Why Is Aramex (Fastway Courier) So Bad?

I ordered something off eBay two weeks ago. Unfortunately, the seller used Fastway Courier.

The first delivery attempt was made, but I was not at home at the time. A card was left for me. Fair enough.

I contacted Fastway Courier via e-mail on that day and requested the parcel to be re-delivered to one of their collection points nearby. I was told that it would be considered a re-direction, and I will be charged a fee of $5.73. This is clearly not true.

Their online chat agent knows better and helped me arranged the re-delivery to a shop nearby.

For the next three days, no more delivery attempts were made. I contacted them every day for these three days but was told the same thing over and over again: the redelivery arrangement was made, and it will be delivered during the next round.

On the fifth day, the online tracking shows that the parcel is delivered, but it is nowhere to be found (not at my address, not at the collection point either). I contacted them again, but they ended the chat session straight away after seeing my question without giving any reply.

I contacted the seller, and the seller responded in two days' time saying that the parcel was actually returned to them?!

How does this company still exist to this day? Now whenever I place an online order, I only put down my parcel collect post office address to make sure no more Fastway deliveries. Maybe everyone should do the same!

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    Fastway is a joke. They must be incredibly cheap because the are completely useless. Some people say it depends on the delivery person used but the person in my area is woeful. We went to their central office one time, to pick up a parcel, and I’ve never seen a place so disorganised.

    • They must be incredibly cheap

      Nope - 10-15% cheaper than AusPost for metro areas. Comparable to Couriers Please. At least, that's what I've found for casual deliveries. They probably have good volume discounts for businesses.

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        Comparable to Couriers Please

        Comparably terrible service too. Whenever I have a delivery using fastway or courier please I know there is a 80% chance there will be issues, and 99% chance it wont be delivered on time

        • I've had a slightly better experience with Couriers Please for Sydney Metro, than Fastway.

          Both are terrible, outside of Sydney metro.

        • Luckily my experience with CP isn't so bad. Average delivery time about a week, though haven't had any from them for a while.
          Guess I'll see again soon, as couple of recent Amazon orders have been sent via CP.

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      Some people say it depends on the delivery person used

      100%. The one who serves my office is excellent and has fixed a lot of mistakes quickly. Maybe it's because we hand him a 6 pack every Christmas?

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    its luck of the draw, you may get a good driver in your area or not, in the last 15-20 or so deliveries ive had from fastway, 1 was actually delivered to the address, rest went to the collection point for me in the last 24 months.

    A few times they sent it to a collection point 3-4 suburbs away.

    I had one altercation with a fastway driver, where he called me outside, he stayed in the truck, while talking on his mobile and made me wait 5 mins while he was on the call. I knocked on his window, and he threatened to not deliver the package and return it to sender to my face.

    I said he was welcome to do whatever he wanted, he ended up dropping the package off, but these people can be very unsavory.

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      its luck of the draw

      Nah - they seem to have much more bad reviews than other couriers. I've even had ebay sellers acknowledge how bad they are.

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      Yeah they are hopeless.
      I can remember years ago I suspected a driver of theirs tried to pocket one of my parcels. He'd claimed it was left somewhere but clearly wasn't then mysteriously it reappeared the next day! 🤷🤔

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    They deliver my home brew ingredients next day. Never had a bad experience with them.

    Aus Post on the other hand thought that my Brisbane address was in melbourne……..5 times.

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      The Auspost driver in my area is actually really good. He always rings the intercom and waits for me to come downstairs for the parcel. Never had any issue with Auspost in recent years. Fastway and Couriers Please on the other hand, are complete jokes.

    • As I said above it sounds like the luck of the draw.

    • +1

      Yeah, nah, not to that extent. The number of positive reviews I’ve seen for Fastway aren’t high.

      We had one delivery driver drop a card in our letter box when our front door was, actually, ajar for the cats to go out to the alcove. No attempt to ring the doorbell and he had hot footed it away before I had a chance to sprint to the front door. I, actually, heard him put the card in the letter box and the “attempted” delivery time listed was that exact time. Not sure what game he was playing but then I had to pick up the delivery from Port Melbourne when I’m in Fitzroy. I ended up cancelling my regular wine delivery after that.

