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Victa 82V Battery Power Cut Mower Kit - 18" $539, 21" $799 + Delivery @ Geelong Mowers


Geelong Mowers have got the Victa 82v ranger of lawn mowers on sale at the moment. $539 for the 18 inch model and $799 for the 21inch model.

Bunnings normal price is $629 (currently down to $599) for 18inch and $929 for the 21inch. I went to bunnings yesterday and successfully price beat and got the 18 inch model for $485 which i think is a very good price at the moment (used to be cheaper last year, but covid and exchange rates have upped the price).

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  • $485 for the 82v is very good, If I didn't get a cheap dual 18v ozito last week this would have got me. Well done

    • I have had a 2 x 18v ozito mower for the last year but its just not cutting it (pardon the pun) - hoping this has a lot more power. Will report back on the weekend!

      • I have the 21 inch wide cut mower and can confirm it's fantastic. Cuts through thick Buffalo grass without any issues. I get the through about 150 sqm of mowing and edging on the 2ah battery in one charge. Absolutely love it.

  • Wa here. Does anyone know how much delivery is? To pricematch bunnings here want to know.

  • I have had the 18in for about 2 years now, and it's been great! Just FYI - from my research back then, the motor in the 21in isn't actually made by Briggs and Stratton but outsourced, where as the 18in model is. The 18in is the one to go for.

    • Don't think that's true. I have the 21 inch and it says Briggs and Stratton on it so no different to the 18 inch except it's got a wider cut. Suits me as I have a big yard. Also, don't forget you get an extra 2ah battery with the 21 inch worth about $200 so if you have a lot of work, you can keep going and don't have to stop as each battery chargers in half an hour and the run time for each battery is half an hour. Can confirm those times are accurate.

      • Yep. I have the 21" as well and support everything you've said. It's awesome having the two batteries and the bigger deck. I got the line trimmer as well and never had an issue. Very impressed with the performance of the 82v gear.

      • The motor looks different between the 2 mowers. I was told by multiple people about this and recommended to buy the smaller one. The sticker/name is still there but they didn't build it in house.

    • The Victa brand is owned by B&S. Both 82V lawnmowers are made by Greenworks.

  • These are sold out in most Bunnings in WA. Was keen to get one.

  • Would Bunnings in Sydney price match Geelong mowers?

  • Hows the $400 18inch petrol compared to the battery? Few of my friends says battery is less power is that true?

  • the site can't be reach???

  • 82v, This is a beast

    • Except it's only 72V. The real specs are 72V / 2.0aH for a 144Wh capacity. Reference I own the 18" model.

      The 82V is only the maximum charging voltage.

      • Power wise is good. But they should supply with 4ah battery at minimum. I presume the 2ah won't last long especially when drained below 30% over time

  • Thanks OP! I'm going to price beat at Bunnings tomorrow! Hopefully, they'll agree to!!

  • +4 votes

    82v Mower 18" $539

    Shocking price.

  • is battery also 5 years warranty?

  • Replaced an old petrol mower with this a few years ago - it’s been great. So quick just to grab mower and do a quick mow (in particular that it has a mulch functionality). Only con for me is id like it to be able to go lower (slightly that is)

    • I have the 18" and agree it is a very high cut and also it doesnt "suck" much up (I think because it has a swing blade)

  • I've got the 18". It's really good.

  • Those who have tried both or have done the research, which one do you recommend ? This 21” model or the EGO mower ?

    • I've got this mower and my brother has the Ego.
      If you can get Ego at a good price, I would definitely say go with Ego.
      You get what you pay for.

  • Can you please post copy of receipt so I can try local Bunnings - "I went to bunnings yesterday and successfully price beat and got the 18 inch model for $485 "

  • looks like out of stock everywhere in western suburbs, Vic

  • Victa vs Masport
    Price (at bunnings) $485 vs $539
    Voltage 82 vs 58
    Battery 2AH vs 4.3AH - Note that masport battery is internal so may be difficult to swap when it dies
    cut width 480mm vs 460mm
    stated run time 40mins vs 55mins
    stated charge time 30mins vs 2hrs

    I've bought the Victa, I'm tempted to swap for the Masport but i'm not 100% either
    The 2AH battery on the Victa is pretty small…
    Any thoughts?

