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JIALONG Gaming Mouse Pad Large Size 35.4x 15.7x 0.12inches Desk Mousepad Black $14.39 Delivered @ Jialong via Amazon AU


Bought one not long ago for $17.99 and am very happy with it.

The quality is much better than what I got from eBay, especially with the 3mm thickness, that feels totally different compare to the 2mm ones.

Note this is a flash deal and only allowed one per colour for each transactions.

Also anyone interested in getting the Arctic P12 PWM PST Black/Transparent - it is available again for $10.01 … It was cheaper just an hour ago.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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    Got the same one not long ago too. Pretty good for the price, I have no complaints.

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    90x40x0.3cm. You are welcome

    • 1" = 2.54 cm šŸ˜Š

    • reminds me of a quote from the red green show "and if you doing this in metric… good luck to ya!"

  • OOS :-(

    • +2

      $17.99 still a good buy I'd say. Otherwise you might want to put one in your cart and check again frequently as I noticed that they do this sale occasionally.

      • I was measuring to see if it was bigger than my current one, too slow! Will try that thanks

  • i got one of these and it's good, can recommend

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    RAM Size 54 GB
    Computer Memory Type DDR DRAM

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      Man, what kind of configuration could that even be? A 32+16+4+2?

      I wonder what kind of GPU it has…

  • Grabbed one thanks op :)

  • Too slow - on waitlist

    Edit - back in stock - ordered - thanks OP

  • I have one, and can recommend it, thick big and smooth, you can wash it as well

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      What about the mousepad though?

  • Just ordered half an hour ago :/
    Cancelled the order and now joined the waitlist :P

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    Back in stock for me when I was on waitlist :)

  • Added to cart but forgot to check out oops

    Day 2 of prime day not going well for me :/

  • Held out for the black one on waitlist and just got one. The white is still available, 85% claimed at 1.30pm

  • Hm, reviews seem off. Lucky I passed.

  • normal price is $17.99 anyway

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    Anyone notice Melbouren?

    • +1

      Yes, I was contemplating buying until I saw Melbouren on the third picture.

      • +2

        The map is filled with errors.

        • +1

          The more I look, the more issues I see with it…

          • -5

            @oz-dave: LOL you really just neg it because there are errors?

            Well, see if you can find all the wrong spots and maybe raise a complaint to the seller.

            At the end of the day this is just a mouse pad, what's printed on it just for making it not so boring isn't it?

            • +7


              LOL you really just neg it because there are errors?

              Yeah, call me crazy, and laugh out loud, but I don't like to pay money for a product with numerous errors/omissions.
              The negative vote is purely because I have an Issue with product.
              I would have been disappointed if I had purchased it, and wanted to warn others.
              The negative vote draws attention to this.

              Well, see if you can find all the wrong spots and maybe raise a complaint to the seller.

              I will decline, since they might just laugh at me like you did ;-)

              At the end of the day this is just a mouse pad, what's printed on it just for making it not so boring isn't it?

              Indeed, it is just a mouse mat.
              I respect the fact that the errors/omissions don't bother you.
              I hope you can respect the fact that I wouldn't want to spend my money on such a product and wanted to alert others to an issue that might also be relevant to them.

      • +2

        Got one from this deal and received today. Can confirm Melbourne is absolutely correctly spelled, so as for the Indian Ocean (was "Induan" by Amazon review), and many more errors pinned by the reviews are rectified, such as "countries not having borders (like Iran, Iraq and Ethiopia)", and more. You know, this is a product made in China. And in China it's so easy and common for them to quickly revise and upgrade the product to a newer version to pefect it. It's called "fast iteration" pattern in the industry and it is this idea that made the great success of Xiaomi. Back to where we were, I guess they just forgot to update the ad pics.

        Besides, this large mouse pad is really of very good quality. It looks so satisfying as a cool-looking world map covers my whole desk. For this price I'd say it's your loss missing the deal, as I'm 100% sure you can't find an alternative better than this for the budget.

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    This one is $10.99 for a very similar product…


    • As long as you don't live in Tasmania, or the South Island of New Zealand ;-)

      • +2

        To be fair, this one is also missing an entire continent (Antarctica)!

        Good pick up on the spelling mistake.

  • The map doesn't recognize Taiwan.

    • Of course because it's made from PRC

      • Do you charge tax on Taiwanese people?

    • +1

      Neither does the Australian Government, do you have a problem with them too?

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    There are so many errors/omissions on this map.

    And the random use of uppercase, italics, with various fonts and font sizes is inexplicable…

  • I have this map and there's so many spelling mistakes and random cities left off. But it looks neat so it's fine for me

  • How smooth is this? I own a pad that's the same size and looks to be the same materials and found it was wearing the pads on my G703. It was fine with my G502 though.

    • +1

      Got this mouspad last week. Very smooth and great quality

    • I don't know how you can describe how smooth it is but compare to the other one I got from eBay, which has the same world map print on it, tried the same mouse on both and I can tell straight away this one is smoother.

    • oh lol. i just started using my g703 again, are you sure? do you ahve the black mouse feet? seemed ok on my glorious model o. how much do you use your mouse that you wear down the feet?

      • Yeah black feet. It gets a lot of use. I only started to notice because where the feet had worn the pad started to grip. It may have just been the cloth getting old. Swapped to a different one and it seems a lot better.

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    I really liked the look of this, but the errors in the reviews put me off. Ended up buying a yebmoo mousepad 90x40x0.3 for $17.90 in plain black.

  • +1

    Is there a version of this mousepad I can buy without the countless spelling errors? Iā€™d very much appreciate if anyone could like any recommendations.

  • got the plain black a while ago for 17.99.

    great quality for the price. surface not as smooth or as fast as the basic steelseries mousepads the qck, but excellent if you want a cheap large deskmatt