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[XB1] Halo 5: Guardians Digital Free @ Monster Rewards (VPN Required)


Hi all, VPN is required for this one as it appears to be geoblocked outside of the US. It's won't actually tell you that but you'll get constant errors for email already in use, only one account allowed etc etc. I used the free trial on NordVPN myself.

Create an account, confirm the email address and voila, your code will appear

I used a temp email address to register.

Redeem the code here:

Originally posted on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/GreatXboxDeals/comments/jf3auq/halo...

Update: Looks like they're out of stock. I'm still able to create new accounts but the code has been replaced with "while stocks last". Sorry for those who missed out!

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  • Awesome, thanks OP! SurfShark didn't work for me, so I downloaded the 'Touch VPN' Chrome extension instead. Change the location to US, and voila!

    • +1

      Did via surfshark, no issues

      • Same

    • But can you change server to US in free Touch VPN extension, its connected to UK & I can't find any option to change to US

  • +1

    Tunnelbear didn't work. "Our records indicate that you already have an account. Since you are only allowed one account, your submission has been rejected."

    • same for hotspot shield vpn here…

    • Same outcome, via Touch VPN. Page wouldn't load at all via Getflix.

    • No issues with TB (free account) here

  • +2

    No matter what email I use it says I have an account.

    • +1

      Have tried Windscribe, One Touch and Proton VPN with no luck. Mobile, browser, everything. No matter what I put in it won't work. Very annoying. Different emails, new and old. All apparently have accounts.

    • Yep, I had the same problem. Nord VPN was the only one that got me through.

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    Thanks mate. Used NordVPN (7 day trial on iOS) and it worked a charm :)

  • Nice one, did as instructed by Op, code received and redeemed.

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    Looks like they allow 1 account per IP

    For the tech savvy out there, if you have a VM or Linux host you can ssh to in the US, that works to, they don't seem to filter non-residentail IPs

  • +3

    So what is it you're actually getting?

    • +1

      Halo 5 for free

  • Thanks OP! That worked a treat, used ZenMate on iOS and super easy

  • Thanks OP much appreciated.👍🏻

  • thanks :)

  • Nice freebie :)

    Used PIA on android and worked perfectly

  • +1

    So multiple servers on a premium NordVPN and Touch VPN didn't work on my PC with Chrome Incognito. Using NordVPN with the same temp email worked on my phone. So I guess its down to device maybe.

    • +1

      Same here - had to use iPhone and my PureVPN account there to redeem - wouldn't work on PC

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    Thanks OP! ProtonVPN, connected to US-GA#28(Atlanta) and it worked.

    • +3

      Thanks, it really worked :)

    • +3

      Thanks man! Nord, surf shark , and express Von didn't work. Tried Proton VPN Atlanta servers work perfectly. Cheers mate 😊

  • Done, thanks!

  • Worked perfectly, thanks OP!
    Edit: Surfshark New York for reference

  • Included on game pass

  • +2


    For someone out there who couldn't get it to work. Please try first though…

    Reply once it is gone…

    • Thanks John, was able to claim using the code.

  • Will we be able to redeem and play this on Xbox series x?

    • +2

      Why wouldn't you be? For sure you will

      • Thanks :D

  • Thanks OP. Redeemed.

  • Used Nord VPN on my PC and it didn't work. Read the comments and did it through my phone using nordVPN again and it worked.

    Thanks OP.

  • Use PIA vpn and worked easyyyy

  • +1

    Thanks OP for this, another awesome game to play during lockdown 😎 p.s as @calran mentioned, ProtonVPN using US Atlanta servers work a charm!

  • Worked with ipvanish new york nyca96 server. Thanks OP

  • Cheers OP. Worked with VPNSecure.

  • +1

    Tried 3 different VPN's, matched zip codes, new cache and emails, couldn't get one.

  • +1

    This’s seems simple but it’s not. It’s always the same 2 errors; the email doesn’t work or you already have an account which I don’t. Can someone please write step by step guide for me? I’ve literally tried everything; pc, iPhone, iPad on chrome, safari, edge and Firefox. I’m trying to get this for my nephews. I tried nordvpn, tunnekbear,surfshark, windscribe, etc. nothing works and it’s so confusing.

    • It's most likely the vpn. Did you try Pronto Atlanta above and on the phone?

    • Yeah looks like they're being a pain about unique IP address. Try connecting to a different location in your VPN.

  • Thanks OP - finally worked using Proton VPN on my mobile.

  • I got a second code.


  • pm a code if you have spare

  • VPN Secure worked for me.

  • Thanks OP - very quick process and redeemed successfully.

  • Wow.. free game and that too Halo 5 before Friday.

  • why won't touch vpn open?

    • worked it out. but the app won't work

  • pm if have spare

  • Worked with proton VPN.

