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[VIC] $25 Credit for First Order, Minimum $75 Spend, Free Delivery with $50 Spend @ iPantry


Received this code for $25 to spend at iPantry, updated to $75 minimum spend. Free shipping for orders over $50, $9.90 fee for orders below $50. Interesting mix of items on offer including Daniel’s Donuts, Koko Black chocolate, and Vertue Coffee. Covers COVID diet nicely.

Delivery available to Melbourne Metro, Geelong Region and Mornington Peninsula (certain suburb restrictions apply).

Code expires 1/11/2020. First orders only. Enjoy!

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    They are too expensive compared to the same items at coles/aldi/woolies..

    • +2

      I bulk buy my Milk Lab almond milk (for coffee) from them. turns out way cheaper with these discount codes compared to the likes of coles/woolworths.

      • just did the same with Bonsoy. almost 50% off. great value with code.

      • +2

        is this to use in a coffee machine? I'm curious about how well almond milk froths etc and the difference between the certain brands. I've noticed that Milk Lab is the Cafe preference for sure

        • -3

          So putting your thinking hat on, why do you think that would be? Might answer your own question…

          • +2

            @serpserpserp: I don't have a machine so I'm curious about why Milk Lab is actually popular and what better than asking an individual. So no I don't think I can answer my own question.

        • +3

          yes I am using it with a coffee machine. I've tried barista varieties from various other brands including Almond Breeze, So Good, Australia's Own and Vitasoy.. I rate Milk Lab and Australia's Own the best for stretch, texture and smoothness in the milk when steamed/frothed. They also taste the best in my opinion. So Good is okay too. I'd avoid Almond breeze and Vitasoy though.. they tasted horrible and just didn't have the consistency I was after.

  • +2

    the amount of home delivery places is crazy… wonder how many will be around this time next year

  • Got my Lactose Free Milk Labs for $1.40 each, awesome

  • got six donuts and some chocolate delvierd for under $10. thanks so much

    • +1

      You’re very welcome.

  • +3

    I tried to get donuts for free and they were charging $150 delivery :P

  • Got 50 pack of masks + 6 bottles of Bonsoy delivered for $30. Crazy deal, thanks so much OP.

  • Milk Lab x8 purchased!
    Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP got some donuts, cheesecake and croissants!

  • +6

    What's the covid diet?

    C - Coffee
    O - Oats
    V - Vegetables
    I - Icecream
    D - Donuts

    Is this it?

  • +2

    Thanks OP!

    12 x Milk Lab 1Lt
    1kg Dip
    Fancy loaf bread

    Order total $25.50 inc delivery Melbourne Metro

  • Thank you OP!
    Milk and Donults for less than 10$ delivered

  • Cheers

  • I got a family sized lasagna and quiche, some savoury muffins and mini quiches- so that's quite a few lunches and at least 2 dinners sorted.

  • Thanks OP, loaf of sourdough, 1 dessert, 1 frozen item for delivery cost only.

  • Good timing, I needed coffee

    Five Espresso Blend Sampler Pack 5 x 250g for $44 delivered

  • +2

    buy 4, free shipping, works out to be $6.65 a pizza is pretty good value

    • +2

      are they like frozen pizza made by Woodstock? or just normal pizza from the restaurant? I was wondering if I can store them to use few months later lol

      • +3

        I was assume they are vacuum sealed so can put in fridge or maybe even freezee

        • +3

          noice, placed my order. If not vacuum sealed, then i'll just have to gorge I suppose LOL…

          Thanks for the idea. I wasn't sure what to get before reading your comment haha

  • Thanks, got some soy milk and pastry 🤤

    • Is it sad that I enjoy reading what others are using their vouchers to buy?

      • Lol no, I was checking what other people were getting as well 😅
        Gotta see what’s the crowd fav

      • Def not sad, I'm doing the same, was giving me a little buzz seeing people getting good bargins 😁 (and i guess extra buzz for you knowing you caused it 😉)

  • Ozbargains going to send them broke

  • thanks OP! got Daniel’s Donuts and 2 slabs of Bonsoy for $34 delivered! bargain!

