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Mountain Bike Helmet $29.99, CO2 Inflator/Spare CO2 Cartridges $9.99, Spiral Bicycle Lock with LED $9.99, Scrabble $29.99 @ALDI


Retro toys, kids books and bike gear on sale starting from 31st.

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  • Which of those do you think are bargains? This is not oz-catalogs.
    You can do a lot better online for the CO2 stuff, either eBay or the usual bike shops (with other parts to save on postage).

    • Report to mod and get it unlisted.

      How about this deal? What do you think?

    • To be fair, bike shops (i.e. physical shops) are not open in Melbourne (or only open for contactless pick up etc.), but Aldi is open, so if people want some of these, want to physically see the items, and don't want to wait for delivery for online purchases, Aldi is the go.

    • Looking at the complete catalog: the knicks and gloves are well priced.

      But where are the bikes? Those Aldi bikes have been awesome value.

    • Helmet is a bargain, I was going to drop $50 on one so poster just saved me $20…which I will quickly spend on the CO2 inflator and lock.

      • I would avoid the lock unless it's for very basic protection as it's quite easy to "pick" by applying tension to the shackle and feeling the combination (under 45sec).
        Unless it's changed since last years you can also run a tool in-between the the number wheels and feel the gates which can be even a little faster.

  • FWIW the Co2 inflators are cheaper elsewhere:
    $1.99 each @ Bikebug

    • Good find (accidentally deleted my comment above rather than editing it oops).

      Even cheaper if you buy in bulk - 30 for $39.99, which works out to be $1.33 each.

      • They are not co2 inflators. They are co2 cartridges. $9.99 is actually quite good for the inflator.

  • Don’t know about the other items but you can get similar bicycle lock from Bunnings a few cents cheaper, no membership required https://www.bunnings.com.au/syneco-bicycle-combination-cable...

    • No membership??

      • ‘Was thinking about all the recent OB deal posts/comments that require memberships to get the cheap prices (unions, students, Concierge, Costco etc) LOL

  • Helmet runs small, even with the large size

  • those mountain bike shorts with the removable knicks are excellent.

    • I got a pair too, but I didn't see the inner as removable? But not a big deal even if have to cut the elastic.

  • The whole Aldi catalogue is available here.

  • Where's the bikes?

  • The bike gloves look good, reasonable price

  • bike short runs a bit larger… get one size smaller for better fitting…

  • damn…no mtb & no indoor trainer!

  • The 2 Aldis in my area had 1 helmet of each.
    They said they got 2 in.

    Save the 29.95 and use the decathlon voucher.

  • +1 vote

    Plenty of helmets at East Vic Park WA store. Both sizes

    They have the locks and the gloves but no lights.

  • I looked up the padding used in the knicks & shorts, Dolomiti. Same brand padding is used by Le Col on the higher end of the cycling clothing price spectrum. I got 2 knicks & 1 MTB short for myself and 1 for the Mrs. (men's knicks, but I really don't see a difference). Rode with the knicks today - felt comfy enough.

    I also got the CO2 inflator & canisters - I think canisters are cheaper elsewhere, but ur talking a small diff each, and its guaranteed to fit the inflator.

    Gloves I was having a mull over but didn't get. Didn't need anything else and I think the shorts/knicks has the most value to cost.

    • Thanks to your comment, I raced back to ALDI to get some shorts. Never really worn any, but my ass lately has taken a beating. Your not wrong about the quality, they are really good for that price.
      Gracias Compadre