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Free Nike/GoPro/Dropbox Stock When Opening Account and Deposting $50 at Stake


Previous post expired therefore this post was made.

Your Free Stock Awaits
Sign up to Stake and fund your account within 24 hours, and you'll get a free stock in Nike, Dropbox or GoPro.

Stake is still one of the best/cheapest broker to invest in US stock within Australia.

The current high AUD conversion rate (0.7+USD) and a 70+% increase on the lowest priced free GoPro stock in the past month made this a better deal.


Referral Links

Referral: random (1290)

Referees and referrers get one (or fraction of) of the six available stocks up to the value of US$150. Most will receive a stock bonus valued at less than US$10.

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    Hot tip: Use Revolut to convert AUD to USD and then wire to your Stake Account. $5 flat fee vs. 0.7c USD for every 100 AUD.

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      how does it compare with transferwise?

      • No 0.5% conversion fees with Revolut if under $5000 per month unlike Transferwise.

    • Hi, thanks for the tip. I just signed up for Revolut. So to transfer to my stake account, I would first need to exchange AUD to USD and then transfer it to the stake US bank account?

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        Thats right, you can find your stake bank account details / account/ USD to USD transfers for the transfer details.

    • Hi, I just signed up Stake but they always ask me to deposit in AUD, how can I deposit in USD? Thanks.

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      would not recommend doing exactly what you did? or using stake for what it was actually designed for…lol

      • well it's just a warning to whoever is signing up solely because of this offer and have no interest in spending lots in investment.

        the people on the other thread got my hopes up when a few won the Nike stock, but have been unlucky :(

        • no interest in spending lots in investment.

          You just needed to hold……

          • @Ughhh: oh well avail funds are precious for me as I'm a student. anyway it's only $8 lost but I won't do this next time for sure. I nearly forgot I had money in stake until this was posted.

            also, aren't you supposed to add more funds/withdraw more in one go which makes it more worthwhile (as fees apply per transaction), so exactly how does holding one go pro stock help? I'm predicting it won't go up by much anyway due to lack of innovation from gopro

            • @skido:

              also, aren't you supposed to add more funds/withdraw more in one go which makes it more worthwhile (as fees apply per transaction),


              so exactly how does holding one go pro stock help?

              Because you picked the wrong time to sell. Hold until the profits covers your fees at least, then sell. Day trading is not easy, nor profitable for such small trading amounts.

              • @Ughhh: what if holding results in further drops? its pretty much a gamble, you win some, you lose some.

                • @skido: Yes, you win some, you lose some, that's why you diversify and understand your risk tolerance. You were aware of Stakes conversion fees prior to depositing.

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                  @skido: Because that's how shares work - you invest your money into companies you think will improve in value (ie not GoPro) then when they do improve in value, you sell them at a profit.
                  The key is to choose a company you think will grow - not GoPro 👍
                  If you think they are going to drop, then you wouldn't buy them….

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    You will almost always get GoPro stock.

    • ^ this

    • I did saw someone got Dropbox or even Nike stock before. The probability is 75% Gopro, 22% Dropbox and 3% Nike.

      • I received Nike stock

        • I received Nike stock

    • yup. got GoPro twice. :(

    • I got Nike and my mate go GoPro

    • I got a go pro then referred my wife and got a drop box….

  • I remember the days of buying GoPro stock at $50 a piece. Then the whole Schumacher incident raised questions about the 'safety' of the cameras, what a crap fest.

    • Does this mean gopro stock is low now?

      • -1


      • GoPro isn't innovating, their products are stagnant while other companies are releasing better products, it's not a stock i'd want to own.

        • and smartphones are water resistant and have great camers

          Not perfect for all situations but that’s why I no longe use my gopro

      • Not necessarily, some years back they were pitching themselves as a multimedia ecosystem company with video content rights. Then the whole safety debacle came about and an unrelated turn of events shone light that they were really a hardware company with zero product moat against competitors thus came crashing from $70 to $3.

  • Is this deal only for people who had fund their account within 24 hours?

    • … It's right there in the deal post ?

      • Was hoping there could be a special exception to this rule :) I already opened an account few months back but have not deposited anything yet.

  • Is this deal still on? = page not found

    • Yes, just got a GoPro stock.

  • Deal is still going. Just got a GoPro stock. lol.

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