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Give your PlayStation®4 system’s home screen a personal touch with this special theme in show of support for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Themes can be downloaded to give your on-screen display a completely new look, changing the background, icons and colours to match your favourite game or style.

After downloading, you can select the theme you want to use via the Themes option on the PS4™ system’s Settings menu.

Download of this product is subject to the PlayStation Network Terms of Service and our Software Usage Terms plus any specific additional conditions applying to this product. If you do not wish to accept these terms, do not download this product. See Terms of Service for more important information.

One-time licence fee to download to multiple PS4 systems. Sign in to PlayStation Network is not required to use this on your primary PS4, but is required for use on other PS4 systems.


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  • Gamers are about to be very angry watch out…

    • How can one be angry at a freebie?

      • -49 votes

        Deaths of 100 million people. Enslavement of over a billion.

        • +15 votes

          OK, starting about slavery…. but are you aware that slavery originated in Africa, right? Not in US. Right?
          I think everyone should be treated equally. My predecessors were treated badly too, very badly actually, yet I am not rioting, stealing, etc.
          The BLM had a great chance, but it discredited itself by violence and some stupid people… I am sorry, but the first association I got with BLM is the violence now.

          • @tm001: Yeah its interesting when you delve into it that historically Africans from a losing tribe were being sold by Africans of the winning tribe to anyone that would buy them. Including slave traders from the middle east. Just a side of it you dont really hear about.

          • @tm001: If it was legal and accepted when it happened it’s ok. No malice intended. Like if in 100 years for whatever reason Keeping a dog on a leash is the worst thing you can do, would it mean all of us are wrong?

            • @Chchnu: Sorry mate but I have to disagree. First, that's a horrible analogy. Second, something being "legal and accepted" doesn't make it ok at all…

              • @Zilch: From the perspective of the slave traders, it was a business. So it was normal to them. So it is like any sorts business now that is deems horrible in 100 years time meaning the people involved now are bad.

                Maybe horse racing is banned and cruel in the future. Are jockeys now going go to hell?

            • @Chchnu: No malice intended? Sure, the beatings, lynchings and killings, nothing personal.

            • +2 votes

              @Chchnu: The killing of 6M+ Jews in WW2 Germany was perfectly legal and accepted under Nazi rule at the time, do you think that was ok? No malice intended?

          • @tm001: BLM refers to systemic racism in the US and around the World, especially w.r.t Law Enforcement. The vast majority of BLM actions are peaceful in the spirit of Martin Luther King.

      • Rod M has kindly demonstrated this for you :) What a helpful person.

      • It's like getting free religious pamphlets on your door

    • -49 votes

      Only the ignorant and the racist will be offended

      • Only the ignorant and the racist will be offended

        It's the stupidity of the average punter taking these virtue-signalling, multinational corporations at face value and genuinely thinking they're doing these overt PR stunts out of some deeply-principled altruistic concern for justice and righting historical wrongdoings, that offends me.

        Sony's gaming products (and entire portfolio of electronic goods) are built on the backs of sweatshop labourers living in semi-slavery, many of them children, in addition to forced labour from China's oppressed Uyghurs imprisoned in detention camps.

        Sony has zero moral high ground with which to try and browbeat the masses as to which political or ideological causes are righteous and legitimate and deserving of support when their entire business model depends on slavery of a kind not too dissimilar to that experienced by those subjugated peoples shipped to the New World during the Atlantic Slave Trade.

        All these giant corporations care about are their quarterly earnings and profits and anything that might upset that, like boycotts or class action lawsuits over perceived inaction or dismissal of socially important issues, will cause them to react accordingly to improve their public relations image as being a socially-conscious brand worthy of your loyalty.

        People really need to stop accepting the input of brands, celebrities and non-elected, unaffiliated entities on matters of political importance as being indicative of anything other than a self-serving interest in seeing their stock value rise.

        • You're still going to buy a PS5 though, aren't ya?

          • @railspider: Seeing as I haven't owned a console since the N64, no.

            And in light of Sony's half-assed attempt to lecture us peasants on socio-political issues? Definitely no.

        • Very very well written Amar89, totally agree 🙂

        • Well said

        • This is also the same company with the rootkit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sony_BMG_copy_protection_rootk...

        • Well said @Amar89 thank you

        • Blizzard recently nicely demonstrated that. When people were protesting in Hong Kong, they banned gamers who mentioned it, because they didn't want Chinese politics in their streams. Because it might impact their business in China. Later on, Blizzard didn't have any issues using BLM and other messages in their campaigns.

          Companies use politics only when it does not impact their bussiness.

