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10% off The Home eGift Cards (Can Redeem for JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys) @ AGL Rewards (Membership Required)


Maximum daily order $250 with a monthly maximum of $250


Note: If you are after JB-HIFI, get the HIM/HER/KIDS/HOME for maximum purchase of 4x$250

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  • is it true you can only redeem 8 gift cards in store at jbhifi?

    i know 5 is the limit online, but is an 8 store limit actually enforced?

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      Not sure about in store but it is not true about the limit of 5 online, I emailed JB yesterday and they confirmed there is no limit to how many GC you can use online.

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        Screenshot the email for others bro.

        • Asked them on twitter and they confirmed for me five online and unlimited in store.

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      I just done 10 GC $100 each converting to 2 GC $500 each on JB Hi-Fi no problemo.

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        How did you do this? Go to the store or call JB hotline?

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          Buy gc with gc.

          • @Bigboomboom: use home giftcard to buy JB card at jb?

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              @g0dskitchen: Use home gift card to convert into JB gift card then use JB gift card to buy JB gift card with higher value. The TCN card (Home/Him/Her) is only $100 value max but JB is up to $500 and I just want to test multiple card + keep 2 card of $500 instead of 10 cards of $100.

              • @Bigboomboom: Do you mean go to JB store and buy gift card with the home gift cards? i want to get new iphone and i pad so i need to get $2000 home cards first, then go to a jb store to buy $2000 worth of jb cards. thanks

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                  @g0dskitchen: When you buy Home card, it will send you the link to convert each Home card to a store gift card of your choice. You don't need to purchase JB gift card with the converted card, however it's a pain in the butt to keep 10 cards so that's why I converted them into 2 because I'm holding onto them until Pixel 5 sales Black Friday/ Cyber Monday/ Boxing Day sale. It was also an experiment to see if there's a limit of 5 or 8, turns out I can use all 10 cards in one go.

      • Hey Mate how can we convert Him Gift card into JB Gift card?


      • How mate pls explain? Hey Mate how can we convert Him Gift card into JB Gift card?


        • It's the link on the gift card pdf.

          • @Bigboomboom: I bought $2000 worth of Him cards from Coles today and now JB saying i can only use $500 max at oncr when i.wanted to use all together. Where is the link? I belive as Coles processed it at counter as approved is not activated straight ? Pls send me a link.if possible to come over from this confusion.


            • @Sunny10: If you bought physical card it's different, go read their FAQs.

              Using your card in store is very easy - simply present your gift card at the participating retailer to swipe at the eftpos terminal. Select "SAVINGS," enter the PIN on the back of card and you're done.

              If the transaction amount exceeds the card’s balance, you will need to pay for the remaining amount on a different card or cash.

              • @Bigboomboom: I know its easy. But problem is i bought around 20 cards for $2k and Jb is refusing to accept for more than $500k at one transaction. Very annoying.

                Any solution mate? Thanks

    • I have redeemed about 25 cards in one transaction. So really depends on the store and who you're dealing with

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    Also 10% off Him, Her, Baby, Active and Kids. Good deal. 1% surcharge for CC purchase, nil for bank transfer.

    • Where is it 10% off?

      Edit: Sorry just saw it was for AGL customers only

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    Do i have to move to agl to become a member?

    • yes

    • +12

      Moving to AGL might negate the GC savings lol.

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        Is AGL expensive? I've been with them for a while and haven't been shopping around like I should. For some reason, I don't shop around for my utilities unlike for discretionary spending

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          Like all energy retailers (it's not just AGL btw everybody does this), when you're finished with your 12 month contract when you signed up, they jack up the electricity/gas rates that you originally had.

          If you're not shopping around, you may be paying around $10 per month more than what you should be. That's $120 over a year.

          Then again, you can offest this by the GC savings if you plan on buying plenty of stuff using the GCs mentioned.

          Or you just have to join a union as linked below.

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            @NinongSmart: If you can't be bothered moving to a different retailer, just call AGL up and ask for a better rate. They've always re-signed us up to their best public rate each time.

        • Always worth mentioning that if you live in VIC there is a really awesome government tool that lets you compare your energy and gas bills to the best market offerings for your individual circumstances. There might be other ones for other States?

          Vic one is: https://compare.energy.vic.gov.au/

          Good thing about this site is that you don't get biased results like other compare sites which get paid by the energy companies in question.

  • I am logged in but cannot find home e-gift cards. Did it work for anyone?