  • What’s the go with milk lab? Can anyone explain how this is different to normal milk

    • The popular choice is milk lab almond milk. But they do have other alternative milk and lactose free milk as well

      • is the milk lab lactose free better tasting than the one you found at coles/woolies (either the zymil or 'home brand')?

        • I have found it to be as milk lab is designed for Barista coffee so it foams up really nicely

  • -1

    Tried stacking with another code….accepted it, but then checkout only gave 25 discount… :-(

  • Thanks stocked up on butter for my mother who bakes a lot!

  • Just bought a few kilos of chicken breasts and thighs. Worked out to be around $5-$6/kg. Heaps good deal. Cheers mate!!! 😃

  • Thank you OP… well needed in lockdown… not a bad concept… hopefully this benefits all that need it… which is basically everyone in VIC…

  • +2

    Thanks, OP! I bought some donuts for my sister from iPantry from a previous deal and they were a big hit. So I just ordered some more for her. She'll be so happy.

  • +1

    bought the bodum 8 pc !! works out to be the cheapest on ozbargain

    • I bought the small 2 piece cause medium was sold out on thursday and now all bodum is gone from the site!

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

    $25.30 for:
    Milk Lab Coconut Milk 1Lt
    Koko Black Caramelised Coconut Dotties 100g
    Koko Black Peppermint Dotties Dark 100g
    That's Amore Cheese Baby Bocconcini 200g
    Bonsoy Milk 6x1Lt (Box)

  • -1

    Thanks OP!

    Ordered some meat to help support local business!

  • +1

    Are deliveries made in a chilled vehicle?

    • Don’t believe so as the cold items came in insulated bags wedged between 2 ice packs.

    • +1

      Not in my experience. The vehicle they arrived in was a regular van.

      I just received juice, butter and cheese - all were just a cardboard box with some paper fillers.

      • Thats not good - I don't want to order perishables and then for them to sit in a warm van for a few hours before delivery.

  • Cannot checkout. Payment takes forever. System crash?

    • All good now.

  • +1

    For those who’ve got their delivery, do they email or text you when it’ll arrive? Bit odd there isn’t a delivery time selection considering it’s food.

    • also wantin to know this. meant to be delivered tomorrow but like to know when. hoping to get a text in the morning though

    • +1

      Received an email on the morning of delivery to advise that order will be delivered by end of the day which isn’t much help. Have been told that delivery time is 8am - 5pm.

      • Wow, so are you expected to be home all day?

        Ridiculous if so.

        • My bad. I also received a text with link to expected delivery time which I didn’t check.

    • +1

      I selected today as my delivery date but yet to get a SMS or an email with confirmation. They aren't picking up their phone either so I'm not sure if it's being delivered today at all. I guess I'm going to stay at home all day to make sure. Won't be ordering from them again. Disappointed.

      • +4

        go here and see if it shows up. This was the link they provided in the text they sent me. https://ipantry.homedelivery.com.au/#/
        The tracking number is your order number

        • Thanks 👍. Nope it's not showing up. No doughnuts for me today then ☹️

          • +3

            @kkpdp: did you add the # in the tracking code?

            • @ironworthy: Just did. Looks like I'll be having my doughnuts today after all! Delivery is scheduled for today. Woot!

            • @ironworthy: Thanks for this tip! That's some poor and unexpected design needing to include the #

        • My delivery is also scheduled for today. I had a text and 2 emails about it.

      • Same here. Nothing apart from confirmation email, yet the delivery tracking link that some posted says it was (will be?) delivered at 10.19am. No idea if today or Monday 🤷

        Edit: was delivered an hour after the estimated time. No message but I called iPantry and they said the driver would call you if they you didn't answer the door. Sounds like their systems have been ozbargained!

  • I got a text tonight with a link to check delivery window, when clicked it just shows 10am to 5pm.