  • Just checked with Bunnings and unfortunately they do not have any stock of the 82V 18" in Victoria.

  • 18" version demo unit is $449 for these near noble park.


    • Note, "demo" they sell is only 2 Year Warranty (vs regular 5).
      I had it in my watchlist for couple of weeks. They offered it to me for $425, but 2-year warranty put me off a bit. Also my 20-year old petrol mower is still going strong, so I'm not in a rush, but was very tempted.

      If you can get $485 @ Bunnings, I think it would be a better deal.

      P.S. Looks like batteries are only 2-year warranty anyway.

      • They can't warrant batteries for longer especially if they are cheaper cells. in 2 years you would expect batteries to be 80% capacity.

  • Guys, Do you think that Victa will continue to make batteries for this model in 5 years? 10 years?

    • Perhaps buy a spare 4Ah now just in case :)

      • Fair call. :) I dunno maybe they will continue to make em but I feel pessimistic.

        • Which is the correct way to think.

          My Brigg and Stratton mower is old and basic, its petrol so not quiet…but I can easily find and replace any piece of that mower within a day or two.

          If not, I can pretty much fudge something up that will work (cords/handles/cables etc).

          Making a Li-Ion battery is not difficult, the cells are almost always 18650s with a basic voltage/power management PCB slapped ontop.

          But getting the pin-outs correct?
          Having slots that align and lock?
          Making sure if doesn't vibrate or bounce internally?

          Batteries are great until they aren't and making them is way too much hassle for virtually everyone.
          This ecosystem lock-in that all companies are doing for the same gear with different stickers and cases drives me mad.

          • @Telios: Same here. Mine is Masport but has briggs motor. Expect to last for 10-15 years and will keep maintaining and repairing if I need to. I have the technical ability to create battery packs etc but no interest or time wasted 3D printing my own batteries because the company stopped making the battery in a few years. I have experienced this once with a Bunnings Ozito drill where they stopped making the battery in 4 years. Back then I didn't have the knowledge to do a DIY battery but one worries about DIY batteries that they might burn your house down.

        • Your concerns are justified. It's the reason my last mower was a Honda. My previous mower become difficult to fix / maintain. Honda parts are no sweat because they don't really change over the years, you do of course pay the premium for that luxury though. I wouldn't mind switching to battery in the future and doing away with all those extra serviceable parts (battery = less maint than petrol)

          I'm just wary of the ecosystem thing Telios points out. In a perfect world 1 battery would support everything but with that not happening anytime soon you just have to pick the right brand, the Honda of the battery world I guess. I'm not sure if Victa is that brand. Maybe.

          I just googled and found out Honda have a battery range now, will require a 2nd mortgage probably but that's probably the path I will take. Honda's low maintenance has saved me a lot of money over the years. Looked after it just doesn't break. And is supported indefinitely.

    • batteries are briggs and stratton, so they're used on a few different brands of mowers, so it's more likely you'll be able to buy replacements

  • Where to buy the battery cheap?

  • Hi all,
    a noob in this area, I am looking for a lawn mower for my front yard(around 50-65 sqm), using winter green. Currently I have some to mow it every 2 weeks, and it's in pretty good condition, but I am sick at paying some one to do my lawn more often and more expensive than my hair cut.

    so far I have been considering Ryobi 36V, will victa 18' be a good alternative or is there other more economical option ?

  • I have the 18 inch Victa, the only thing I don't like about it is , on the lowest cut level , it's just not low enough …not by much , but it's noticeable

  • Bunnings have now dropped the 21inch model down to $859. There actually plenty of stores that were offering it for $899. So looks like they’ve beaten that price for the moment.

  • Thanks OP. Bunnings have just reduced the 21" to $859. As I'm in SA, not Geelong, I bought the last one at my local store via click and collect.

  • Wow, I am so impressed that you managed to get a price match at Bunnings. I have been keeping an eye out for opportunities for years.

  • Went and got a price match today at Bunnings for the 18" $485.10 it came down to.

    Apparently replacement batteries are $250 a pop?

  • just did this at dande south bunnings today. they had 1 left. $485.10 price

  • Sunshine has 5 of the 18" absolute assholes to deal with

  • Just got Adelaide Airport to price beat Henderson’s mowers $599 price. Brought it down to $540