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        They must be encouraging the drivers not to deliver so they can rake in the re-delivery fees.

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        I've had a similar experience.

        Claimed I wasn't home. The front door was wide open, you couldn't knock without reaching inside my house.

        No card in the letterbox or at the door.
        Parcel at collection point.

        The old "wait 60 seconds in the truck and drive off" trick.

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      This is actually not my first bad experience with Fastway. None of my Fastway parcels came smoothly somehow.

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    Last year I had an item that took four weeks to deliver within the same metro area. The seller had refunded the item to me by that time so I just denied delivery. Took me 7 phone calls but nobody knew wtf was happening.

    Now I actively avoid sellers that uses fastway if at all possible.

  • Pay peanuts get monkeys

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      I wish I could get a monkey in exchange for peanuts. That sounds like a great trade!

      • +1

        You won't want the monkey after Fastway/Aramex attempt to deliver it :(

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    Why are they so bad? Experience. And they have a lot of it.

  • I've never had a problem with Fastway somehow. Sent lots of stuff, received lots of stuff. Zero problems.

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    Franchise system. Don't get paid well as franchisee. What else can go wrong.

  • In my area, they are an okay delivery agent. They do a combination residential and business deliveries. They do their residential deliveries in the morning and then start on the business deliveries from 9am. This means that they'll deliver around 7-7:30am. Which is great if you work outside the home.

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      Lucky you!

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    Yes Aramex is a very unorganised. When purchasing I make sure it's not sent by them else I simply don't purchased.

    • You can put down a parcel collect/locker address to make sure the seller cannot use any other shipping method other than AusPost

      • Good point! Will need to start doing this for all parcels when able. Even if a few more $ to total cost. So worth it to save the bs from them.

      • I love the Parcel locker. There is no argument about it being delivered. If Auspost didn’t send me the message to pick up my parcel then it wasn’t delivered. No dodgy “left it at your front door”. Also the sender can’t pretend they’ve sent it because I can track the delivery.

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    Try contacting your local driver - https://www.aramex.com.au/courier-locator/

    • great info! However, I probably won't need it again given I will only use my parcel collect address from now on.

    • +1

      Thank you for the chuckle.
      I was very amused when my suburb comes up with a first name and no phone number.
      About matches my experience with fastways/Aramex.

    • I've been trying to contact my local driver but he doesn't answer calls or respond to texts. Someone named Luke who covers Kilmore, Wallan, etc.

      There doesn't seem to be any other contact.

    • Courier locator
      Find your local Aramex courier's phone number, timetable and pick-up locations *****SA
      Oops, we don't appear to have any results for: ******* SA

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    Out of respect to our customers we refuse to use Fastway as a delivery agent.

    It is for this reason we will not use Sendle, they are a delivery service consolidator and will select the cheapest delivery service for a package. Fastway is on their panel and they said we could not selectively delete them as a delivery courier.

    Check out what users think of fastway https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/fastway

    • +1

      Sendle are a complete joke. No phone support, slow email response, inaccurate tracking, then ask "you" to contact the buyer and see if they've received the parcel when no one knows WTF is going on…… GTFO

      Won't be using those clowns again.

  • not a fan either.

    how can they? cheap? pretty sure that is why all the cheaper ebay items come via fastway (which contributes to cheaper end user pricing)

    we live "outside the delivery area" (we are about 500m away from residential area). They need to draw the line somewhere.
    it requires us to choose one of two options (if we actively check the tracking)
    1) drop off at collection point (which is on way to/from school drop off so not too bad, except in school holidays, or lockdown)
    2) allow the "country partner" to deliver. bloody amusing when an 8-10m long truck delivers a small 500g parcel

    recent experience a parcel sat in Adelaide depot for 5 weeks awaiting approval from sender to pay extra fee needed for country partner, it then arrived mangled (paypal refunded). this happened when children were home schooling and we only went out for food, so I was avoiding trips where possible

  • I had a good delivery a couple of days ago. Even had a brief chat.

  • If you thought fastways was bad, wait until you try Amazon flex.

    I cry for the days I cried over fastway parcels…

    • +1

      What's wrong with flex? Had many deliveries with no problems. On time as promised.

    • what is Amazon flex?

