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[Back Order] ARCTIC P12 PWM PST - Black/Transparent $10.01 + Shipping ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


First post, do let me know where to improve.

Definitely not the cheapest that's been around - but they're available to order again and good to grab if you signed up for Prime for Prime Day - dodge the shipping cost.

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This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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  • Would be nice if they had 140mm models

  • Thanks mate - bought a couple.

  • Why do I keep seeing deals for these fans? Why do people want them, is it just because they're cheap?

    • .. summer is coming..

    • They're amazing fans for the price, especially in Australia. Similar (if only slightly worse) performance to Noctuas, but you can grab four of these for the price of one Noctua. Plus they're a normal black or white colour scheme.


      • Thanks for the link. Interesting that the subjective noise test favoured the Noctua, significantly too IMO. The component quality you see in Noctua "tear downs" looks pretty high and I doubt these match it so there could be a significant difference in typical noise performance degradation over time too, only speculating.

        • The component quality you see in Noctua "tear downs" looks pretty high and I doubt these match it

          Well yeah, but the Noctua's cost 4x what these do so you'd sure would hope they would have higher quality components. Is that extra few % difference worth 4x times the price? No way, not unless you enjoy pissing money away compared to other components in your PC where the extra money makes a tangible difference.

        • Even so, the Arctics have a 10 year warranty too which is awesome for such a cheap product.

    • Where fans of them .

  • What's the difference between this and the silent version for $8?


    • It pushes more than twice the amount of air but it's louder.

    • I've heard the Silents have a different (better?) bearing or something. The Silents aren't PWM, so no PWM fan controls. More importantly for me, these are the PST ones, which makes it super easy to build as you can daisy chain these fans together without a splitter or anything. The regular PWM and non-PWM ones are in stock fairly reliably, but been holding out for the PST as it makes life so much easier (especially for SFF builds).

      • Thanks. I'm also planning a SFF build with a NR200. How many of these do you think are necessary?

        • Oh my, me too! I'm going with the NR200P with a vertical graphics card layout though. I'd say four is a good bet if you're not looking to use any preinstalled fans in the case (or radiator if you're going with an AIO). My arrangement will be two for an AIO radiator on the bottom, and two on the top. They're 10 a pop, so even if you only end up needing three, it's not the end of the world.

        • That depends if you're using a CPU radiator. If not I'd order 3-4 and see what works for you.

      • So if you daisy chain several on the same port.. they all spin at the same speed control?

    • I bought the silents a while ago, not worth imo. Dead silent but didn't push enough air. For silent on desk builds I'd recommend but for anything else I wasn't happy with them

  • Thanks OP needed a couple of fans for my new build :)

  • Hoping for more stock on the 5pk, thanks for posting!

  • No P14 :(

    • There's some ones on eBay that aren't as egregious of a rip off as on Amazon, but you'll still be paying upwards of $20 per fan when you account for shipping.

  • $16.78 now…

    • Not sure why the default price went to Amazon US, but if you check in more sellers, Amazon UK is still there for the time being!

  • Gone? Coming up as 16$

  • What's the difference from p12 to f12? 5pk f12 for $35

    • F12 is meant to be airflow focused (case fan) whereas P12 is pressure focused (radiators/CPU cooler).
      In reality the P12 is better or nearly as good in basically all uses.

  • I keep missing these every time. Only a few hours from the post this time. It'll be an ozbargain miracle if I can ever buy a couple of these fans! lol

    • Same!
      They are posted every other day though so fingers crossed 28th Arctic fans deal this month is the charm

    • If you're really desperate to just get your hands on them and aren't too fussed about the price (heresy around these parts), they have the PWM PST CO versions right now for around 14 dollars. They're the same as the normal black/black ones (PWM, so variable speed, and PST for daisy chaining) but have a different (better?) ball bearing system. I haven't seen any reviews on these, but I assume it can't be that different to the tried and true ones.


      Otherwise, the ones I've listed are in stock again - but at over 17 dollars.

      • Thank you but I must have missed out again as it says out of stock and you can only pre order with no given date or eta on stock replenishment. Hopefully I can find something in stock at a good price one day lol

  • Backorder available again.