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Give your PlayStation®4 system’s home screen a personal touch with this special theme in show of support for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Themes can be downloaded to give your on-screen display a completely new look, changing the background, icons and colours to match your favourite game or style.

After downloading, you can select the theme you want to use via the Themes option on the PS4™ system’s Settings menu.

Download of this product is subject to the PlayStation Network Terms of Service and our Software Usage Terms plus any specific additional conditions applying to this product. If you do not wish to accept these terms, do not download this product. See Terms of Service for more important information.

One-time licence fee to download to multiple PS4 systems. Sign in to PlayStation Network is not required to use this on your primary PS4, but is required for use on other PS4 systems.


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        • +1

          Not sure if anyone here has said they support those scum, lol. In fact, you're the only person who's mentioned the name in the last few pages.

          Great way to contribute to a conversation, bullshit over logic. Not surprised tbh.

          Oh and the only violent group I've seen mentioned here is BLM. Maybe you're confused with them?

          Ps. If you disagree with what I'm saying you're a nazi.

          • @nub: Very disappointed that Godwin’s Law wasn’t invoked by mods to close this thread after this comment.

            It would have been fitting.

            • @Eeples: You do realise nazis have been mentioned well before this point? Or is it not as fitting if it was a blm supporting calling people nazis?

              • @brendanm: No, tbh I haven’t read much of the postings here; in particular the hate filled ones. And, if true, perhaps the thread ought to have been closed earlier.

          • @nub: no I'm not confused mate and you do - like you are gonna admit it lol…

        • Ok. You'd have to link to some of this "Isis terrorist supporting" you keep mentioning.

          • +1

            @brendanm: The real 'terrorists' (I don't like this word, let's call them 'hypocrites' instead) have always been the US government, agencies, military and associates (cronies). They are the ones currently sitting on the 'throne' after all. I can't even be mad at them because they're already too powerful. Doesn't change the fact that they're also hypocrites just like everyone else. Acting like Saints after destroying Native-Americans, having Guantanamo Bay, mass surveillance, etc. Yawn.

          • @brendanm: 20,000 uighur isis fighters and rising is a stone cold fact. Apparently the only country left fighting them is …China.

            Part of America's current war on China is supporting those extremist muslims to do their bloodwork, and you and everyone eating up yank propaganda are actually supporting the rebirth of isis.

            The yanks funded isis originally for their own purposes and now they are just repeating the same crap.

            Then they tell everyone they run to buy billions of dollars worth of worthless weapons, and fight the enemies they created to fund their deficit that they created by giving billions away to the super rich, and on and on endlessly.

            And Australia is now running exactly the same model like good little sheep to the eventual slaughter.

            • @petry: I think what you're trying to say is that the yanks are the real terrorists. Which Kongroo explained really well.

              • @nub: Nope because Australians like many of those crowding this thread now are actually supporting isis, and are proud of it….

                Anyone pleading ignorance later for what is going to occur needn't bother.

    • I think if you look closely you can gauge were each is coming from, it's whether your willing to look

  • -1

    It comes at absolutely no surprise to me that so many ozbargainers had such a negative reaction to this because there is a quite right-wing and racist userbase here. It is always evident.

    If you are against BLM, you are part of the problem. If you are against Antifa, you are part of the problem.

    I've seen all your so-called reasons; even y'all know they are bullshit. The sheer ignorance, willful and otherwise, in some of the comments here are shocking. Not surprising though and I can read any of it in the worst tabloids and internet cesspits where you got your opinions in the first place.

    Well, I expect no better from the majority of this place but I'm still disgusted by you. The world will move on as you whine.

    • +1

      See my comment above.

    • The world will move on as you whine.

      Look who talking and I know its rocket science to understand the base who simply want to see a bargain . Are all these people racist ?

      About time moderators put stuff like this to the forums immediately where it belongs

    • +1

      From what i understand if your white you’re three times more likely to die at the hands of Police
      What about all the Black on Black murders which is almost as high.

      All lives matter as soon as people see no color the better but it keeps America divided.

      • I think I know what you are referring to but I believe you are a little off with stats and how you phrased it likely because media will often skew statistics to try and push their own agenda. I think you mean is;
        more white people are killed by police each year than black people.

        This is true between 2009 and 2012, 52% of deaths due to lethal force by police was on white people.
        32% was on black people. So police did in fact kill more white people, however when looking at the likely hood of by race you have to look at the population size of the race too, this is one thing some media outlets skip.

