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Chemists Own Loratadine 10mg 30 Pack Tablets (Generic Claratyne) $7.99 Delivered @ PharmacySavings


Hi everyone,


I'm continuing to clear lines and products which I don't intend to continue stocking. Today I have 1 last carton of Chemists' Own Loratadine 10mg x30 Tabs (Generic ~~Zyrtec Claratyne) to clear. (EXP: 04/2023)~~

Link: https://pharmacysavings.com.au/products/30-x-loratadine-tablets-chemists-own-10mg-loratadine
Code: generic
Price: $7.99 (with code)
Delivery: Free Australia Wide

The last deal was so popular I had to add a substitute product to keep peeps from sending me even more angry emails about products going oos too quickly. The substitute was the 50 pack of this same Loratadine product, which I have also re-stocked today in case the 30's in this deal run out too quickly and I'm too busy at work to fiddle the deal to keep it alive so everyone interested can have a chance to secure it:

ITEM: Loratadine 10mg 50x Chemists Own
CODE: lorastyne
PRICE: $9.39 after code

For those looking for bulk volume pricing (I know this is the Ozbargainer way) I have also restocked - the best value deals posted previously:

200 X TABLETS = $25.99 WITH CODE
CODE: bargain

70 x HAYFEXO (Generic Telfast)
USE CODE: ozbargain (price will come down to $13.99)

140 x C-ZINE (Generic Zyrtec)
Cetirizine Hydrochloride 10mg Chemists' Own C-Zine (Zyrtec Generic)
140 Tablets (2x 70 Tabs)
CODE: TAKE9 (price will come down to $20.99 delivered)

Please note: Delivery is typically 7 working days, unless you live in Victoria where delivery is somewhere between 7-21 working days. All deliveries from previous Ozb deals have shipped with the exception of: #4239, #4309, #4193 if this is you please email me as there is an issue with the address provided.

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  • OP, I'd be interested in hearing why you don't intent to stock these anymore. Not selling, not the right RRP? Quality issues?

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      Many clients online want the larger box sizes. The cost of shipping, payment processing, time to pack etc is the same for a 30x tab pack as it is for say a 100x tab pack - most online customers want value so this is where the demand is at the moment. Also quite often to secure other deals that I list on Ozbargain the supplier reps make it conditional (or strongly encourage) me to buy X to get Y. So often I am left with allot of X that I never really wanted to stock.

      • That sounds like shitty practice on their part, but I guess what else do you expect from an industry that spends more on marketing than on R&D.

        • I don't think generic specialist companies really spend money on R&D…

        • 10s pack of loratadine has 8% higher gross profit for the pharmacy compared to a 30s pack, and 9% higher compared to a 50s pack

          there is also a huge demand for 10 packs, if there wasn't a demand there wouldn't be a supply

  • unless you live in Victoria where delivery is somewhere between 7-21 working days

    In Victoria, yup, I've had Victoria->Victoria parcels take longer than this and post is even slower. If you really need then quick, either Express or get something from the local chemist to tide you over.

  • Code doesn’t seem to work. Trying on 50x loratadine.

  • Hi OP
    Can Loratadine be given to 11 year old?

    In despriction it says 12 year and over but than under direction of use shows 6 years and over.

    • I couldn't imagine OP providing such information over the internet. His license is on the line and is expected to provide the correct counselling on pharmacy medicines - I'd recommend you check in with your local pharmacist!

  • Hey Jason,
    Love what you're doing here with bulk generic medicine at great prices. But I made an order that was meant to be shipped on 28 September, and have yet to receive it. Also can't find any way to track parcel through your website. Am I just unlucky, or should everyone expect pretty slow (no?) delivery on these bargains?

    • +2 votes

      All orders have shipped with the exception of those 3 noted above please PM your order number so I can follow up. Thanks Jason

  • I swear Zyrtec turns me into a Zombie the following day. IT really makes me drowsy even tho it claims non drowsy

    • I have the same problem because even though it's officially "non-drowsy", its more likely to make you drowsy than Claratyne or Telfast (also called non-drowsy). Swapped to those and I've been much better since.

    • Just FYI, Loratadine is the generic equivalent or Claratyne

      Zyrtec would be Cetirizine

    • Zyrtec is Drowsy. I take it before bed for good sleep and next day itchiness.. and yes I feel ya 😁

  • Havent received my last lot yet

    • +1 vote

      Typical delivery is 7 working days, if its been more than this please PM me. If you are in Vic please hang in there and don't PM me just yet. Thanks Jason

  • Got mine in Melbourne from the last sale. Top guy wish there were for chemists like you.

    Even sent the boxes flat packed!

  • Ah! Literally ordered a 100x pack from you last night. Would've preferred this 30x or 50x.. oh well! At least the 100x was still a good deal without a discount code :)


      Thanks for your support, having a few retail sales, eBay sales, store sales helps etc balance the numbers and allows more Ozb deals to be posted. Thanks Jason

  • expiry of 50 Loratadine?

  • Thanks Jason!

  • Good price on the 200 pack, ordered thanks.

  • how do you do free delivery? like from your point of view how much do you pay for those free deliveries?

    • +3 votes

      Between $1.35 and $12 per item depending item size/volume, promised postage method and destination. Ozbargain helps my micro business secure volume deals from suppliers otherwise not available to me. I can then use this buying power to gain margin on other sales channels to make the Ozbargain slavery work worth while (well that's the concept anyway, I'll probably continue for 12 months and then review whether it was a worthwhile exercise, as a sales and marketing nerd at heart I like little A/B test projects).