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43% off Swann SWNVK-1685816 4K, 16 Channel / 16 Camera 2TB HDD NVR Security System $2549 Delivered @ Swann



$1950.95 off RRP ($4499.95) on SWNVK-1685816-AU. Ends Monday midnight.

Add coupon code 'OZB43' at checkout to receive the discounted amount.

  • 16 x NHD-885MSB 4K Bullet IP Digital still image video cameras
    • Heat & Motion Sensing + Night Vision & Audio
  • Set up Face Detection, Line Crossing Detection, Perimeter Intrusion Detection, Static Object Detection, Person Detection &
    Crossing Counter
  • Power, video and audio run through a single Ethernet cable per camera with Power over Ethernet cabling, PoE, making
    installation a lot simpler
  • hands-free security using voice commands. Stream video from your camera via the Google Assistant & Chromecast, Google
    Home Hub, or via Alexa devices with a screen, such as Echo Spot, Echo Show or 4K Fire TV.

New in condition. Complete with 12 month warranty.

Four day sale or until stock lasts. Don't forget to add coupon code at checkout.

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  • Lol

  • 16!? Damn! I don't think my house even has 16 distinct areas. I reckon I could cover it with 4.
    But this would be a very secure property.

  • 16 cameras That’s a full paranoia system

  • Wait, I need to buy a big house that needs 16 cameras first.

  • Any Ozbargain-ers own a fortress for these 16 cameras?

  • install this to make sure you attract as many thieves as possible

  • Serious question. 2Tb with 16 cameras at 4k. How much archive footage will you have?

    • this is a joke, 2tb

    • 1 Week if you use H.265.

    • I have 8 cameras @ 4k and 32TB and would like more storage

      • Why do you need so much? Work auditing?

        • I'm just obsessed with image quality. All 4k cams are on max settings running 24/7, using (collectively) about 1.35 TB/24hrs or just over a 3 week loop. I'd like to add more camera's but the DVR is maxed out on storage. 16 cams on a 4 week loop would be good, but would at current settings require almost 80TB! Mua…muahahaha…!

    • less than 2 days full time recording, or a lot longer on motion recording

      • Should be more than 2 days. What codec are you using? Back when I had 2 TB I was able to get up to 2-3 months of footage using Motion Recording. The way phones and DSLR/Video cameras store footage is way different to how CCTV interprets footage.

  • Aren't these 2k at Costco every day of the week?

  • Bought, now to buy a huge house to put all these cameras in

  • Amount of money ozbargainers spend on deals will probably have them living in 1 bedroom shared accommodation

  • I hear lot of hacking happening with all the security cameras, any one know how to secure them from being hacked? Only two step verification cameras like Arlo are good option. Any other ?

    • When compared to other products like Hikvision, Dahua and EZVIZ, there are less vulnerability and CVE reports. I've also haven't seen any scripts for a remote attack. The only method I know of hacking the device is through exploiting a device on the network and then using the password reset tool to create an admin profile. If your put the device on a VLAN and isolate it from other devices then you should be safe.

  • Please no one buy this. There is much better out there

  • These 16 cameras are needed to record hours of paranormal activities in your house. Grab yours today! lol

  • How is this system even supposed to work? How much network bandwidth is required for 16 cameras at 4K (3840x2160)? Can that NVR and hard disk inside handle the throughput? Or is this just a marketing double speak with bunch of asterisk applied?

    • I wonder the same - as well as the amount of CPU power required. I mean, my relatively old PC can't even handle playing one 4K video, let alone 16 at once.