    I got gamepass what to do with the code hmmm

    • Sell it for $350,000

    • Can i grab it please? Tried so many VPN's and seem to have run out of email addresses to try.

    • Edit got one

  • Worked - had to use a different email I had lying around
    Used VPN super unlimited to access
    All the best


    • Redeemed by someone else :(

    • now I'm updating. hopefully to use this.

  • I couldn't get it to work with Temp Mail. Successful with Gmail. Used ProtonVPN on my phone as it refused to connect on Belong NBN.

  • I tried with a few VPN but couldn’t get it to work. If anyone is able to get me a code I would be most grateful. Not requesting just asking. Private msg me ;)


    Comment once taken please

    • Thanks for the code

    • Already taken but thanks for sharing.

  • +1

    I cant get anything to work. Tried at least 6-7 VPN's, most of my gmail and outlook accounts, and 3 temp accounts. All either reject saying that a account already exists and signup was rejected or tells me there was an issues with sign up and tells me account is already registered.

    • Pm me your email and I'll register for you. Watch you email and confirm it

      • Thanks for that. Tried messaging you but said you werent accepting PM's. in the meantime someone posted a code at bottom and i got that so im all sorted now. Thanks for offering though.

        • Ahh thanks for letting me know. I've changed to accept private messages now :)

  • Hotspot shield and temp mail worked right off the bat for me.

  • Thanks! got it using surfshark VPN

  • can't seem to get it working with fastestVPN, all come back with duplicate account

    i was going to get a few codes for fellow ozbargainers since i already own this game

    • I'm guessing it's due to your VPN end point IP already being used. Try other locations. Also try different name/DOB/email and incognito mode. Looks like it didn't like repeated applicants either.

  • +1

    A couple of codes:


    • I got the 2nd one. Thank you, Finally. Thanks for sharing.

    • Got the first one. Thank you so much.

      • rant: spent 1 hour -trying to update /s ign in my pasword. listening to audio and image code via a burry CRT screen.

        • You forgot to </rant>. It won't work.

  • I keep getting this when tryina redeem "Contact who you got this code from. We can't redeem it."..

  • +1

    Thanks, now all I need is a free XBox

    • Amen to that mate.

    • +1

      The beauty of an Xbox or PS account is that you don't need to physically have the console to start buying or redeeming digital games.

      • Same as steam

  • -2

    Would love this for my nephew if anyone is able to assist. I couldn’t work it for me.


    Working code for anyone who wants it.

    Comment when taken

    • Taken by someone else :(

    • Boo

  • WhatsVPN works http://bit.ly/WhatsVPN

    I used Central US

    • Get a continuous load server error on phone. What am I doing wrong?

      • Sorry, no idea.. That is strange..
        I was also on a phone and it was fine, but ive had the vpn acc for ages so wasnt setting one up.

    • +2

      Like other mobile users here, can confirm this also worked for me on my android device. Would NOT work through various VPNs I tried on pc. Here's what I did:
      1) Installed whatsvpn on android, sat through the ads, clicked vip afterward, selected East Coast USA.
      2) from this ozbargain 575276 page, went to temp email link on another browser tab, and used the first one offered.
      3) opened redeem ms website from here on yet another browser tab, logged on to my ms account, waited for the redeem code box to appear (ie ready for the code).
      4) went to the ozbargain 575276 deal, CREATED the account, used the provided temp e, and Monster sent a please-confirm e to that.
      5) after confirming the e, scrolled through monster's page and reached the halo5 giveaway link. Clicked it, went through the agreements, awaited the code (did not appear at first, so I clicked the green refresh button INSIDE the monster page - NOT the browser refresh button), got the code.
      6) Copied code, went to the redeem ms tab I opened earlier, entered the code, success.
      7) closed the browser tabs, and turned off vpn.
      Hope it helps, stay safe and well, enjoy the game, and thanks to the op, and all comments here for the help and pointers.

  • Do you need a game disc? Is this not a standalone game?

    Some of the terms..

    Terms: For use only with Xbox One™ systems. Game disc and up to 60 GB storage required.
    Additional storage, hardware, and Xbox Live® may be required for setup, some updates and features, including retention of some gameplay settings and information

    • +2

      It is a standalone game, pretty sure that's the standard pro forma from the retail version.

      • Ok great, Thank you..

  • Windscribe did not work for me.

    What other VPN’s don’t require a credit card to sign up?

    • +1

      Windscribe worked for me on Android. I had to try a couple of different servers - "Seattle - Cornell" worked for me.

      • Forgot to mention, I have an iPhone.

        Looks like I’ll have to try after work (in about 8 hours), when I’m on my PC.

        • I tried on my iPhone too and no go

    • +1

      Whatsvpn worked for me

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