        So, in the USA in 2009 there were about 307,000,000 people, of that roughly 244,000,000 are white and 39,500,000 are black. With this you can work out the percentage chance of being killed by police by race the calculation for which is pretty basic, K/P*100 = C

        K = percent of death by police lethal force by race
        P = population of same race
        C = chance of death by police by race

        Now say we want to work out the likelihood of being killed by police if you're black compared to white the formula would be

        (KB/PB)/(KW/PW) = C

        So applying the numbers now,
        (0.32/39,000,000) / (.52/244,000,000) = 3.80

        Meaning if you are black you are 3.80 time more likely to be killed by police.

        For deaths by your own race, the FBI released expanded homicide data which showed in 2016
        89.5% of black deaths were caused by black people, so black on black crime is pretty bad, but on the same note 81.5% of white deaths were caused by white people so white on white crime is pretty bad.

        I am confident i have my numbers right but please correct me if i missed something or got something wrong.

        TLDR; Be careful what you hear from the news and other unreliable sources as often its skewed statistics to push agendas and does not take all necessary details into account.

        1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6080222/

          2.   population was based on civilians in 2009; 
          3.   https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2016/crime-in-the-u.s.-... 
        • Hi mate
          Thanks for your reply, so why are we looking at data 11 years ago ?????

          Also i might be a little out here but from my understanding, blacks make up 13% of the American Population but will have 50% more altercations with Police than whites ???

          Generally with news the truth isn’t being reported correctly so there’s always a question mark until i look further…


          • @lost in transit: The data is on the older side going through to 8 years ago but the article itself is a 2016 article.
            The reason I used statistics from this article is due to the restrictions I put on the validity of data. I was looking for information that was either government released or scholarly by nature. The article with the 2012 Data was written by Dr Sarah DeGue, Dr Katherine A Fowler, and Dr Cynthia Calkins.

            Dr Sarah DeGue and Dr Katherine A Fowler work at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the Violence prevention Division and Dr Cynthia Calkens works at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in the Department of Psychology. These individuals who are experts in this particular feild of research viewed the information as relevent 4 years ago and as a humanities field this article would be accepted as a referecne for up to 6 more years under the conditions there continues to be reletively no change for those years change.

            Referencing police altercations is a great point, it is actually one of the key points in the BLM protests and considered to be a one of the examples of systematic racism, they merely phrase the question differently.

            Why is it that dispite being only 13% of the American populations police have 50% more altercations with Black individuals than white ???

            It is always interesting seeing two sides of the same problem and how the same statistic phrased differencently can draw seperate conclusions.

        • +1

          Men are incarcerated at a much higher rate than women.

          Is it simply because the police are sexist? Does it have to be 50/50?

  • +1

    Despite being 13%…

  • +1

    What a thread!

    Not surprised the same side that does the name-calling also wants the the other censored.

    But it's great to see many people see what BLM is all about.

    • It is a self-professed Marxist organisation which explicitly aims to do away with all forms of "traditional" social organisation such as the nuclear family and cisgender identity

  • +1

    BLM = Burn, Loot, Murder

    • So your're a member of the Australian sas or the commando's?

      • +4

        If somebody from the SAS has done the wrong thing then let them be prosecuted. Same goes for BLM.

        • +1

          what about the commando's? - even the yanks couldn't stomach them

          • +1

            @petry: Not sure how this really applies to race relations in the US? Like I said if somebody has acted in the wrong way let them be prosecuted in a court of law. BLM are a terrorist movement that have gotten the green light from leftist media and politicians. They are no different from the people they are claiming to be oppressed by.

            • +2

              @MelbLovesLefties: 'BLM = Burn, Loot, Murder' - you wrote that - that also applies to both the australian sas and the commandos… you apparently see it differently

              • +2

                @petry: Honestly not sure how many times I can repeat the same thing and you not understand?? Anybody black or white from whatever country, race or religion that wants to burn, loot and murder can go to jail. The difference is that some of us will support the murderers and the looters and even call themselves morally good for doing so. Its reprehensible to say the least.

                • +1

                  @MelbLovesLefties: yep

                  'Oscar Wilde was a wise man as well as a genius. In what you quote, "Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious,” he encapsulates a truth. Vicious people, those who take pleasure in causing utmost pain, shroud themselves in gaudy shows of flags, banners, and banal shouts of love for their own country, or state, or religion, or ……. A patriot trumpets his own horn, believes himself brave to do so, and will not blink as he stomps, spears, hangs, shoots, burns, or otherwise torments and murders a person he deems not of his ilk'

                  Sums up what a vicious and stupid country Australia has become, when even units of our military are deemed animals by the yanks even.

