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Ego 56V Line Trimmer & 5ah Battery Kit $399 (Save $200) + Delivery (Free C+C) @ Total Tools


Spotted this one on clearance at TT, thought it was good value with the battery & charger as most of their long running Ego clearances are skin only.

Description from TT website:

5.0 Ah 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery: Industry’s first and most advanced 56-Volt ARC Lithium-Ion battery
6000rpm brushless motor: Power through the densest undergrowth
Anti-clockwise head rotation: Commercial set-up for increased control and efficiency
Weather-resistant housing: Reliable operation whatever the weather
Dual-Feed 2.4mm diameter premium strength line with 38cm Cutting Width: Efficient trimming
Bump Feed Line Advance: To control the cutting line length
Rapid Reload Line Replacement: The easiest way to load line on the market!
Oversized 1350mm aluminium Shaft: Cover large areas quickly and efficiently
Soft start with constant and variable speed control: Control speed throughout operation
Up To A 45-Minute Run Time with 5.0Ah battery: Plenty of run time to get the job done
40-Minute Charge Time with included Rapid Charger. Get back to work faster
EGO Power+ system advantage
5 Year Warranty on the Line Trimmer and 3 Year Warranty on the Battery and Charger.

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  • This is an old model, not sure how old the battery would be and how long it will last

    • 3 year warranty on the battery, if it doesn't last the 45mins that they're claiming, get it replaced?

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        I've had one from Master 5 years and still going, would hate to pay for the battery every three years. Wa thinking for buying Ryobi ones in running with 36V battery for $150-$200 YMMV from Bunnings to Bunnings

        • also has $40 delivery, please add to the title, based in Melbourne metro for me

        • I still use 2 masters batteries.

    • can I ask why it is an old model and is there a newer/better model which came out recently?

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        New model battery has a power indicator on it.

        I think the old model battery 5Ah batteries are still well regarded though.

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    Is not a dirty word

  • Looks like the skin is available for $159 also (saving $190).

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      I’m in VIC so the wife hasn’t seen a hairdressers or beauty salon in months.

      How’s this perform around the bikini line?

      • +3

        depends on what we are dealing with, if you send through a picture i can give you best advice

      • It goes ok, but struggles to cut through larger bushes.

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    I paid $500 for this kit recently (month or two ago), and you know what, even at that price I'm still pretty chuffed.
    don't get me wrong, still disappointed seeing this but honestly it has so much more power than what I was expecting it to, so even paying the extra $100 I'm not super annoyed.
    And yes, I would still say that I'm getting 45min of use out of a charge.

    I was so impressed by EGO stuff that I went out and got a mower like a week or two later.

    • Looks like decent kit

      The movement of the head means that I can trim away edges of nature strips after I have slashed away the undergrowth?

    • Just curious why didn't you get the Powerload ($499) instead?

      • I got the powerload. I love it! Could never go back now.

        • If it wasn't because mine still working (bought from Master, has been 4.5 years and still going strong), I would have upgraded to Powerload :)

      • Got this last weekend. Been using it almost daily.

        Only issue is I wish it was anti-clockwise instead as a righty most comfortable way to hold it is top right of arc being main cutting area when doing detail work which means the shit gets flung back at you mostly.

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      Blower's pretty awesome too…

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    Don't forget about the battery redemption if you spend $800+

    Make sure it's all in one transaction, they don't accept split purchases.

  • Is this suitable for manscaping?

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      It has an oversized aluminum Shaft to cover large areas quickly and efficiently which may come in handy…

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      I know right. You can get like 20 Toyota Camry’s
      for the price of a Ferrari!

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    Bought my straight shaft brushless Ego when Masters was closing. It has more power than my (admittedly cheap) 2 strokers. No fumes / mixing / petrol / is quieter / is lighter etc. I'd never buy another petrol again.

    Mine has a 2.5A battery. I've never run out of juice on my smaller block. I'd be worried the 5amp might be a little tail heavy.

    As a side note, the blowers are a complete revelation compared to a 18v ryobi blower

    • My experience moving from 2 stroke to electric line trimmer was much the same. I would never ever consider buying a petrol one again.

      No fumes, no smoke, no fuel drips or leaks, no need for mixing, no need for ear protection. Instant power, and it works every time - just pop in the battery and press the button. Battery is still good after 5 years and counting.

      I get 2 or 3 rounds of my yard from a single charge of the battery and it handles tough weeds / light brush just as well as the 2 stroke.