  • Awesome, bought 5. going to use it to buy PS5

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    so if I wanted $1,00000 worth it would take 1,0 months?

    • +49

      The comma usage is breaking my brain.

      • +6

        wh,ateve,r do yo,u me,an g,oo,d s,,ir

  • To redeem the gift card, we need to log in to agl website ? As I did but couldn’t find home gift card option. A link for redemption or guidance would be a great help. Thanks

    • +1

      go to the rewards section and click on shopping.

      • Thanks mate found it.

    • once you retrieve the home gift card, you would need to convert to TGG GC. the instructions will be on the pdf file.

      • i want to buy 2k of jb gift card for the iphone.
        how do i convert pleas?

  • So these ones can be used online whereas the ones you get from Woolworths can only be used in store?

  • Just had a huge purchase with 5% off GCs via AGL… :(
    Can confirm 5 gift cards works online though

  • So this could be used to land a solid discount for the new iPhones. If only Officeworks was on the list for that sweet sweet 5%

  • Is it usually 10% off Home Cards or is the discount usually less? Trying to figure out if I can delay buying the cards till the next JB sale.

    • +1

      its usually 10% off. but there is a monthly limit of $1,000. you would need to stock up to make a big purchase.

      • Great, thanks!

  • Do they sell Amazon gift card? If so where can I get Aamzon gift card? I know only Suncorp reward has it

    • no they dont sell amazon GC.

      Entertainment book sells them for 3% off

    • Macquarie has them for 3% off as well

    • Suncorp has Amazon for 3% off and it's free top join.

  • Anyone knows the expiry date? Thanks

    • +1

      3 years for The Home GC

      no expiry for TGG eGC

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      The giftcards themselves will have a minimum 3 years from date of purchase. As for the deal, it's the regular discount for AGL rewards.

  • Bummer, my Red Energy account only gives like 4%. If anyone is with AGL and won't be using the $1000 limit this month, I am looking for a $300 gift card. If you wanted to help me out that would be awesome!

    (No harm in asking right?)

    • +2

      Are you a member of a union?

      • Unfortunately I am not, no. I did see that one, have never heard of a union amongst my co-workers where I am.

      • many thanks for reminding me of this, just purchased through union shopper - I'd forgotten about this, perfect!

  • Is it per calendar month, or one purchase every 30 days?

    • i believe its per calendar month.

      • Nice - will try again 1/11 :)

        • +1

          if you are after the JB-HIFI GC. I think the different HIM/HER/BABY GCs all can be redeemed for it.

  • Also seems to be letting me place a second order for $1000 - what happens? Will they cancel one of them?

    • please keep us updated

  • Would like $900 of JB gift card. Anybody wanna help a brother out? Thanks

    • looking to purchase something?

      • yes, soon lol.

  • it seems not working anymore now. I can't open the home GC page from my AGL account in my desktop (but can in my iPhone safari). And can't pay with credit card because the system seems stop people to type anything in the expire date.

    • I just ordered $1,000.00 worth.

      Confirmed by email.

  • Just bought $1000 and realised there's 1% surcharge when paying via CC. Oh well..

    • you can pay via bank transfer. no surcharge.

    • What about normal debit card?

      • +1

        They charge 1% fee even if you pay with debit card.

  • Have agl .. also GG Commercial .. in the market for a tv .. anyone tried price matching GG instore with GG Commercial .. then pay with gift card ?


    • +1

      yes thats possible. try over the phone to save time going to the store.

    • +3

      I’ve done this in the past. Had the store match GG Commercial on the phone then went in to pay with GC and pickup.

  • Is there TCN The Online Card for sale?

    • +1

      Not on AGL Rewards there isn’t. They only have the eBay card by itself for 3% off (assuming that’s why you want the Online card).

      • Thanks for the info

  • I added to cart then check out then realised I needed to change the amount, and now it says I have already hit the cap.

    • Same thing happened to me, so I just picked a different card type. The Home, Him, Her and Kids all support JB Hifi redemption.

  • 7.5 %off for me .anyone same with me ?

  • +5

    For those wanting to get a glimpse of gift cards on AGL, it can be found here: https://imgur.com/UIgKN9Z

  • Gift Cards are not redeemable for purchases made from The Good Guys eBay store or from The Good Guys Commercial division (including goods purchased from the The Good Guys Commercial website).

    • +1

      Yes captain obvious.

      • It's a bit stank that we can't use them on TGGC

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