        • I like how you used reddit as a source

        • Right on, except…

          They're not just cynically virtue signalling like you wish they were, Sony as a whole are actually spending serious money to effect change. In addition to doing stuff like this that triggers you so badly.


          • @Slakemoth:

            Sony as a whole are actually spending serious money to effect change.

            How much is $100 million compared to Sony's annual US taxable income? Pretty safe bet that it's less than 25%, huh? Which means 100% of this "fund" will be writen-off against money that Sony would have otherwise had to pay in taxes anyway.

            Of course, how much of this slush fund will actually be spent to "effect change"? Wouldn't be surprised if 50% of it will quietly disappear into administrative costs (read: cushy jobs for family, friends, and maybe beauracrats who make laws/ruling in Sony's favour). Then whatever's left is then directed towards other similar funds.

            Wash, rinse, repeat.

            … Until somewhere much further down the line, it'll probably end up as a few thousand dollars to bail out white trust fund kids who burned down shops in black neighbourhoods in "mostly peaceful" riots protests.

        • Disagree with some of your points.
          1, What sony has done is certainly NOT perfect! But "when all the developed countries export rubbishes to developing countries and keep their own lands clean, then you cannot blame it is all "dirty" fault of developing countries". It is a metaphor but enough to tell you this issue is not just sony's fault, in fact from many parties at all. So please analysis with all necessary inputs.
          2, "Forced labour from China's…" Have you ever really been there and seen YOUR truth with your eyes? As I know, such articles/topics are rather than tell the world the truth but a tool to fight among different countries, one of many political tools. So many people think China is a monster because they only get knowledge from western media, but only people in the world who can read Chinese or been in China can tell that China has been getting better and better, can tell what a real China is.

          I have my half time in China and half in Australia, so I have a chance to compare two different countries, different systems and different cultures. I cannot tell China is better than Australia or vice versa cause both have good things and bad things, neither is perfect, like everything in the world. But what I can guarantee is that China is NOT like what you read from most of the western media.

          I can see your good heart, but the way you protect justice is NOT very objective.

          • @elseye: But then you are either reading western or Chinese media…. unless you a uyegur you don’t know what’s really going on.

          • @elseye: @elseye I hear what you are saying and it must be upsetting for a Chinese person to hear the China bashing that goes on pretty openly around you. I’m guilty of it but I can make the distinction between Chinese individuals and the CCP. I live on the Gold Coast and there’s not much diversity here but the Chinese people that I know are good people with a great sense of humour. So please don’t take it personally when people comment on or criticise the actions of the CCP who are undoubtedly guilty of some horrible things no matter what their sources of information are.

            • @Pennypacka: it's kinda hard for them, given CCP state-run media constantly drives the notion that "China is CCP, CCP is China" from within, to the point where they often openly say they "represent 1.4billion Chinese".

              It's actually quite hilarious if you understand mandarin and watch some of their news. They don't differentiate between opinion pieces and journalism. (Not that the mainstream western media is any better, but at least they try to put opinions in their own column and put a fat "OPINION" at the top of the article)

              So in a way, if they read too much of those, they can get so attached that it feels like they're kidnapped by this mentality of China = CCP = Us. Whereas in western culture, we often don't give two shit whether we're Labour or Coalition or whatever and we criticise all of them equally if they fuk up. (unless you're a far left or far right, but I count those as minorities)

              Side note, this is also why some of them don't really understand why people would openly criticise Trump, ScoMo, BoJo, and think it's one of western culture's weakness that they're not "united".

              • @shattered: Thanks for your comment.
                I will show some points and you can have a look.
                1, CCP is NOT China and China is NOT CCP, but China is like a car and CCP is like the engine this China car is now having.
                2, There are at least 2 purposes of criticising CCP, one is to help Chinese (welcome), the other one is to beat down China (especially the US politicians are doing now). Many historical cases can tell, such as Iraq War, Plaza Accord, etc. I cannot see people there got a better life with their "HELP".
                3, People like me heard different voices from different sources, have different experiences to compare and then give our understanding of the world. I read some Chinese media and BBC, VOA, RFA, RFI, local ABC, Herald Sun, etc daily. Do you still think I have been kidnapped by CCP's media? I can tell you that I was CCP-criticise years ago till I realised I was just naive.
                PS: "Kevin Rudd's petition calling for a royal commission into News Corp". Agree or disagree with him, does not matter but at least you see more than 300 thousands signatures so far. It can tell you something, right? We, Australians, have been utilised by the politicians (I reckon). Media, regardless of Chinese or Western media, are not fully trustful, better to source knowledge from different media, especially own eyes or real friends' eyes, personal experiences.
                I will not follow up on this topic after this comment. Only words I am leaving right now: "after years, if someone still remembers this conversation, then have a look at the countries they mentioned here AGAIN and let the result to prove correct or not, so will I".

