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Large Frozen Coke $1, Large Frozen Fanta $1, Cone with Flake $1 @ McDonald's


New Loose Change Menu at Maccas has Frozen Coke and Frozen Fanta for $1.

It's $1 regardless of the drink size - the same price for S, M and L.

At least it's that way in MyMacca's app - I ordered Large Frozen Coke with Half Raspberry, and it was $1.

What's actually available for order is hit and miss depending on Maccas store. I've tried a few in Sydney, and Frozen Coke and Frozen Coke No Sugar were universally available. Frozen Fanta Raspberry is available on most locations, but not much luck with other Frozen Fanta Flavours. On a few places where Fanta Raspberry was not available, I could still add it half/half with Frozen Coke?

Soft Serve Cone with Flake is also $1 in the new menu. Though that's not much of a deal, as too often they don't have cones so they serve it in a plastic cup - and for teeth and tummy, cone is better than a cup.

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  • $1 regardless of the drink size - the same price for S, M and L.

    Wasn't this always the case?

  • The frozen drinks have been $1 for a long time.

    I like 7-11 for a frozen drink.

  • I thought $1 frozen drinks have been a thing for quite some time?

  • Frozens have been a $1 for a while now

  • Loose change menu?!?
    24 nuggets for $12!
    Sunday’s for $3!
    Chicken bites for $3!

    Ah the yearly price rises after maccas monopoly have arrived, usually they only slightly rise prices on Big Macs though…

  • This deal has been here forever lol

  • Why not just go HJ for a frozen coke.. It's always been this price to compete with HJ

    • Subjectively the HJ large seems much larger than the Maccas large. I was surprised how small the Maccas large frozen Coke was when I bought one a few weeks ago.

  • pfft 7-Eleven is where it's at that. Fill up properly yourself not the half-ass loose fill you get at McD/Jacks/KFC.

    But credit to them for forcing their price down. I bought so many in my younger days at $1.60/$2/$2+ before this price war.

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    Cone with Flake

    This should get a high number of votes.

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    Just flicking through The Bible and found this "And God said, Let the earth bring forth the Large Frozen Coke and let the price be one dollar: and it was so. And the evening and the morning were the fifth day." So I'd agree with others and say this deal has been around a fair while.

  • In another deal, air is free for breathing too

  • I have never understood why you'd want chocolate in your ice cream – cold chocolate tastes like compound. Horrible

  • What I've never understood is that if I order a large meal and switch the drink to a frozen coke, I get charged extra for it even though it costs less than a normal coke. From memory it was 70c or thereabouts.

  • haven't they been $1 for a long time already?