[Backorder] LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System $349.99 Delivered @ Lego.com


Whilst I know this is list price the thing has been scalped and resold a LOT. I have been waiting since it launched to order one and its now on backorder and shipping on the 26th of October. If you want one then grab it now before the bot's do……

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  • store in the title please

  • I thought they have managed to do a functional one.

  • Doesn't look like the set is going to appear anywhere else in Aus at the moment.
    I did a back order on it too last night. I hate buying Lego at full price

  • At least you get the points.. It adds up to a nice voucher after a while.

  • I do want, but not sure I want enough to hand over $350. :/

  • Don't forget your Cashrewards!

    I bought this one the other day with Cashback + double VIP points + gift with purchase.

    • Buying smartly ( during bonus sets times ) at he official Lego store get them to cancel your orders .
      I've emailed them to forward to a Manager to stop cancelling my orders as I'm only buying there with the bait which is illegal to not honour in this country .
      Why else would I buy there when most sets I can get 40% off minimum besides a few .

      • What exactly are you saying? You are getting the bonus sets for free by cancelling your main order and that it is illegal if the store does not let you have the bonus sets for free?

        • He’s saying he’s buying from the LEGO store with the intention of getting a bonus set, but having the order cancelled and not getting the bonus as a result. He’s then saying he could buy the equivalent set cheaper elsewhere, but goes to LEGO specifically for the bonus sets.

        • I've never cancelled an order to get a bonus set in my life !
          They cancel for buying smartly full stop and I'm sick of it .
          Wasted a few phone calls on them too .

        • The way I read this, popsiee is saying he would look to place an order at full price through Lego.com because they offer a bonus item, where other outlets wouldn’t have the bonus.
          If Lego cancels the order (which, frankly, sucks), he would no longer be eligible for the bonus item. Not that he was ordering to still get the bonus once the order was cancelled.

          Hence his displeasure with Lego. :)

      • Yep, only time I like to purchase from lego.com is when there is a nice GWP… even nicer when they have sets on discount like last year's Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale.

    • What was the gift with purchase?

      • They had 5 robots ( for order $200 + ) that ended yesterday with 2 X VIP points on top .

        • Yeah, the disappointing thing is that they knowingly time the bonuses around release dates - they knew when they would have more stock of this and waited till that promo was over to then release another one.

  • I will just say that I've spent the last 2 months waiting for this item to be delivered with basically no updates, and a week within customer support responses.

    They finally shipped out my item and it was damaged - had fat creases all over the box which I obviously don't want.

    So yeah, just my experience but Buyer Beware IMO.

    • Mine wasn't damaged but yeah, buying from the Lego store was a terrible experience all round. Took weeks to ship with no updates, but perhaps the biggest slap in the face was that they finally decided to send an update apologizing for it not shipping the day after it arrived. If you go to contact them they say they'll get back to you within 10 days which is absolutely ridiculous.

      It got here in the end, but just a heads up to anyone looking to order directly from the Lego store

      • I haven't had to wait months yet, (although I wasn't waiting on the NES). The worst I waited through April-Sep was about 14 days for them to dispatch.

        However, my last two lego.com orders on Oct 1st and 17th shipped within 36 hrs. (Items were in the warehouse).

        So… I do think they are finally getting on top of things.

      • That's rough, but if you want a slap in the face, they wanted to fix the issue of my order (2 months late + damaged) by offering me $30~ worth of VIP points or something like that.

        Not a refund or a replacement to my damaged $350 item. No, of course not. Just a small, hard to use discount on a future purchase. As if I'd bloody come back and make another order after this whole debacle. Streuth.

      • they shipped the piano and treehouse very quickly. it did take them ages to ship the gingerbread house in june.

    • If I could post all the damaged items I received from the Official Lego Shop it like 30% real bad not 9/10 its more like average 7/10 Average Boxes . Prior to just cancelling all my orders .
      For the record I did not complain to them about one of them and just coped it .

    • OH NO, it was taking so long I legit forgot I ordered this.

      It says it was delivered, oh shit.. Someone has to sign for it right?

    • @pharcyde

      I will just say that I've spent the last 2 months waiting for this item to be delivered with basically no updates

      That's been an ongoing issue with Lego [email protected] orders sent to Australia for the past 2 years. I made a forum post about it back in 2018 when I was waiting on an order that was stuck in customs for 2 or more weeks and I remember a lot of users reporting similar experiences on Whirlpool's long-running Lego thread.

      IIRC there was an overhaul of Lego's international shipping program/change of couriers for the Asia-Pacific region plus changes to Australian customs screening procedures around then (due to the implementation of GST for overseas purchases) which caused delivery times to Australia to blow out massively ever since then.

      That's why I avoid ordering from the Lego [email protected] store these days unless there's absolutely no other way of getting a particular set.

  • Rather wait for Amazon if their customer service is horrible.

    • Which reminds me, Lego.com now say they respond in 4-7 days. Which is, of course, better than 10+.

