Anne Pro 2 NKRO Bluetooth Type-C RGB Mechanical Keyboard US$69.99 (~A$99.18) AU Stock Delivered @ Banggood


This popular mechanical keyboard is back on sale in the AU warehouse at Banggood. This time it's available with Gateron Blue or Gateron Red switches, however Red seems to be limited to only 13pcs. It has USB Type-C connectivity, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, customisable RGB and keys.

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AU$ based on current Mastercard rate at time of posting.

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  • awesome price for an amazing keyboard

  • hm.. why not get a Keychron for around $110-30 instead?

  • Good price!$119 at umart no stock.

  • in the market for a GMMK TKL but this is tempting at this price!

    • Can definitely attest for GMMK. People have complained about their stabs, but I reckon they're not too bad.

      Glorious can be overpriced for some products, but the GMMK is quite fair for what it is.

      • The hardware is awesome on the GMMK I just wish the bios/software was more configurable. 60% is a tough sell when you cant make it behave exactly how you want.

  • Why are these so popular now? Is it for people who travel a lot?

    • Minimalism.

      Also, TKL design can still be quite clunky for some.

    • Mechanical, bluetooth, customisable, can change caps, etc and the rainbow white looks darn good.

      My son has Kaihl box white switches. You need to figure which type of switches you prefer first.

      Anne Pro 2 went viral on Tic Toc attributing to its popularity.

    • Do you mean mechanical keyboards in general?

      OzBargain is 50% software engineers who use their keyboards for many hours a day. Gotta have good tools for your trade.

  • Ive been using one of these for a while. Great keyboard. Mine has the Kailh box switches tho.

    I like how customisable it is with the software. Can really reduce the awkwardness of 60% with some clever mapping.

    Note the weird built in game pad emulation mode causes csgo to fail to launch. You can disable that though.

    • What game pad emulation?

      • It shows up as a game controller on your computer and things that accept game controller input can use the keyboard. I don't know who wants this but its there. You can disable it with the software.

        • Well, I worked out how to use it as a game controller, it seems to be a bit of a hidden feature to AP2 noobs, not mentioned in any of the instructions.

          Also learnt about a bunch of other things, including setting up a custom layout to experiment with 'locking' the arrows so I can press and hold to repeat.

          Dumb question, what are your top uses for the game controller mode?

          Also, is the game controller mode only available over the USB-C connection? I couldn't see how to get it to work over bluetooth.

    • Examples of custom mapping you use or know of?
      Not a gamer, but keen on productivity hacks (eg. Ability to create a shortcut that writes out a standard line of code when programming)

      • You are probably better off using computer software for that kind of thing.

        I was thinking more things like making up for the lack of cursor keys etc by putting them where you want.

  • I have x2 Anne Pro 2 (one for home and one for the office.. which are now both at home thanks to that annoying C19).

    Highly recommended!! Love typing on mine and always notice the change when going back to a muggle keyboard that everyone uses.. especially apples keyboard!!

    • I'm new to the AP2, and I'm missing the dedicated arrow keys. The tap-keys are fine, but when I want to HOLD an arrow key down, I'm finding the CAPS-FN method cumbersome.

      Is there any way to lock the FN keys 'on' so i can just use WASD, or is there some other work-around to improve?

      • I bind cursors directly to shift/right ctrl/right fn etc instead of using the tap mode - this way you can hold them.

        Then i put the right-alt key as FN1. I lose FN2 this way but i don't care.

        I also set caps lock to be ESC (because caps lock is useless) and then put the ESC key as `/~ as i need them for programming.

        I am extremely happy with this config for 60% keyboards now, i don't miss anything :D

        • Interesting, so how can you type things in all capital letters then?

        • Thanks, I hadn't considered the options with being able to change the operations of each of the keys. Will see what I can come up with.

          Personally (I have other keyboards I have to swap with, so I need something with consistency) I don't like losing CAPS LOCK, and both ALT keys, so will see what I can map out for myself.

  • Just impulse bought this, ive never used any keyboard smaller than a full size gaming keyboard, is it an easy adjustment or does it take a while to get used to these coming from a k70 lux.

    • Depends on how much you rely on the keys that are not there. For instance, if you reach for the arrow keys often, you may end up reaching for the mouse more frequently - that may or may not get annoying for you.

    • You can make the adjustment a little easier by re-mapping the bottom right corner keys to arrows. Not sure how on AP2. There's still a lot of things to relearn if you're an advanced typist on a full keyboard. Especially home/end.

  • was hoping for brown switches :(

  • Damn, bought this when there were 4 Red Switch ones left and got an email saying it’s OOS and no ETA yet