  • +2

    I am having the same issue with them right now.

    • +1

      The tracking showed delivery due today but didn't arrive. It came the next day when I was not at home and was taken to the collection point.

      • At least it wasn't returned to the sender :(

  • My wine company uses them, I order before 2pm, I get it either the next day or the one after, always placed in the spot I ask for. Not always the same guy. Maybe I’m just lucky.

  • +1

    As much as it sucks a$$, glad to hear that others have had similar concerns as ANYTHING Fastway/Aramex in our area has been terrible!
    -Cards left with no knock attempt.
    —Try to get it sent back out is an ordeal every time.
    -Parcels chucked at door from meter or so away.
    -Parcel for wrong house left at ours; contacted them and was told ‘why can’t you just walk it there?’ After pushing the issue and how the handles the parcel (I saw dude drop large sized box from waste height) They said would come and get it-never turned up.
    -International order (Limited edition item) was sent back to sender as ‘they couldn’t find the house address’ & did not have it back at a depot or carded or contact us when all details provided.

    Be it a franchise or not, would the franchisee not also have stuff sent to their home? So they would likely be on receiving end and maybe take a bit of care?

    How a business can already be so bad as Fastway, then turn into Aramex and be actually worse is mind boggling!

  • The guy that usually delivers Fastway for me isn't too bad in so far as he actually knocks on the door and attempts delivery, although a few times hasn't got it done on the day it says it's onboard, has come next day.

    So slow though, 3 weeks to get something from over east is probably a good result for them.

    I think Allied Express is even worse if that's possible.

  • +1

    I've never had a good experience with Fastway and actively ask my sender not to send through them.

    carded (even with security cameras showing the driver never got out of the truck with a parcel in hand or rang the doorbell)

    Not once had a smooth experience.


    • +1

      Sounds like a great idea to get a camera. However, my place fronts onto a laneway in Fitzroy. I, really, don’t want to see what is happening in my street a lot of the time.

  • If only i could choose fastways for everything, deliver early morning without fail.

  • +1

    Actual text in the tracking for my parcel
    "Processed at Sortation Facility
    Your parcel is being sorted for delivery. We’ll update you when your parcel is on its way to the delivery destination."

    ugh joke courier company, I'm in Brisbane, package in sydney where it's taken 4 days so far for it to be 'sorted'

  • Now that makes sense. I never had any issue with Fastway/Aramex for delivery to my Melbourne office until recently.

    Organizing redelivery with them through online chat wasn't a good experience either. They won't accept calls for that.

    The order arrived eventually.

  • +1

    yes a joke. 1.3 stars on google reviews.


  • This is the first time I've bothered to select ""Express Delivery"" when buying from eBay, because this is the first time it's actually mattered that I get my order a few days quicker than the usual^

    ^[Injured my shoulder a couple of weeks ago, had almost no use of my right arm and haven't had a night's unbroken sleep, since then, so specifically bought from a seller/product in Sydney, and selected ""Express Delivery""….]

    So I'm keeping a keen eye on how the order's progressing and I'm happy to see tracking shows it's been picked up from the seller in Sydney, is received and is processing at: 'Sydney' depot [but don't know why they've quote-marked 'Sydney'].
    Next check, they've sent it overnight to Melbourne. Yep, Melbourne ! And there it sits for another four days, before being packed off back here to Sydney.

    Once back here, they sit it in the depot a couple of days, until tracking shows it's "On board" for delivery [Yay!!!!] and then two hours later… "Unable to deliver. Will contact seller or receiver in the next couple of days". They don't state why they were "unable to deliver" but although this is my first time using myAusPost PO Box Plus, "Suite XXX" address, I'm going to hazard a guess it's because Amarex suits agreed to this with AusPost but didn't bother telling it's drivers they can deliver items to AusPost "Suite XXX" addresses.

    So Idk, if I'm lucky, and finally get my heat lamp on Monday, it'll only be a week and a half after purposefully choosing """Express Delivery'"" from one Sydney suburb to another. Can't believe they're actually worse than Couriers Please!

    • +1

      They are the worst. Any seller that uses fastway (aramex) shows no respect of their customers.

