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Philips Hue White and Colour Ambience Bulb - B22 Bayonet $60.90 @ Bunnings


This hasn't been much cheaper in a long time (I picked one up for $59 several months back from the EB deal), and it is currently not available on Amazon except through 3rd party sellers.
This deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/572934 is cheaper if you want more than one bulb, but if you're only after a single, and you want it now, the Big B has you covered.

They have the screw fitting bulb for $67.70, which is also good, but it is unusual to see the bayonet fitting as cheapest.
Note that this is the latest bluetooth-enabled bulb, not old stock of the previous version.

There are a few other Hue items that they have matched the Amazon price on, such as the motion sensor ($39 if you missed the now-expired Amazon deal), and the outdoor motion sensor ($71), other items are full price.

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  • Use to be leader in smart lighting in AU but now just over price. too many cheaper competitors

  • It is still far better value for money to get the 3 pack kits and to sell off the bridge. I have roughly 20-30 Hue colour bulbs in my house, and they were all sourced in that fashion.

    Unfortunately it appears that the old Amazon deals for the starter kits are gone now. You could get a 3 pack starter kit for $149, sell the bridge for $50, and you end up with 3 bulbs for $99.