Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 $399 @ JB Hi-Fi


Black and white versions available at this price.

Can be had for $359.10 for those with access to 10% off using AGL Rewards.

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  • Surely there will be a black Friday deal to beat this? There's a lot of discounting going on lately - are retailers trying to move stock so they don't get caught short by black Friday competition?

    • Hmm looks like they were available from GG commercial in both June and August for $319…

      • Handy if you’ve got access to GG commercial… not pretending this is the cheapest ever, but they don’t seem to be on sale too often.

    • Depends what's important to you - are you happy with quite good sound for $200? Or do you prefer the accuracy and fidelity of the Sennheiser's for another few hundred? Personally, I have quite a few pairs of headphones, and going cheap has always really annoyed me - I love a bargain, but when the sound I'm listening to is missing something, when it doesn't sound like I know it should, then this, to me, isn't just the difference between something good and something slightly better, it's the difference between having something and not having it. That higher-end product becomes the minimum bar.

      That doesn't mean I'm not prepared to wait until a good bargain comes along, though - I never said I wasn't also thrifty ;-)

      • To be fair, sennhesier accuracy and fidelity is BS. Some headsets they make are incredible, others terrible. When it comes to tws, the samsung buds plus are much better for me sound wise, not so much bass, and theyvare also significantly cheaper. If you believe paying more money gets you better sound, or getting a specific brand does the same, you are wrong. No one that into listening to music will worry this much over TWS. If you are a bass head, grab the Momentum 2.

        • Believe me, my opinion has absolutely nothing to do with the Sennheiser brand, it comes from reading dozens of reviews to try to get a reasonably objective opinion. All sound reviewers are going to have their own biases and limitations - I know quite a few people in the high-end AV industry and through them have met a lot more, and I can tell you a lot of people who advise on audio gear professionally are totally delusional coughmonstercablecoughcough. But the MTW2 consistently come out with the highest recommendations with the least complaints from professional reviewers with extensive experience.

          I don't put much stock in buyer 'feedback' unless there is something seriously wrong with a product or a company - most individuals don't have sufficient breadth of experience, and the fact they have to pony up their own cash means they are inherently biased (unless they're rich enough that they could drop $10k a year on headphones and not even notice it). Particularly at the higher end of consumer gear - a lot of negativity comes from people who can't actually afford something, negging it to make them feel better about their cheaper purchase.

          I also want to make it clear that none of what I've written is in any way directed at anyone specific, such as the above post, nor was it me that negged you - I always engage honestly with anyone providing a different opinion who can back it up with a reasonable argument and is being polite. I really wish I didn't have to write qualifications like that, but sometimes people take things personally, and I find it's best to ensure people are clear about my intent :-) In general @onlinepred I completely agree with you - buying based on brand or ticket price is utterly idiotic. In this case though I feel I've done my homework :-)

          • @TrevorX: Right, I misinterpreted your remark. I have owned MANY TWS, and many headphones. I also understand the difference between what reviewers like, and what consumers like to be very different - to be clear, I bought these based on all the glowing reviews. These buds are at the low end of audio gear, mostly because they are TWS. Many of the low end buds I have tried are horendous, like midots/soundpeats/momentum 1/pixel buds gen 1 etc. I mostly say terrible for the product as a whole, mostly in regards to sound profile though. As with all audio products, it's highly personal, and people need to try them. I bought the momentum true wireless 2, and found them to sound artificial, muddy and heavy on the bass - like most of the sennhesier budget devices - on the other hand the momentum wireless 3 are quite good, still too bass heavy but great piece of hardware. I listen to live music a lot, so vocals and instruments are very important. Most of this is lost in the Momentum wireless 2, so it depends on what you like to listen to. I haven't found a single TWS that I really love, that produces a natural sound I can sit back and enjoy. So I have relegated TWS for fitness/walking/chores etc - and I think that is where they belong. No one is going to critically listen to music using these buds. Given the price difference, I could buy almost 3 sets of galaxy buds plus - which I think are really fantastic, nothing special, but a great, reliable set of TWS.

            In regards to buyer feedback, I'm talking about actual build issues, connection issues, latency, defects etc. I had to return my set twice before I got a refund. I got issues where one bud would not sync, or connect at all. The case lid wouldn't hold shut tightly over time also. Small things that just work on 1/3 the price galaxy buds plus. There is a ceiling on certain products where spending more doesn't really get you much more over cheaper alternatives.

            • @onlinepred: Out of curiosity, which headphones/tws did you like besides the galaxy buds?

            • @onlinepred: Thanks for taking the time to write a detailed reply, @onlinepred.