  • Hows ozito compared to this and ryobi

    • I'm interested in this as well. But just specs wise, the Ego's 56V vs Ozito's 18V means there's more instantaneous power when you pull the throttle so the Ego should cut through dense grass much better. I've had problems with 18V battery mowers having battery fade-out or surge protection kicks in and the machine will stop when it's cutting through very thick grass.

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      Ozito and Ryobi don’t compare.

    • I wonder how is it compared to Husqvarna or Stihl battery range? given it's a similar price.

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      You can't really compare Ozito, Ryobi and Ego - they're aimed at different groups:

      • Ozito - average home user (one interchangeable battery system - PXC 18V. Some garden tools take 2 batteries to make 36V).
      • Ryobi - advanced DIY (2 battery systems not interchangeable - One+ 18V for hand tools and 36V for garden tools).
      • Ego - high end commercial (one interchangeable battery system, limited only to outdoor power tools).

      If you're making money out of your outdoor power tools, pick Ego. If you're a home user:

      • Small sized or frequently managed garden - Ozito is fine. 3/5 year replacement warranty (depending on the tool) for the price is unmatchable. Handy to be able to use any battery for any tool (some take 2) including drills, saws, mowers etc.
      • Medium sized or less frequently managed garden - Ozito 36V (2x18V) or Ryobi 36V is fine. Consider the appropriate battery system for your situation.
      • Larger sized or tall weeds - consider AEG (56V) or Victa (80V). You should look at the right tool as well - eg. brushcutter instead of line trimmer.
      • +1

        Hi mate, Thank you very much for the detailed reply. I just bought the following https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-2-x-18v-cordless-line-...
        I think this model takes 2 batteries same time to make 36v.
        I am still considering return and buy ryobi for more power and battery lasting.I don't know whether it make big difference as specifications are same.I have a medium size garden and less managed. The reason I went for ozito is cheap , considering other ozito in future as I don't do much DIY and 3 yr battery warranty and 5 year tool warranty for $229
        Or ryobi
        Ryobi 36V 2.0Ah Straight Shaft Line Trimmer Kit
        I/N: 0152675
        For $299
        Which one would be better

        • I think the ryobi 36v is a multi attachment capable power head. It may come handy if you plan to expand it in future.

        • Ozito 18x2 vs Ryobi 36 power is going to be within about 5-10% difference at best. You'll won't get much of a difference if power is your only consideration.

          The deciding factors (between those 2 models) are:

          • Curved shaft (ozito) vs Straight shaft (Ryobi). In short, curved shaft is lighter, better balanced and better maneuverability for smaller spaces. Straight shaft is better for taller people and slightly better reach (trimming under hedging for example) and slightly more power (whether you'll actually notice it is a different matter).

          • You can only use Ryobi 36V in outdoor power tools.

          • Ryobi has a couple of attachments (eg. you can swap the trimmer head with a pruning head to make a pole pruner). Handy if you need the extra tools but don't have much storage space for dedicated tools. Downside is if the main unit fails after a few years and you can't get a replacement, you have to replace everything.

        • Ego

      • I have been considering this Ryobi 18V 5.0Ah 25cm/30cm Line Trimmer Kit because it can do edging OR trimming https://www.bunnings.com.au/ryobi-18v-5-0ah-25cm-30cm-line-t...

        Can this Ego Line trimmer do the same in terms of position adjustment of the head and not manoeuvring the whole system?

        There’s also one from Victa but I’m worried about parts and how hard it is to load a new line https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/143731330670

        • Can this Ego Line trimmer do the same in terms of position adjustment of the head and not manoeuvring the whole system?

          No. For commercial tools (which the Ego is), you want to keep the 2 separate.

          The Ryobi and Victa are both very similar, but if an edger is very important to you, get the Victa. The side wheel will help you get a cleaner and more consistent edge.

          Warranty is a concern off ebay. Try to buy through a local tool shop or Bunnings if you can. Auto feed/bump feed is quite easy to use when you get the hang of it.

          If the edger is not a high priority, get this https://www.bunnings.com.au/ryobi-18v-4-0ah-blower-line-trim...

  • Good deal, I'm so torn on getting rid of my 2 stroke for a electric.
    This seems like another option for $200 more
    It's Makita so comes with a larger range of skins options meaning you don't need separate batteries for garden tools and building tools etc
    comes with 2x 5AH battery and you get a free blower by redemption
    Will be heavier as it's 36v which requires the 2 18v batteries but still lighter than my 2 stroke.

    • I'm feeling the same about moving on from petrol. I've already put the line trimmer, mower + blower kit and the gutter blower accessory in my cart.
      About to pull the trigger and thinking practically for $1.65k I only have the nature strip out the front to mow…

      I miss my previous house where it was fun to mow and manicure with a self-propelled mower and brush cutter petrol Kawasaki kit though agree with other comments where you would have more kicks and less hearing problems with the EGO (or any other battery system)!

