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  • Will I get a whole pack of nappies to try on my toddler?

  • Perfect timing. Been looking to try a few new products beyond the stock standard nappies for my 18 month old. Thanks!

    • Probably counts for nothing but our 11 day old is using them and is happy. Misses is a child carer and says they're better than others.

  • I signed up to both the normal and nappy-pants samples a while back, when baby was just a few weeks old (now almost a year) and on Huggies. The misses admitted they were much better and we’ve been on the nappy pants since.
    This is probably the only time where I didn’t just brush something off as a freebie and actually bought in haha

    • Huggies were always terrible we switched to babylove or the little ones from woolworths both worked well

    • Ever since Huggies moved to China for production, I would recommend babylove or Aldi over Huggies

  • What a bargain… Now I just got to have a baby

  • question about huggies, are the ones for boys and girls different? more room? or just colour difference? babyloves are unisex

    • I think it depends on where the we is collected but we had some from cousins and it didn’t seem to make any difference

  • Btw the rep I spoke to on the phone over some queries I had with one of the nappy pants I had said to me their are the same as the ones in Japan - I think the mamypoko ones. Given how expensive and good Japanese nappies are I think that counts as a bargain 😅