                  And when the press try to report on it out come the security laws to protect the guilty…

  • +2

    Lol. I get paid at work reading the whole thread. Thank you

    • +1

      my pleasure

    • +1

      This was actually quite entertaining

      • Depends if you like covering up torture, rape and murder of brave people really… frankly i find wading in excrement more palatable..

  • -2

    In my opinion BLM suffered from one of the most successful uses of agents provocateurs as a means to discredit a movement in a long time. The reason being the organisations are actively ostracising those who were violent at protests and constant spoke out against rioting, much as the previous black equality movements that came before them. They people who set up protests are well aware rioting does not help a cause and want to avoid it at all costs.The only people who benefit from a movement rioting are those apposed to it. Even at the time of the protests, people were warning the use of provocateurs to start riots yet it was still successful in discrediting the whole effort.

    I believe one of the big reasons is how spontaneous these protests were, if they were to set out an agenda have set speakers at set times and organise it better, provocateurs would not be able to interfere. Instead protests are established a couple weeks prior through public social media posts and events. Any dis-organised, spontaneous event the for the sake of change will be subject to sabotage from those that oppose that change.

    Just this thread alone demonstrates how fantastic a job this was, as people instantly write off the entire movement because of riots. Realistically any issue of equality that has millions of people unified and protesting as well as a large amount of scholarly journal articles written on it will literally always be worth thorough investigation at the bare minimum. Ignoring inequalities faced by members of the same race comments heavily on the individual.

    • +3

      In my opinion BLM suffered from one of the most successful uses of agents provocateurs as a means to discredit a movement in a long time.

      They discredited themselves, they didn't need agent provocateurs or outside infiltration to do that.

      One of the co-founders described herself as a "trained Marxist" and their official website openly advocated for the destruction of the nuclear family ffs, along with a whole host of other goals (they even used the word "comrades" on there) that had the square root of jack sh*t to do with protesting against police brutality and everything to do with implementing some form of Communism, before they realised they were being too blatant about their true agenda and removed those "goals" from the website.

      The organisation was from its conception a collective of useful idiots exploited by their globalist backers, utilizing the very same underhanded tactics you're referring to, in order to destabilise and subvert America and fracture their society along easily-exploitable racial/class lines, as was outlined by the Communist Party of America during the Cold War. Everything BLM set out to achieve in terms of transforming society to their liking mirrored Communist aims espoused all the way back in Marx's manifesto.

  • If you need further examples of how vicious the marxists really are, over something so trivial as KP tweeting about reconciling with family members.

    • I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not.

      No. Stop telling marginalized people that they owe kindness to the people who actively voted for their oppression. Idgaf if theyre family. Cause as family they shouldn't have voted against their rights in the first place. You can keep that kumbaya bullshit.

      Truly vicious.

      • Because you chose to skip over the entire article and just cherry picked one response, here's a summary:

        KP's tweet:

        the first thing I did when the presidency was called is text and call my family members who do not agree and tell them I love them and am here for them. #FamilyFirst. Call your family today. Happy Sunday. ♥️

        And below are the over the top insane accusations of white privilege, having white supremacist family members, 'obtuse stupidity'
        All these bitchiness over a tweet recommending people to reconcile with their family.
        Nice try being disingenous.

        Maybe you should self report all your edgy comments in this BLM thread, because as you said:

        Personally I think they should just moderate with a heavy hand. Edgy comments add nothing to a discussion about bargains and it would save them a lot of hassle

        Katy Perry stays luxuriating in her white privilege and obtuse stupidity.

        oh girl. no. it’s 2020. we’re dropping shitty ignorant racist homophobic transphobic islamophobic bLuE lIvES maTtEr family members

        Weird way to admit you have white supremacist family and don't care anyway happy sunday.

        Are you telling us that you have white supremacists in your family Katy?

        • BLM's supporters living up to their organisation's redacted "goal" of destroying the nuclear family.

          To be fair, most of them probably never had functional, well-adjusted, loving families that spent quality time together in the first place, so their eagerness to claim you can just toss family by the wayside whenever it's politically-expedient for you just speaks volumes of their general unfamiliarity with and alienation from living in civilised, responsible, self-sufficient and tightly-knit communities. They typically reside in crime-ridden, economically-gutted, drug-infested, Democrat-run metropolises that keep them poor, dumb, disadvantaged and dependent on the state while convincing them to vote Democrat for decades despite their ever-deteriorating living conditions and political representation.

        • People making exaggerated, "mean" comments on twitter to a mega rich celebrity? Is this the worst these "marxists" are doing? I don't see why this even registers as worrying.

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