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ASUS GeForce RTX 2070 Super $599 Delivered @ PC Byte


Asus NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER TURBO EVO 8GB Video Card TURBO-RTX2070S-8G-EVO (LS) $599

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  • While I quite like the look of this card, what's its performance like?

    • It's pretty good. It's almost as fast as the 2018 Civic Type R on the Nurburgring on the Nurburgring.

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        Yo dawg I heard you like the Nurburgring, so I put another Nurburgring on the Nurburging, so you can race on the Nurburgring while you're on the Nurburgring.

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      Performance is great at 1440p. 80-100fps in most games with ease. Struggles a little at 4k, it's on the border of 60fps so may have to turn down some details.

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        I'd agree with that level of performance from this card; but in the context of 2020 with new cards, new consoles and further ray tracing etc. moving forward, it just seems a little expensive. Cards like the 1080/1070 were providing comparable performance 3-4 years ago for similar or little more coin.

      • I second this - if you are gaming below 4k, you don't need the 3000 RTX series cards. If you're gaming at 4k, you absolutely should get the 3000 series RTX cards.

        • 3080 really shines at 4K. The performance delta is more vs previous gen cards in 4K vs 1440p.

    • Just got one recently. Smallest in width and height that I was able to find weeks back for a full length GPU. It’s perfect for small chassis as it is a blower type. Tradeoffs are thermal and noise I think.

  • anyone know if this is worth buying now or is it worth waiting for 30 series?

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      I believe only you can answer that question really. I'm in the process of building my first PC in about 10 years and am only missing a graphics card now. I don't quite know when I'm going to strike, but 599 isn't really good enough. If you find a 2070 Super for closer to $550 (with a freebie preferably) or $500, that's probably the time to buy. I'd wait for 30 series if you've got a decent PC already.

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        You have some level of patience my friend, if I had an entire PC ready to go minus the GPU I would have definitely paid some silly price for one ;)

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          Get a second hand one off eBay or if Ryzen run the built in until you are ready. If you know something big is dropping its worth waiting.

      • To add to this, I just bought a 2070 super on a deal that basically brings it down to under $500. What I would say is that a 2070 super is not worth it at this price and I agree that $450 to $500 (maybe slightly more) is the sweet spot.

        To anyone curious - this card is perfect for gaming below 4k. If you are looking for 4k usage, please skip this generation and wait for the mid rtx 3000 series to come to market.

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      wait if possible but if you need it now the 2070 is a good card

      • Don't really need it right now, have a 1660ti atm which is running perfectly fine so I'll wait till prices come down a bit more (hopefully!).

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          Yeah 100% keep that, should be fine to keep you trucking until the 3060 or similar comes out.

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          I'd wait. 2070 Super isn't that big of a jump over a 1660 Ti. You would probably want to upgrade to a 3070 than a 3060.

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      Not worth it, the other models have been less than 550, you could get a 2070S during the recent eBay sale for under 500 (after cashback).

      Also this is a blower model which is pretty terrible among 2070 Supers.

      2070S for 500~ is pretty similar value to the 3070 at 800+ (more likely 900-1000 looking at 3080 markups)

    • Wait for the 30 series based on this current pricing but if it keeps dropping and you don't play the latest AAA titles this could be a good option. Especially if they go sub $400.

      But a 3070 will be significantly superior to this card and won't be much more expensive.

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    Typically users describe turbo or blower fan cards as louder than the equivalents with two or three fans. Personally I'd spend more for a 30 series.

  • Please wait guys, not long now :)

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      The 3060 is still a while off… 3070 won't be anywhere near this price range.

  • Another day, another RTX 2000 card

  • The article says new shortage till 2021 but since we are in Aus delays for supply might last even longer. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/nvidia-ceo-geforce-rtx-308...
    What do you guys reckon is a good price to get

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    Tom's hardware - LOL… Their response would be just buy it… When you die and your whole life flashes before you… How much of it do you want it to be raytraced. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

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    I only want a 1660 Super for under $300……so far there is nothing close to that…..oh I also need a 3600 CPU for under $300 also…..got the rest…..

    I think Black Friday is my only hope now…..

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    Not a good price, non-blower models with better cooling have been cheaper over the previous few weeks. I wouldn't call it a deal at all. At this price you can buy used 2080S

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      Lol keep dreaming.

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          $599 US is not $599 Australian..

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      In what world?

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