this?
    A walkman for ants?

    • +1

      Fits about 4500 MP3 128kbps songs, I think that is plenty!

      • +17

        IDK if you're joking but the kind of person who buys this would not use 128kbps mp3 files, at that point you might as well just use your phone or a cheaper music player

      • +1

        Who still has 128k mp3 files around? Wat…

      • 128kbps, what is this? Music for ants?

      • What? 128kbps? GTFO

    • +2

      It has a microsd slot. I have a 200GB in my a45. I assume the a55 will accept at least that capacity.

      • +1

        Spec says 2TB

    • I guess you need an SD card if you want to store much high quality music

  • +2

    Remember when sansa clips were $40 Posted amazon uk on ozbargain 7-8 years ago?

    • Still have my Sansa Clip+ … love it

    • No, I missed that!!

  • +5

    Dear Sony, why could you not have gone with a standard charge port like USB C for this. Don't be like Apple !

  • +3

    Yep, that charging port is a complete deal-breaker. With a USB standard it i would have bought this right away. Pitiful proprietary money-grabs backfire.

    • Yeah, it's a SONY

  • +1

    I was in the market for an LDAC/Bluetooth DAC for my headphones to use with my Shield TVs and I stumbled upon this

    Looks like great value for its versatility as a DAP too

    I was looking at fiio BTR3, BTR5, and other cheap LDAC dacs on eBay below the $200 range

    At this price I'm giving it a try as an LDAC receiver (plus other things) thanks

    • Better off with the BTR5. At least it has balanced out too.

      • Maybe. I am concerned about the power output being too low and the noise floor being too high for my IEMs but the variety of sound processing options it does attracted me plus the market value being a bit higher I thought I could try it out to see if it would work for my applications without it being too hard to sell it

        Plus the BTR5 doesn’t seem to be widely available to be purchased with good warranty and support. It only seems to be available on ebay from international sellers or from Aliexpress and I don’t want to risk my $170-180+ on either option

        • https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/ and https://www.minidisc.com.au/ are both local retailers who will provide local warranty. If you're not in a rush, I think addicted to audio do 10% discounts sometimes on special dates (and Black Friday/Cyber Monday is coming soon), so maybe wait til then if you want the cheapest price locally.

          • @Munki: Yep I saw that but minidisc is pre-order and addicted to audio says '*Check with our team or your local store for availability.' so that didn't give me a lot of confidence given there are no other retailers offering this product yet. Perhaps it's too new or low stock due to current circumstances etc.

            I will probably try to pick up one when it's more available if I don't like the a55

    • You could consider the Earstudio ES100 as well. It's got both 3.5mm output as well as balanced out. From memory the price is hovering around $150 to $180.

      • From what I read the ES100 is inferior to the BTR3 which is more widely available that the BTR5 for around $100

  • good deal for a sony

  • Just so people are aware.
    The UK model (like all EU models) in this deal has a volume limiter in place.

    “After the initial warning, the alarm and warning will repeat every 20 cumulative hours that the volume is set to a level that is harmful to your ears. When this happens, the volume will turn down automatically.”

    If you want to get rid of it, you will need to flash the firmware to a region which removes the volume limiter. There are instructions on how to do this in forums online using Sony’s destination tool.
    Or you can flash it with custom DMP-Z1 firmware and get Z1 sound out of your NW-A55 (warning do this at your own risk as it is custom firmware)

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