    Get excited – Your IPantry delivery is coming tomorrow. To follow time window updates of your delicious delivery, click here httpsxxxx

    • +1

      Mines showing 10am-5pm too. There must be a lot of deliveries today usually when I order its only a 2 hour window

  • Ok i just refreshed the link and it gave me an exact time
    Edit, its lies, estimated delivery time says 10.51am for a while now even though the link says estimates are provided every 5 minutes lol. It's 11.22am now

  • Ordered Thursday night still no delivery confirmation. Hope I didn't get scammed

    • Doubt it, since people above have already received their orders. Did you choose a specific delivery date? My order made me choose a date and I only got delivery text the night before.

    • I don't think it's a scam but I'm not sure if we'll get our orders today. Looks like they underestimated the number of orders.
      I've got plans tomorrow and it's a warm day so I'm really hoping they deliver today. My food is going to go bad if they deliver tomorrow.

      • I called up. They did a system update and missed my order. Being delivered on Monday. Was hoping for the weekend but oh well

      • +1

        Hope everyone gets their orders. I dare say they weren’t expecting the volume but they did give me the option of forwarding the code to a friend…

  • Code doesn't seem to be valid anymore. It says "Unable to find a valid discount matching the code entered" :(

    • Thank you, will expire.

      • I waited too long and missed out :(

        • +3

          Please try again and enter code after delivery details page. Also reminder OzBargain Rule 1. Buy first, regret later.

  • +4

    Okay guys I was one of the ppl who didn't get a confirmation email but I just got my order delivered. I asked the driver and he said that everybody will be getting their order if they picked today as their delivery day

  • I just placed an order and received order confirmation email. I selected delivery date for 19th of October. Hope it goes through!

    • Thank you, have unexpired.

  • +2

    Got my order delivered now… Crossaints were good and packaging was too good … Happy with purchase… Thanks OP !!

  • Put my order in for monday. Really curious what the expiry date for stuff like milk and meat will be compared to the supermarket. I bought a bunch of cheese and meat from the specials so I really hope it is not short dated.

  • +1

    I got my orders delivered. But disappointed that they didn't wrap the fresh produce like milk, meat and lasagna that I've ordered in a cooling bag or with cooling pad. Not going to use this again for any fresh produce.

  • -2

    Well my estimate time went from 12.53pm to 5.22pm. What bs. The fact they don’t let you select a time is a bad system when it’s fresh food. Imagine ordering from Pizza Hut and their estimates are 10am-5pm

    • So they should run backwards and forwards, all over metro Melbourne, with your free delivery?
      Ludicrous expectations, what a whinger.

      • +1

        And we should remember that we have purchased at a great price and surely they had had a huge number of orders. I think they have well meeting this demand. The huge conglomerate that is Coles delivered my shopping 4 hours after their estimated time yesterday, most likely because they have offered free shipping to all of Melbourne. Also understandable.

  • +1

    I received an email update that says: "Due to current demand we're running a little late with your iPantry delivery. But don't worry, it's on the way and will still arrive today." It then says there is a "high chance" it will come late in the day, possibly early in the evening.

    • +1

      Just received my order. Was well packed and felt like it has been kept chilled. Very pleased.

  • Received my order this arvo, the email came about an hour before delivery. Tracking shows delivery at ~12.30 but it ended up arriving around 1.30. I ordered some baked goods and milk and they arrived cool in the box so I wasn't worried. Thanks OP!

  • Just received my order, all well packed, cool and good quality. Thanks OP.

  • Got my orders this arvo from an Initial estimate of 10.51am lol. Overpackaged but bread smelt fresh and freezer item was in a chill bag with ice pack thingy so I'm happy.

    • How good’s the sourdough?! Very tempted to make another first order.

      • It came after 3pm so didn’t end up trying it today! Might sneak it into dinner

  • Delivered 1 hr ago. Doughnuts and Oatly milk sorted for weeks. Cheers Op.
    Dan's doughnuts are a little bready though. Not complaining though

  • Received orders today missing items. 😔 I wanted my donuts.

  • +1

    Just received. It's really overpackaged. I am happy with the quality.

  • Received my ready cooked meal - butter chicken for 4, the only concern is it expires on 19th so only good for the next 2 days. I hoped to have it as my lunches on weekdays