      If you have Makita gear already the skins option would be an economical and efficient choice.

    • I very recently got this 36V Makita line trimmer over the Ego despite Ego being cheaper at the time, maybe even this same price.

      Reviews suggested that 36V was more than adequate in a brushless line trimmer, and my experience has confirmed this. I leave my Makita on the 2nd (middle) power setting most of the time, which is overkill. When I have to go through very thick poorly maintained Buffalo grass stems which is a tougher job than most DIY'ers will encounter, the middle power setting can do the job but it's a bit lacking, the max power setting is plenty enough.

      Those power settings I've referred to above are a con though. I am not sure if this is common among cordless line trimmers but I am disappointed that a reasonably high quality Makita tool doesn't have decent manual/stereo trigger power control, if a competitor product or alternate Makita model has manual trigger control it's most probably a better trimmer in my mind. The trigger on this one is pretty much just on/off, power is controlled via a button that offers few power levels. Unless you're very regularly maintaining your lawn and thus barely even trimming any grass, the 1st (lowest) power setting is going to be a bit too low to be time-efficient. So I'm effectively forced to use the 2nd (middle) power setting for most of my yard, or all of my yard if I'm maintaining my lawn as frequently as I should. It's not as if the 2nd power level is all that bad but I still find it pretty annoying because it's typically overkill power and therefore louder than necessary (more battery draining too but battery capacity isn't really an issue for me short of wanting enough capacity left over to run the blower without recharge or battery swaps). This same kind of issue repeats for particularly difficult sections which most yards don't have but if you do have bad enough sections the 2nd (middle) power setting will become time-inefficient and the top power settings is once again a big step up which is often going to be overkill and unnecessarily loud and power draining. I understand why there's not many digital power settings, regularly dicking around stepping your way through finer granularity digital power settings would also cause bad user experience. The issue is begging for some practical manual trigger power control. If a somewhat restricted/limited range of manual power trigger control (and therefore more accurate control across the range) was combined with these 3 power levels it'd be happy days.

      Hard to fault the 18V brushless blower, it's got no digital power control, manual power control via the trigger. That trigger is a bit touchier than ideal IMO but it's good enough and sadly feels like a luxury feature after using the trimmer. It's also got a sliding knob that effectively pushes in the trigger so you can set a constant or "constant minimum" power whereby you can still use the trigger to override with more power. I don't find the slider all that practical in most cases I just use the trigger. I guess the con is that it chews through 18V 5Ah batteries reasonably fast, that won't be a problem specific to this blower but rather just a general thing with blowers consuming a fair bit of energy. You're going to have heaps enough energy in an 18V 5Ah battery for smaller properties without many leaves, but I can see battery capacity being a bigger problem for this 18V blower than it is for this 36V line trimmer on large blocks in leafy areas so in that case the 36V Makita blower would be more suitable not so much for the extra power but just for the extra capacity available from doubling up on batteries.

      All up I'm still reasonably happy with the purchase but that's based on wanting to invest in a battery system for other power tools too (drills, multi-tool, recip. saw etc). If a different Makita model, or a Dewalt, or an Ego line trimmer has manual trigger power control it's likely a much better purchase though even if it requires an investment into more than one battery system. From what I've read the 36V Makita & Dewalt mowers are pretty crap too so if you're wanting a battery mower also then you might as well get the Ego line trimmer since the Ego mower is better. Personally I'm leaning towards not getting a battery mower which is why I skipped over the Ego Trimmer.

      • If a different Makita model, or a Dewalt, or an Ego line trimmer has manual trigger power control

        Ego has manual trigger power control. It also has multi-speeds switch for that manual control (speed1/2)

  • +1

    Thanks OP I just ordered one. Been looking at getting one of these for a while to go along with the Ego mower we already have so this will make a good addition and give us a spare charger.

  • Stupid question for those who own this: How easy is it to change the line? Does it need to be wound on? I have a really old whipper snipper and it's an absolute PITA to change the line. Constantly breaks… spend more time changing the line than cutting grass.


    • +2

      just feed through the feed until even amounts on each side and then twist the head. Can be a a bit fiddly and might need to pop the cap off every now and then but it's easy once you get the hang of it

  • This is an old model and I had it for over 7 years and it still works so well including the batteries I got/bought around the same time.

    • Wow that's a long run time for a model

  • I've got an EGO mower (Which has been amazing) with the 5Ah battery. Silly question, but does the same battery work in their line trimmers?