                • @elseye: Writing this for anyone following the thread.

                  1) What you said directly strengthed my argument. You put CCP at the core of China, so by your logic, without CCP, China will just be a shell of a car and its citizen will just be hopeless sheep? That's very degrading and I refuse to think Chinese like that. I would add the car also has no steering wheel, hence CCP will drive China to wherever it wants regardless of whether the shell wants to go or not. Even off a cliff.

                  2) I don't understand what this has to do with what I'm saying about brainwashing citizens to be obedient and subjugated… I understand western civilisation has also done tremendous evil, and many do and are allowed to criticise it, thats why you have left right center medias you can choose to watch. You try protesting about Tibet, HK, Xinjiang, 6489 events in China or even write an article about it. Those are good criticism are they not? It helps the Chinese citizen to have a voice. Unless only voices that is deemed appropriate to CCP are allowed to propagate? If that's the case, 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell is a good book to read.

                  3) "I have read XYZ medias" does not make you immediately "centered". This is a terrible argument. Every person has an implicit biases, you may read all of those, but you will like some contents more than other. The important thing is to learn to pick out the biases and question them. And yes, you questioned whether to be critical of CCP or not, that's good, but don't get blind sighted by that one question only, balance yourself with to criticise and not to criticise and why you're doing either of them based on critical objective judgement on individual events.

                  PS. PS. I find it ironic when you said "We, Australians, have been utilised by the politicians" when Kevin Rudd is a politician who used his influence to garner signatures AND CCP is also a political entity that is utilising Chinese citizens. So I don't see your point here. As for "truthful media", you're right, media have implicit biases too, but what you're saying is EXACTLY the point why CCP is being criticised. THEY DO NOT ALLOW OTHER SOURCES OF KNOWLEDGE. If they do, we won't even be having this conversation…. facepalm

                  And on your last note. Yes, any one can say "time will tell". And obviously time do tell. If you stretch time to infinite in the future, nothing matters. I don't see the point of this. But ok. shrug

            • @Pennypacka: I do appreciate, Pennypacka.
              I do hope everyone can think about things like you.
              In terms of the matter between CCP and China/Chinese, I saw another comment from another user and I will @shattered to say something.
              Again, thank you.

        • As opposed to the some 20,000 active isis uigher fighters formerly known as terrorists fighting Australian troops amongst others and still shooting.

        • overt PR stunts

          That's the point. PR. Getting the message out.

    • Oh I wish I was an energy vampire….

    • Lets burn the Playstation Store.

  • I think the theme looks great and its supporting a well overdue social movement. And it's free. Just downloaded it thanks OP.

  • I understand political correctness, but this stupidity has gone to far. What's next, Black Supremacy?? What's that better than any neo nazi movement?

    • +17 votes

      Said like a true racist. What an uneducated fool you must be to think you’re justified in making a statement like that.

    • Abso-bloody-lutely! This background image for a video game console has taken it too darn far. Gosh, they may as well have made that fist a swastika.

    • So many racist ozb. This is a gaming console theme, nothing else. Get a life.

      • You're obviously very uninformed. It is a theme for a gaming console, yes, but nothing more? How about what the theme represents? A movement who's motives are completely aligned with Marxist principles (communists), which is pretty much the end of liberty and the absolute control and dictation of your life.

        What would your response be if it was a Nazi theme then? I'm not paralleling BLM and Nazism, but I'm asking what would your response be? Would you completely ignore and write it off as "just a theme for a gaming console"?

        • The basic premise of this theme, is to raise awareness of black people's rights in the world. If you want to draw conspiracy theories and conclusions to appease yourself, go ahead, do it on Facebook, not a bargain website. I mean are you just going to say nazi, ccp blah blah like every Facebook argumentative subscriber, yes, you have, many times. Its a Trump argument, things are bad, like Nazis, they are the worst, blm is bad, nazi, bad, Marxism, bad blah blah.

          • @onlinepred: "The basic premise of this theme, is to raise awareness of black people's rights in the world"

            Have you read their manifesto? Their principles? (which was taken down for obviously embarrassing reasons but you can still find it) It's far more than that. The end of the traditional family, abolition of Capitalism, prisons etc. They want to uproot the system. Look at their behavior, endless rioting and harassment of innocent people dining at a restaurant, halting traffic on highways and roads and demanding people repeat "Black lives matter" with their fists raised. Yes there are innocent people who are peacefully protesting, but it is undeniable now that the main founders are trained Marxists, there's not conspiracy in that, the founders themselves have documented this.