              I agree with you about the ceiling holding back what's actually achievable - no matter how you cut it, TWS is trying to cram a whole heck of a lot of tech into an absolutely minuscule form factor. As with anything technology, this is going to improve over time as battery chemistry improves, lithography improves and shrinks the size of the components, R&D helps engineers to understand exactly what's working and improve on it incrementally over time, and more exotic, lighter and more responsive materials are experimented with and ultimately integrated. There's no 'magic bullet', there are trade offs with every device on the market currently, and you're right that none of them compare with proper high quality headphones.

              At this point I feel that these are 'good enough' for the sorts of casual use you describe, which is precisely how I intend to use them - I rarely get time to listen to music outside of driving, shopping and exercising - it's not an option either at work or home. I don't want cables and big clunky cans on my head for either of the occasions I will need them, it's TWS or nothing. The MTW2 have significant improvements in both audio fidelity and battery life over the first generation, so I feel it's the right time to drop some coin on them. Yes, I'm aware that some people have had pairing issues, I'm going into this with my eyes wide open. But I've read enough about the comparison between the MTW2 vs the Galaxy Buds+ and I feel the MTW2 will suit me better - I love a bit of D&B while knocking out some reps on the bench, or even putting up with a shopping centre queue, so the bass bias won't bother me at all ;-)

              Thanks again for taking the time, it was good reading your (obviously experienced and well informed) opinions.

  • worth two pair Sony or 75t

  • If you’re an iPhone user, go the AirPods Pro. I own a pair of momentum wireless over ear and also momentum free in ear and the AirPods Pro are just incredible. The way the integrate with everything apple and just work seamlessly PLUS the incredible audio quality AND option to switch between transparency mode (it uses the external mics fo amplify sound externally so it doesn’t ‘feel like’ you’re cut off from the outside world- just brilliant) and noise cancelling which of course we all know about. Anyway that’s my 2 cents worth as a sennheiser owner

    • I would agree with this. I personally use the AirPods Pro and they are undoubtedly brilliant within the Apple ecosystem.

    • It really depends on your priorities. Do you care about techy features, or do you just care about pure SQ?

      Either one (or somewhere in the middle) is a valid choice.

  • 85t is coming out soon.

  • Not saying this is a bad deal but damn, that's a lot of money for average sounding in ears

    • What would you classify as a pair of great sounding in ears then?…

      Guess sound could be subjective…

      Out of the True Wireless buds I've listened to I think these are the best I've heard…
      big sound stage, sparkly and punchy bass.

      In Terms of sounds I'd rate this my number 1 :) i.e.

      1. Sennheiser MOMENTUM TW2
      2. Sony WF‑1000XM3
      3. Bose SoundSport Free
      4. Samsung galaxy buds
      5. Jabra Elite 65t
      • I find truewireless a very strange area to buy in. Because as it's main purpose it is supposed to be super mobile, so walking, riding, running, doing household work etc. And while doing those activities you usually arent concentrating on soundstage, imaging, vocal presence, dynamic range and detail (which is how i usually grade sound equipment). So a lot of the good things about in ears can be lost while your attention is elsewhere.

        So i guess what i'm saying is that when you put these up against truly great wired in ears that are available in the price bracket, they can't hold a candle to them, but they probably are one of the best truewireless, but i would rather spend big money on wired ones for sound quality, and spend less on something that in the end wont matter all that much

        • This. I love music and headphones, but reading tws like this is silly. They aren't $300 better tab galaxy buds plus, for mobile use is it worth that much more…. Just get headphones hey

        • when mobile phones don't have head phone jacks anymore you're forced to use TW…. :)

          I usually only listen to music while commuting to and from work pre covid.

          for this I feel like my ie80, xba4, SE535 and some of the well regarded chi fis like kz zst are redundant.

          I mean on my desktop with the xonar essence stx currently drives all my headsets i.e M50s, DT770 Pro 80 , AKG701, Sony XM2s…

          Really hope they bring back the headphone jacks.

          another plus to the TWs is that you don't have to deal with cables - untangling them can be quite time consuming :)

          • @da1nonly: Yea TWS focus is on convenience, the same thing around BT headphones etc. It's focus was never audio quality.

            For IEMS, I just use a BT adaptor, easy as. Used to rock these a while back: Mee audio Btx1

            • @onlinepred: i know… but I'm just saying the best sounding of them all i.e. in the TWS category are these ones… unless you could find me something better sounding than the TWS2's these will do for now… I've tested the cheaper TWS and majority are tinny sounding….

              • @da1nonly: Yea the dirt cheap ones are iffy, above $100 the differences become less prevalent and harder to justify. So many tws sit in between these being super expensive, and the $100 base price. These are not $300 better than say galaxy buds for example. I would pay max $200 for tws buds, as even these aren't worth more than that IMO

  • Why would you get this over the WF1000xm3? The ANC is inferior and sound quality is very similar in my experience. Yet these are almost double the price