    • +1 vote

      Agree after reading the above thread

      I complained about a damaged lego box for an xmas gift and they gave it to me for free

  • There seems to be a lot in the open market for about $400. Is this one of those Lego set that people buy as an "investment" like the millennium falcon?

    • If something is new and hard to get, it makes it easy to flip. I guess these people would often be called scalpers.

      But investors would normally wait till it's been out for a while and is discounted and then hold it till after retirement.

    • I think it will be in the long term, but this product hasn't even been released to retailers yet.

    • not just any investment…a high yield one

    • I think this is peak nostalgia timing for it. The kids who grew up with it are old enough to have kids of their own that they want to share their childhood with (not saying that's everyone, just the timing of it).

      Millennium falcon and star wars are kinda different. Decades of kids grew up with star wars and still are so you can imagine someone in 20 years still wanting a lego millennium falcon

  • The piano is also available for backorder at full price. The reviews all seem to be disappointed with the app and music. I've decided to keep the wallet shut.

    • It's a fun build though! While it's still hard to find you could buy, build, take photos and sell for a small loss.

      • I'm guessing this is one set that may not keep its full value? Especially if Lego abandon the app at some point and it stops working on newer versions of Android and IOS. One interesting thing I read in one review was that the music displayed in the "sheet music" are not the correct notes to the actual music! You think they could have at least got that right.

        • Wow, should not have been hard to get that music right.

          They use the same app for a few remote control sets now so I figure it will be going for a few years at least.

          A 'few years' wouldn't actually be good enough but we also know nothing lasts forever so yeah, you have a good point.

  • These were in stock at Robina store on the weekend.

  • If only this was a working console and mini CRT/Lcd too 😅

  • Thank you OP,

    Was waiting for a while!

  • I wonder if they will issue “new” games with new screens to build. The TV feature of the scrolling screen is cool. They should issue screens to buy for other games. Legend of zelda comes to mind…

  • This thing isn't going anywhere, it's a brand new set and exclusivity to the Lego store will end next year. If you want a bargain on this, suggest waiting.

  • I saw a private seller selling it for $350 new. Just saying.

  • Ordered one and got a confirmation on site with an order number but no email confirmation and no order in my Lego account.

    Anyone else having issues

  • Does this do what Nintendon't?

  • Mine just arrived with the minestorm gwp.
    Box is big.
    For those sitting on the fence watch the build vids on YouTube.

  • I hear the Lepin version is coming out soon…

  • Not hating or anything but with all these lego deals being so popular amongst OzBargainers… do a lot of you have like rooms dedicated to lego or something?

    • Not rooms, but entire houses

    • The big Amazon boxes are great for stacking 5 deep with some space on the top . I did have a passion for the Lego shop displays but the bloody boxes took over : (

    • Yeah, I've got the room devoted to displaying, and the room for storage for scalping. My Mrs enjoys the builds, I enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Makes a good pairing I guess.

  • For what it's worth, this is a really good set.

    It's full of really clever build tricks and has a pretty great easter egg. The TV screen is a fun but also rather short, the biggest disappointment though is the LEGO Mario integration is really lame. They could have added some unique elements but it's just Mario reacting with the same sounds as the normal sets to some basic colour tiles, it would have been a lot nicer if they had included original sounds when interacting with this set.

  • Looks nice, wonder if they'll make the original red and white colour Famicon version as well?

  • I was at the lego bondi store last weekend

    They had heaps in stock

    Like a whole stack of them

  • Don't worry OP! its Nintendo .. so like the Switch RRP is allowed! =P

    Holy crap this it's cool and well done!

  • I wonder how hard it would be to mod and insert the retro Nintendo kit… then you could actually hook it up to a tv and play!

  • It looks cool, but 4 times the cost of a Nintendo Mini is rough. Like others said, would be cool if it was fully functional.

  • Plenty available at Lego Sydney broadway if anyone is keen

  • Not downvoting but even with a discount this wouldn't be a deal. Can't think of anything less valuable than either a tv or games console which doesn't display a screen or play games. Biiiiig waste of money.

  • Just wanted to post my amazingly crap (toll) and good (lego group) experiences here:

    • Toll delivered the package in an unmarked box. No labels. No anything at all. Weird. Possible repack after the inital box got damaged in transit?
    • Outer box still had a hole in it. Hole went right through and into the lego box.
    • Delivery driver left it without authority to do so (we were not home when it was delivered) - probably an attempt to not have me reject the package.
    • Called Toll. Told them it was damaged. "Can you tell us the consignment number?" "What's that.. hello, hello, are you there [Toll person hangs up]"
    • Called Toll again. The same lady answered the call. I said "I just spoke to you" and she hangs up immediately.
    • Got through to someone useful at Toll. They said to call lego group and advise them as courtesy.
    • Called Lego group. Very helpful woman. They are replacing it and freighting the old one back to them.
    • (Possible that Lego Group may have needed to pack the initial item better. I suspect they did a bad initial packing job, Toll repacked it, then Toll ruined it a second time..)