            Also you didn't answer my question, what would your response be if it was a Nazi theme?

            • @m0usju1c3: that restaurant meme is old, and the people didn't look too upset. Rather get my lunch interupted than stomped out by the cops though.

              • @jonathonsunshine: Old?? It's within a month and probably still happening. How about the frequency of it happening? Haven't even mentioned when they marched in residential neighbourhoods demanding people get out of their homes. Get your head out of the sand man.

            • @m0usju1c3: It started almost a decade ago. I don't care if there are some bad eggs. There are always bad eggs. It doesn't take away from the very simple motives of stopping police violence against black people. Anyway, you are a argumentative Facebooker, ask your want to think is you are smart, and for others to agree. Enjoy mate!

              • @onlinepred: It's not just a case of bad eggs, again you have failed to address what their motives are (which was conveniently taken down prior to the US election after many had highlighted it's strong Marxist and Communist ideologies), you can find it if you search web archive.

                "Anyway, you are a argumentative Facebooker" - I'm not a member of Facebook, never have been and never will be. I am just informed and do my research, I suggest you do the same. By argumentative do you mean that I am bringing forth facts which you refuse to deal with and therefore consider me as being "argumentative"? Where is your logic and reason? It's called critical thinking. Just because I've made an argument consisting of facts which you've constantly dodged, doesn't mean I'm "argumentative", you're refusing to address the issue and facts and have instead resorted to naming/branding me as "argumentative", all because my opinion differs to yours.

                • @m0usju1c3: Hypothetically, if your parents were found out to have learnt about marxism and liked the ideas, does that mean you would rule out everything they have ever done, said and everything they have stood for? Would that also mean the whole family tree should also be dismissed? No matter how positive their ideas, no matter how much they push forward society, you will dismiss them.

                • @m0usju1c3:

                  I'm not a member of Facebook

                  Maybe not, but you certainly are a pedant.

                  I am just informed and do my research

                  Reading internet posts isn't research

                  which was conveniently taken down

                  Very convenient that you get to refer to it without being able to point to the document.

                  Just because I've made an argument consisting of facts


                  • @brentsbits: Nice quoting, you've used nice format. Here is the document you were too lazy to google, literally the first google result:

                    Haha reading internet posts? So you've delved into my mind and determined all of my info is derived from internet posts? Care to take on my claims then or will you just sit there and disregard all of my points with no substance, just like onlinepred above has? No surprise anyway, leftists can't debate if their life depended on it. You've literally contributed nothing meaningful to refute me, just claims but no backing.

                    You've lol'd at my claim to have stated facts, is that meant to refute me? I've been proven wrong now? VERY convincing argument there.

                    • @m0usju1c3: I had a read of the what we believe page archive you linked, and other than the aggressive tone it didn't seem that bad. They don't mention removing the western nuclear family but the do say they don't prescribe to it which does not seem that bad, I think having strong links with extended family and community is a great thing.

                      I did not see any mention of abolishing prisons. It was mainly on empowering those that are discriminated against, which does not feel like a bad thing. Plus the prison system in USA, which is where they are based is not a good one, from memory the whole prison system over there is pretty bad as in it has inhumane living conditions and are overcrowded largely due to minimum sentencing laws and the overuse of prison as a punishment even for smaller crimes and it probably does need to be reformed.

                      Them being Marxist is sort of obvious without them even saying it, Marxism was a philosophical ideology that came about due to class divides and inequality. Its main idea is for the people to take back ownership from individuals (Seize the means of production) and make a system in which there is no classes, the point of working is not for ones individual benefit but for the common good. I can't imagine any group of discriminated people would push capitalist ideology as it is an ideology that exacerbates most the issues they experience. Can you elaborate on how it ends liberty and causes the complete loss of control on the individuals life I'm in no way an expert and find having additional views on these matters to be very beneficial.

                      Don't get me wrong I think privatisation has its place and used correctly can be hugely beneficial in particular markets a good example being the tourism sector. Capitalism as the predominant system does however encourage class divides and benefiting at the expense of others. It also amplifies the benefits of historic wealth, which for people who's ancestors were slaves puts them in the unfortunate spot of being the others. In addition the idea of completely privatising sectors such as healthcare and education that many Capitalist enthusiasts push seems rather unethical, denying an individual continued life due to being poor doesn't fit with my personal moral standpoint. Not to insinuate that's what you believe, it is just a part of the privatisation process some Capitalist enthusiasts desire.

                      Sorry for walls of text.

    • or rather they chant "Black Power"