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[Prime] Marshall Stockwell II Bluetooth Speaker $186.12 Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU


Was looking for a decent portable speaker for summer, and came across this deal.

Marshall Stockwell II normally goes for $280 on Amazon (probably cheapest of all retailers already for this model), but they've got this listed as a Prime Day special for $192.00.

Specs are pretty good,
* 20 Hours battery life
* USB-C fast charging (probably the only bluetooth speaker at the moment that does this, a 20 minute charge will give you 6 hours at normal volumes)
* Can also charge your device provided you have a USB-C cable or USB-C to lightning cable
* Can pair two devices at the same time
* Physical switches for volume, bass, treble
* Full stack led battery indicator
* Has a single active woofer, a passive woofer radiator, active tweeters on either side that are phased audio so provides 360 degree sound coverage. 20W total output.
* Bluetooth 5.0 (note this has no mic so will not support Siri, voice calls etc)
* Has 3.5mm aux input also.

Plus the typical Marshall quality you'd expect. The Amazon model is an exclusive Black and Brass model, which i prefer to the black and silver you normally get.

Others to consider at this price point would likely be the Anker Soundcore Motion+, Sony XB33, Bose Revolve.

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  • I have this speaker and it does sound nice but it not something to play loud , its a small room speaker

  • I just hooked up this speaker to check it out again and its got a real nice warm open sound but its not meant for anything but low level listening , it has treble and bass controls and can get a very nice sound but it distorts if you push the speaker beyond what it was made for and thats imo just a great speaker for playing in the kitchen while you cook or other small room conditions

  • I should say if you compare this to other speakers its very impressive , something like the jbl flip sounds like a toy , the bose revolve is just muddy and bad same with sony, it has a supprisingly wide sound you wouldnt expect.

  • Review and comparison here on this speaker by Oluv's Gadgets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1VfrS8egwA