      • Certainly seems so. I'm still shook that they can be worse than CouriersPlease. It really is quite the achievement.

        and PS for my initial post-
        Although Amarex tracking info said they'd be in contact with me or seller within a couple of days, and despite me submitting a message to them via their site's Contact Us online form, I haven't heard from them via email, text or call, so I'd say in fact there's a snowflake's chance in hell I'm getting my ""Express Delivery"" on Monday or Tuesday.

        • +1

          You will not get your item. They will just send it back to the sender. I contacted them three times to arrange for a redelivery. They still sent it back to the sender anyway.

  • Ah. Thankyou for forewarning me, Nosrad. Sorry to hear they messed you around too. Did your seller refund you? Or resend via a different courier?

    Rn I don't know whether I should just order another lamp from another store or..?? I just know an ""Express Delivery" from 17km away shouldn't take this long. I hope the seller dumps them and switches to AusPost.

    • The seller refunded. The tracking did not show that it was returned to the sender. It just shows as "delivered". Lucky that the seller was honest and told me that it was returned to them. Otherwise, I will have a hard time getting any money back.

  • Good to hear the seller was decent about it. As yet, I'm not entirely sure mine will be. But if he/she gets bad reviews due to ""Express"" deliveries taking 2weeks+ , I can't see them being too thrilled with Aramex.

    It's Tuesday night, and despite the two messages sent on Friday, and two phone calls mid-day yesterday, the tracking shows the parcel is still sitting exactly where it was, and hasn't moved since Friday.

    • Any luck yet?

  • Hey how ya going? Well, it's Friday 20th, and Aramex finally messaged me after midday, to say a driver dropped it off this morning, at one of its nearby Parcel Connect points. And it's true. They did.

    Just not the one they'd agreed to.

    ie. Not the PC point I'd requested; The one which two different call staff verbally confirmed on Monday.
    For some reason they've dropped it off at another Parcel Connect agent , in the next suburb over.
    So I'll go either tonight or tomorrow morning [and see if it really is there..].

  • anyone know where is this 'Sydney depot' or what is with local depot in this reply from them:
    Unfortunately there was an issue delivering your parcel and it is now being held at our 'Sydney' depot. Please contact your local depot to resolve this issue.

    I'm confused and don't know how to get back my package.

    • Have you received your item?

    • No matter how long it takes, if you get your item delivered at all, you are considered lucky already.

  • I had 6 parcels sent from aliexpress via Top You, then through this mob. they have marked them as delivered on 3 seperate deliveries. But I have recived nothing, Just started the process, painfu and time consuming. Cannot believe this is happening

  • Two parcels being delivered by Slow-way (Aramex) from different senders.
    Both have shown "out for delivery" for 5 days now.
    I live in metro area.
    Why does it take a courier van more than 5 days to get here?

    • I never got mine and they have been marked as delivered so I cant claim as not received. I have lost over $300

      • +1

        One of my 2 got delivered……to the wrong address!
        How did driver manage to deliver to number 25 when parcel was addressed to number 8?
        Fortunately my friendly neighbour was caring enough to let me know.
        This company really does set a new low bar in customer service

  • Ordering from Amazon seems to be luck of the draw usually we get lucky and orders are sent via Australia post which normally arrives 1-3 days and sometimes the dreaded Fastway(Aramax).

    The worst experience I ever had with them was SSB for switch which was shipped from Amazon via Fastway it then was delivered to a depot in different town where it sat for a month Amazon wasn't very helpful in the matter took probably half a dozen calls to Fastway and a few weeks of waiting to arrange delivery. In the end started getting orders diverted to local fuel station which act as parcel connect agents.

    Now have another order from Amazon AU shipped by Fastway it has been sitting at the Sydney depot for the last 5 days with no updates. Had another delivery ordered the same day ship via DHL was transferred to Auspost and arrived in 2 days.

  • +1

    I am still waiting on an update on my package that was shipped over 2 weeks ago. The last update I got was 2 weeks ago saying "picked up by one of our couriers". Since then there has been nothing… Melbourne to Perth shouldn't take that long. When trying to enquire via online chat I was met with the same bot like answer before they said ticket resolved. No resolution means ticket isn't resolved.
    When buying online in future I think I will make sure the seller doesn't use Aramex as a courier.

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