    • +1

      Yes, one battery system.

    • +1

      Yeh all EGO battery will fit, the 5ah battery is a little heavy to carry with trimmer though

      • Cheers. It's the same battery that comes with this deal though isn't it?

        • That's right, mine came with 2.5ah battery with the trimmer and 5ah battery with the mower.

  • +1

    Anyway of getting free delivery? Comes up $59 for me

    • +1

      Clearance items are excluded from the usual "Free delivery over $99"…have updated title to include that.

      • Thanks for that, bugger I tried adding another item $100 item with free delivery but it seems that it still charges delivery for the clearance item

  • +3

    Got this EGO trimmer and EGO mower, one of the best investment I've ever made.

  • +1

    Bear in mind it's quite heavy with the 5amp battery.

  • +2

    I've got this line trimmer and love it. I have the 2.5ah and 5ah battery and would agree that the 5ah does make line trimmer too heavy and less enjoyable to use. But if its the only battery you got then you'll just have to live with it. It's a great tool!

  • I'm actually looking out for a battery powered line trimmer to replace my petrol one, what kind things should I be looking out for?

    • If only have lawn, an 18V line trimmer will be fine. In general, you get what you pay for in this price range. Cheaper ones are more lightly built, have lower wattage motors and will only handle light duties.

      If you're attacking light scrub, tall dense grass or heavy thick-stem weeds, you should get a system that supports 36V or more - this gives you extra grunt rather than getting bogged down.

      This deal for Ego gear is a relatively high-end product at a somewhat affordable price. It's almost certainly over-kill for your average yard.

    • EGO is up there if not the best outdoor power equipment in battery form.

      The powerload trimmer (carbon fibre shaft) is nice but I do which it was anti-clockwise rotation.


      Depends how much you want to spend though.

  • Anyone know what's the best buy/deal on a ego mower?
    Trying to take advantage of the redemption deal..

    • This is the cheapest and only 'skin only' I can see…would work out well as you'd get a 2.5Ah battery via redemption which you could use in the trimmer and the 5Ah in the mower. But the deck is quite small if you have a big yard and it's not self propelled.

      Otherwise if you've got a bit to spend, this is good value as it has the blower for the same price as the mower kit on its own.

      • I'm considering.. Definitely getting a line trimmer in this deal… Considering waiting on a steel deck ego in either 49/50/52 mower with self propelled. They had one at 699 earlier this year at two different retailers,I think it was a older generation/model though.

        • Someone mentioned earlier it all needs to be in one purchase if you want the redemption offer…that said, you may get a better deal waiting for what you want

          • @whitelie: Yes you are correct, I am in no rush as I have three working mowers now , well four once I fix the height adjusting handle. But if I can find a good deal now I will take advantage of the redemption offer …

      • Thinking of doing this with the OP deal together. is the 5ah battery enough for the mower?

        • The self push mowers come with a 5Ah battery if you buy a kit but the propelled ones are 7.5Ah. I guess it depends on the size of your yard but a few comments here seem to use the 5Ah in their mowers.

        • I’ve got the mower with blower kit he linked. The 7.5ah lasts my yard for mower with around 40-50% charge left at the end… so I imagine a 5ah would be fine for a similar sized yard (~300 sqm grass).

          I use a 2.5ah in the powerload trimmer and couldn’t imagine having a 5ah in that. Weight would be annoying. The 2.5 is plenty unless you've got an acre.

  • I've just gone all in on the Ego ecosystem swapping out from my tired 36v Ryobi set. Can't wait for it to all be in stock.
    I went with the powerload trimmer but this deal was very tempting.

    • Who had the best prices ?

      • +1

        There is next to no variation between outlets for EGO gear I've seen.

        My local Total tools had some of the old bundles available (free edger attachment with the multihead pole/line/hedger kit) that was still eligible for the battery redemption but no mention on the website.

        • Yup I picked up this bundle which saved $199 instantly but as you say prices are pretty much RRP. Total tools was able to either provide a minor discount or throw in a free battery, I took the battery.

        • Actually I've found Mitre 10 to be cheaper in store for Ego than both total Tools and Trade Tools, but you'll need to message them to confirm stock and prices.

  • Does anyone know the weight?

    • +1

      According to the manual on the Ego website, 4.21kg without a battery

  • Bought the same line trimmer last year in a similar deal but with a 2.5ah battery from these guys. Still going strong.

  • Blackwoods still have some of the old stock. Take a look if you need something and over $800 will qualify for free battery promo.

