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Quilton Gold 4 Ply Toilet Tissue 30 Pack $13.75 ($12.38 with S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Pretty good price for the Quilton Gold 4 ply 30 pack.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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    Been waiting for this! Thank you OP!

      • -7

        That's 3 ply bro and less rolls in the pack.

        • +3

          it says "Quilton Gold 4 Ply Toilet Tissue Tissue 30 pack"

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            @dragonfly090: My bad, could not edit. Cheers for the link. Upvoted :)

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        Wtf! Of course its cheaper at Woolies the one time I dont look!! Oh well. S&S still saving a few cents haha

        • and 75c deliv i guess

        • +1

          You get 1.5 more rolls than Woolworths, when you S&S. [$0.4127/roll, $0.62 = 1.5 Rolls]

          • +1

            @zealmax: You can get 5% off at Woolies through a gift card anytime, so $12.35/30.

        • Zealmax and Highdealer you guys are an ultimate bargainer!

      • +4

        Still slightly cheaper with S&S and at least I don't have to go to the shops and carry it.

        • how's it work

        • +1

          Similar price wish 5% off wish card

        • but now you/someone have to stay home for the postie in case its a rainy day, else they leave it outside your house and it gets all damp after being in the elements for half a day.

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            @payton: Everything is double-wrapped in plastic, unfortunately the packaging is insane.

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    Cheers got one with a 3% off gift card trough Suncorp

  • +3

    I assume I'm not the only one that does S&S and then cancels it? lol

    • at which point meant to cancel?

      • +5

        I typically wait until after I received the order, I just ordered a bunch of things and set the next shipment to 6 months so as long as I cancel it within the next 6 months it'll be fine

      • i cancel just after item is shipped

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    Obviously the 4 ply is nice, but worth it over the 3 ply?

    This deal is 29.476c per 100 sheets.

    Normal 3 ply 45 pack is 22.22c per 100.

    • +5

      45 pack 3 ply normal price is $20. That is 24.69c/100 sheets and 8.23c per ply. The 4 ply is 29.576c/100 sheets and 7.37c per ply.

      • +2

        Who isn't doing a s+s option?

        And unless you are splitting the ply to wipe twice I don't think the per ply price matters.

        If you are splitting the ply then you are amazing and I bow down before you as the greatest ozbargainer.

        • The 4 ply is thicker and requires less sheets.

          • +2

            @zealmax: Do you think people are using 2 sheets of 4 ply rather than 3 sheets of 3 ply? I would love to think this would happen but I'm sure most people buy it to enjoy the thicker paper, but then use the same amount of sheets.

          • @zealmax: @kulprit yes i use less sheets when using 4ply because it is thicker

            • @edBARGAIN: Honestly, would love to know how that works. Do you split a single sheet into 3 or something?

              I use the same number of sheets no matter what ply - the higher the ply, the less chance of my ass bleeding though. That there is the true value of 4 ply. ;)

    • +1

      i don't know about you, but my butt is worth it

    • then we should talk cost per ply :D

    • Yes worth it for your butt and also cost wise, you would finish using the 3 ply one faster than 4 ply one right?

  • Any help identifying what category this would be for Cashrewards purposes? This always does my head in.

    • +3

      If you're going to use the subscribe & save option then it won't be eligible for cashback

      • Yup, thanks. I was aware of that. Trying to find something that I could justify as a "need" or "would have bought anyway" in an Amazon category that matches for Cashrewards. If this matched I could get two, without S&S, and get the cashback % plus the $10 bonus for $20 spend.

        So just looking for if this would match maybe "Home" or "Premium Beauty" categories.

        • +1

          Health, Household & Personal Care›Household & Cleaning›Tissues, Toilet Paper & Sprays

          • +1

            @djlee: Ok thanks. I just went to Cashrewards for the full list of categories and can see "Health, Household & Personal Care - 0.00%". So this doesn't qualify. Thanks for the help.

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    Dang OOS already :/

  • OOS

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    Available again .

  • you kids don't know how easy your life is … back in my day, we had to fight for these

  • What is S&S?

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      Subscribe & Save

      This option might be available to some products, usually offers 10 - 15% discount on recurring subscription. But you can cancel/skip any time

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      subscribe and save (at amazon)

  • thanks was just running low

  • OP, my anus says "thank you very much".

    • +1

      You can think of OP each time you wipe

  • Thx op

  • Thanks OP, I had email alerts for this set as getting low but they never seem to work I swear. Grabbed some easier then going to woolies imo.

  • Which one is better, quilton or kleenex?

    • +1


    • I use Quilton for toilet tissues and Kleenex for face tissues

    • +2

      Quilton definitely better.
      I've used Kleenex for at least a decade. COVID taught me Quilton is quality.

  • -2

    are people still having a toilet paper fear

    • +1

      You realize you need TP covid or not, right?

      • -1

        I still have the pack I bought casually before anyone even knew what covid was

        what I am saying is I don't remember TP deals being any popular pre COVID. you just buy it and forget it. jeez

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    Don't understand the upvotes on this one. Same price per roll @Coles: 6 pack for $2.75 here

    • The S&S saved a bit there. If you don't use that then yeah same price as coles. Also the delivery is free if you are already prime. Saves you from going out during the pandamnic.

  • Bought yesterday, delivered this morning. Crazy shipping fast.

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    Back in stock again

  • +1

    Available once again

  • +1

    I've lived my entire life thinking most toilet paper is the same (having always purchased the mid/upper range product) - I really think this product is next level toilet paper - cheap and good, everything I like in a bargain !!

  • +1

    And available once again .

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