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[Prime] Crucial Ballistix Gaming Memory RGB, 2x8GB 3200MT/s $97.09, 2x16GB 3200MT/s $187.73 Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU


2x8gb (16GB Kit) DDR4 3200MT/s CL16 Black
Camelx3 lists history low as $118.71
Currently $145 at CentreCom

2x16GB 3200MT/s available at $187.73
Camelx3 lists history low as $238.67

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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    The 32gb kit (2x16gb) is also on sale for $187.73 via Amazon UK, cheapest on staticice is $251.40, It's on backorder until November 19th though.



    The 2x16gb is $188 for primes

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    Not 3600. damn

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      apparently it overclocks to 3600 pretty easily.

      "At first glance, this kit may not seem like a great deal. When you consider the serious overclocking potential, especially for Ryzen systems, the Crucial Ballistix Gaming Memory is easy to recommend."


        PC noob here. Couldn't you make the same argument that the 3600 is overclockable? This might seem like a misinformed question, but if I settled for the 3200 and overclocked, wouldn't I be limiting my ability to overclock a 3.6ghz CPU (eg ryzen 5)


          at least for ryzen 3600 is kinda the sweetspot, going much above that get more and more into enthusiast stuff and diminishing returns (which i frankly don't know enough about.)

          but basically ryzen cpus have something called infinity fabric which i believe runs at 1800mhz and likes it when memory runs at a multiple(theres some kind of ratio) of that aka 3600mhz so if u go above that you want to overclock the infinity fabric as well as far as i understand.

          but i don't really know, once this memory and zen 3(which might be differnt) arrive i can start to figure it out.

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      Literally doesn't matter, set your ram speed to whatever.

      It's the die that matters (micron e).

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    2x16GB 3200MT/s available at $187.73(amazon.com.au)

    All gone ?

    price is now $279


      Oh yeah it's gone now