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30% off Everything in Stock (Online Today Only, Instore till Saturday) @ Koorong


Usually 20-25%, now 30% off for the "Family and Friends Event".

One Day Only for Online.
In-store till Saturday.

Conditions : 30% Off discount available for items currently in stock only and not valid in conjunction with any other discount or promotional offer. Does not apply to eBooks, eAudio books, gift cards/vouchers, tickets, licences, and bookstall purchases.

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    Thanks for sharing! God Bless!

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    Nice, almost finished my current devotional. Thanks!

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    Thanks for sharing OP, was planning on going in this week anyway! Much appreciated, God Bless!

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    This place screwed me up as a child. My mum bought me every book of a series called Left Behind: The Kids and very much had me convinced that I would be raptured before I ever reached adulthood. It is so wrong to indoctrinate children with apocalyptic ideas like that. Will never support this place.

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      That series definitely does not reflect the viewpoint of serious theological scholarship, and it is regrettable that it was ever written!
      For example, renowned scholar N.T. Wright critiques authors Jenkins and La Haye, saying: "They construct a horror movie scenario out of bits and pieces of the Bible, strung together with the string of fundamentalist piety."
      (Wright is a senior research fellow at the University of Oxford).

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        Koorong pushes all that stuff any more. Homophobic charismatic preacher from the US has a new book? Sure Koorong will sell it, why wouldn’t they. And even the basic premise of Christianity will mess kids up, telling them if they don’t believe some really unbelievable things that they will burn in hell forever alone from their family. We live in a society that gives a Christian’s freedom to convert their kids, convert community members, and even set up shops like Koorong. But the rest of us also have the freedom to look at your institution and speak our minds. I know you’d appreciate it if we stayed silent and left you to your apologetics, but OZbargainers always speak their mind and they won’t make a special exception for Koorong or Christianity at large.

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          <grabs popcorn, sits on sofa, awaits responses>

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          The western world already knows of its freedom to look at Christianity and criticise it openly. I don't think it's a point you need to convince anyone of anymore. I wouldn't encourage folks like yourself to stay silent on your objections but to discuss them. So long as it is done in the context of engaging with the other person's beliefs and being able to restate to that person, exactly what they believe. That is a mark of respect. It goes for both sides including my own.

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            @denzel: Your beliefs don’t need respect just because you merely believed them. You could believe white people are superior and I wouldn’t owe you any kind of respect fir that belief. Raising your kids within the white supremacy belief system, I wouldn’t have to talk about what I think of white supremacy under your specific terms, I don’t need to get to the bottom of what you want me to think of your own approach to white supremacy before I can start telling people that I think white supremacy is a bit of a drag on society and decency, and that they’d be pretty poor parents to try and brainwash their kids into it.

            I’m not saying you’re into white supremacy, just illustrating that a belief system doesn’t need or deserve respect just because it is believed.

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              @AustriaBargain: Yes I agree - though I am referring to respect shown to the person, irrespective of how much you disagree with their beliefs.

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                @denzel: Maajid Nawaz says it well
                "No idea is above scrutiny, no person is beneath dignity".

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            @denzel: or maybe this deal doesn't interest him and there's no reason to be here, let alone getting on his soapbox

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          You're absolutely right that Koorong sells a vast array of books under "Christianity" which many Christians themselves would consider as "heretical" or plain false and dangerous teaching.
          I do agree, that many parents do teach Christianity to their kids the wrong way, (in my opinion) because most Christians know very little about Christianity ironically.

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      So koorong is worse than hollywood?

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    Thank you OP! Bought some books from Koorong a few weeks ago but 30% is a good excuse to pick up more books!

  • Is it just an automatic 30% off in store? No need to say anything?

    • You have to mention the "Family and Friends Event"

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    Thanks OP, been waiting for this before splurging on a few books!

  • Thanks OP. God bless you.

  • Thanks OP! Need to buy some more stuff and it's good to get some extra motivation to do so.

  • Thank you OP! Just in time to get some presents for my partner's baptism next month! :)

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    PTL! 🙌🏻

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    Religion is the opium of the people - Karl Marx

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    Wow!!! Just what I don't need but thanks.

  • The way religious institutions have interpreted the bible is what is wrong with so much of the world today. Like someone famous once said “Jesus is ideal and wonderful, but you Christians, you are not like him.”