    • Did you end up getting another battery, someone on Gumtree Perth selling their brand new redemption 2.5ah if you hadn't seen them 😃

      • +1

        yeah, I bought 5ah with fast charger from Blackwoods. 2.5aH is ok, but was not enough charge for everything I needed it for. Managed to finish the job with charging battery twice on a slow charger while doing other things like mowing/cleaning up, but decided to get a bigger battery and fast charger just in case. 5ah is heavier, but did similar work on another day and it did not even run out. Keeping 2.5ah as a spare. Will last long enough if I need it for the 5ah one to charge on a fast charger =)

  • +2

    For anyone thinking of getting EGO gear, go in to the stores themselves and check out their stock.

    They don't show all the extra bundles they have on the online store.

    I went in recently and they had the multi-head + pole trimmer + strap /w bonus edger attachment at 699 ($199 saving). But no mention of this pack on the website.

    They also had the multi head + line trimmer + bonus edger, and multi - hedger + bonus edger packs.

    Great value when you add in another attachment and get the bonus battery redemption.

    • Great advice, I'd worked out to buy seperate but saw the bonus bundles when I went in store to pay, glad I walked down the isle before going straight to checkout!

    • That's an awesome deal. Wish they had this deal when I bought my EGO gear earlier in the year. Got mower (spare blade), multi-head + line trimmer. Managed to get the 7.5ah battery from the redemption.

      I love the fast charging on the EGO.

    • Where are you located? It seems EGO only actively promoting this in Sydney/Melbourne areas.

      Called all my local tool/mower shops including Trade Tools and Total Tool, it appears that none of them know anything about these package deals.

      The guys I spoke to said these package deals are not on their system as well as EGO's back end system, even asked me to send in a screenshot.

      I wish they still have the 3 in 1 package deal available as I don't have trees to trim therefore hedge won't do anything for me.

      • I'm in WA.

        Rockingham had like 4 packages left that I saw but may have more.

        It's all boxed together.

  • Bugger, went down to the local Mitre 10 to see how much they were selling an EGO hedge trimmer for that they had in the clearance bin, bought it for $50, get home and now Total Tools seem to be sold out in Vic. Oh well you snooze you lose.

    • Which Mitre 10 store? Do they still have that trimmer left? Thank you.

      • Hey mate, it was my local store in Hamilton. I did purchase it so none left.

  • hey guys what line are you using in your EGO trimmers? (I bought a slightly used one last week and it takes 2.0mm line wasnt sure if they need a specific type of trimmer line?)

    • I use this twisted line from Amazon US in this line trimmer because it's about half the price of the twisted line from Bunnings.

      Can you see the manual online for your model? Mine came with 2.4mm twisted line in the box and it worked very well, so I stuck with that. Did yours come with 2.0mm from the factory or is that just what the guy had in it?

      • I'm using this line also, it's great.

      • Been looking for a good line, might need to buy some. Now to find something else to meet the $49 free shipping cap.

  • Grabbed one from Brendale, awesome, battery is 5ah but it's quite heavy for trimmer

  • +2

    Bought a pair of these (one for a friend) when Masters fell over and no problems since with either of them - no maintenance apart from keeping the cooling vents clear. Occasional weed and lawn edging use through the year and then serious use in springtime in waist-high grass and weeds on 45˚ hillside. Battery runs out in 45 minutes which is about the same time I need a break after falling down the slope a couple of times. Recharge takes about the same time, 45 minutes, for both me and the battery on a hot day.

    Replaces a now unused noisy, smelly, heavy, two-stroke Alpina straight shaft trimmer. Ego can be used one-handed, arm extended, for hard to reach areas - old two-stroke needed two hands, a shoulder harness and hearing protection. The two-stroke conked out when held at an angle while edging lawns - obviously the Ego can sustain any angle.

    Little, if any, battery degradation noticed in 4 years use, however I try to store it at about 80% charge - general (Tesla esp.) Li-Ion battery advice. So charge it up, use it for a few minutes, store it away, then a quick top up before the next big job. Wish I'd bought an Ego hedge trimmer and blower at the same time and thus able to share their batteries on longer jobs.

  • -1

    For anyone who is already in the Aldi/xFinity ecosystem (lots of people judging by past comments), you might consider this 5 in 1 brushcutter/trimmer they have on sale. It's unlikely to be as powerful as the Ego, but it is a dual 20V/18v battery so 36V is in between some of the smaller jobbies and this one, and it's $199 so half the prices (albeit without the batteries and charger.


  • Has anyone received theirs yet? I bought this with the mower skin, the mower has turned up but not the line trimmer.