Refurbished Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved Ultrawide Monitor: U3415W

I can organise a bunch of manufacturer refurbished "Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved Ultrawide Monitors U3415W"

see details about this model here:

they will come with 3 year premium panel warranty.

the price quoted by the supplier is $849 including delivery

to put things into perspective, cheapest I can find brand new ones locally is $1045 plus delivery at Shopping Express

would this be of an interest? I need to confirm at least 20 potential buyers otherwise they won't agree to post the deal.

if we guarantee more than 20, I could try to push the price lower! But I doubt it will be much lower.

what do you think? Deal or no deal? as far as curved ultrawides go haha

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    No, too expensive
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    Yes, I would be tempted if it was $800
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    Yes, I would buy one at $849
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    No, who cares about ultrawide ultrasharp


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    Lets face it. We all really want the 38" at that price. Can you ask?

    Also 60hrtz refresh rate makes me sad :(

    Would buy the 38" at $800!

    • ok opinion taken! I will see what else they have stuck in the warehouse

  • and yeah as far as Dell devices go, what else would you want a deal on?

    • Alienware 510k (in white) keyboard. Have been waiting for ages to go on sale.

    • +2

      A 32” under $500 and I’m yours baby.

      • let's see what we can do :D

      • Xaiomi 34" for $470 2 days ago

    • A thin and light ultra-portable laptop with good battery life? 11th Generation Intel i5 Inspiron for under 1k, please?

      • noted

        • Thank You! Appreciate it.

  • How do refurbished Dell monitors work usually? What parts are generally replaced to make them suitable for sale?

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      valid question! will find out

  • OP, can you keep me in the loop? I may have potential buyers (2+?)

    • np!

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    I bought a 27 inch Dell monitor as my primary quite a few years ago. It's still working fine today. The only thing I noticed that you get less cover for is their dead pixel policy for refurbished monitors vs brand new monitors. That may have changed since, so definitely check that out.

    • will do

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      Does that suggest that refurbished are just dead pixel returns?

      • In my case I had two separate dead pixels on my panel. They were very near the corners and for me, really hard to see unless I was specifically looking for them.

        I got a good discount on the monitor so I decided to keep it. So perhaps refurbished can include dead pixel returns. Not sure if all of them will have that problem though.

  • Fairly certain the 15 in U3415W refers to the model year. It's pricey for a five year old display.

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  • worth 699 max its old its NOT new whatever the "refurb" (as new) insinuation and other brands with similar specs are close to that price point

  • this just confirms my thoughts :) thanks everyone

    it's not worth what they are asking.

    I will push for lower price