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ASRock B550M Pro4 mATX Motherboard $145.20, Pro4 ATX $189.2, Phantom Gaming 4 Wifi ATX $180.40 (C&C) + Delivery @ JW Computers


Hi all,

An even cheaper price on the Pro4 mATX compared to the last post and shipping looks to be a bit cheaper for me too.

Also on sale are:

AsRock B550 Pro4 AM4 ATX Motherboard for $189.20;

AsRock B550 Phantom Gaming 4/ac AM4 ATX Motherboard for $180.40


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  • this or the asus b550m-a?

  • I have been using ASRock B550M Pro4 for few days now - so far rock solid considering the price I paid. It has lots of options that other budget boards lack (like 4 fan headers, USB-C port at the back, nice looking heatsink, 3 M.2 ports incl. one Gen4, one half spec'd Gen3 and one for M.2 WiFi)

    I was so impressed that I ordered a 2nd board during eBay Plus 20% discount and touch wood I will have decent experience with these

    Check out this review from Hardware Unboxed - this board even passed (almost) Overclocked Ryzen 3950x stress test.

    I would strongly recommend this board if you are on strict budget.

    • Could you define strict budget?

      • 'Strict Budget' is subjective I guess, but lets say if you have $180-$200 budget for a B550 board (because top of the range boards are $250+) then I would definitely consider this.

    • Same experience here. Very happy with it. Aesthetics looks very good as well. Given the price I shouldn't really complain but here goes nothing:

      • Placement of the USB headers is a little bit inconvenient
      • In the CPU fan control there's no ramp-up delay time which makes it annoying especially for AMD
      • No Internet Bios update, only from flash drive
      • I would have appreciated a bit more clearance between RAM and GPU (https://ibb.co/w79DJmd)
      • Agree with you, specially number 4 is very annoying.

        FYI - not sure if you have experienced any issue, as soon as I downloaded ASROCK polychrome RGB control application and changed some LED lighting on my Silicon Power RGB RAM, the RAM started making high pitch noise (from the LED) - checked google and few people also reported this same issue… I couldn't get it fixed so returned the RAM

        I wonder if that Asrock app somehow contributed this issue, but most likely it could be dodgy RAM

  • Any good X570 board deals?

  • Will the B550m run Zen+?

    • -2 votes


      Only the 300 series boards can't run Zen3 (only up to Zen2), everything else can. 400 series boards will be able to run Zen3 early next year (late Jan, I think) when the bios are ready.

      • If you don't already have a motherboard I'd pay a bit more for B550 though.

        I imagine some of the older B450 Mobos like mine will have a slow / buggy transition to the new chips.

        • Compatibility wise… there's no difference.

          Sure, provided you bought crappy quality board, still… it'll be able to run the new chips after a bios update.

      • While true, that doesn't answer the question. OP was asking about backwards compatibility of B550 with Zen+/Ryzen 2000.

        To be clear, NO B550 board is compatible with Zen+

  • Looks like the B550M is out of stock now

  • Shopping Express have it for $149 + $11.30 shipping to Brisbane.

    Should have read above before posting…

  • How is the vdroop on this board?

  • Mmmmm OP sus

  • Should i get the asrock b550m now or wait for a better deal?

  • Delivery fee kills the deal.