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10% off The Home eGift Cards (Can Redeem for JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys) @ AGL Rewards (Membership Required)


Maximum daily order $250 with a monthly maximum of $250


Note: If you are after JB-HIFI, get the HIM/HER/KIDS/HOME for maximum purchase of 4x$250

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  • How long does it isually take to receiveit? They say 3 days, hopefully earlier?

  • Please can anyone confirm if the him/her car can be converted to JBHifi card. I had look at the card terms and conditions it doesn’t mentions JBHifi refer to the below image.


    • I just converted 10 Him giftcard to JB. Her GC also list JB Hi-fi you need to go on TCN website for all participating retailers not AGL Rewards.

      • There is 7% cash back today too!

        • +1

          T & C from Shopback.

          The code SHOP10 is valid for a limited time only and applies a 10% discount on Restaurant, Pub & Bar, Pamper and Cinema gift cards from The Card Network. All other gift cards (including but not limited to Him, Her, Online, Active, Home, Teen, Kids & Baby) are excluded.

        • Is it expired now?

          How do you get to know? Have you subscribed to their offers?

      • How do you convert it?

        Also once converted to JB is it possible to change it back to Nike for example if you change your mind?

        Or are you only allowed to convert once?

        • you can only convert once.

          • @PissLUR: This is what their website says?

            Do I need to spend my card all in one transaction or all with one retailer?
            No! You can choose how and where you want to spend your card balance. Any remaining balance after your transaction will stay on your card as long as it’s valid for. This way you can enjoy your gift card more than once!

            Says you can use it at different retailers?

            • @JHoliday: yes you can use it at different retailers. but you can only convert once. Thats my understanding.

  • Ok, so to get this straight: each "Home Giftcard" is redeemed for one specific store giftcard. No splitting the $100 to use in different stores?

    Also, and more importantly, does anyone know how many giftcards can be applied to a transaction at TGG?

    • +2

      2 for online.
      unlimited for in-store.

  • i'm not 100% clear on the process. can someone check my understanding please?
    if i buy 10 x $100 home card , it would up to 3 days to received it. Once received, i can load the cards to TCN website and then i can convert the $1000 to 2 x $500 JB gift card?

    • you convert all home gift cards to 10x$100 denominations
      and then purchase a 2x$500 eGC from JB-HIFI website (you dont really need to do this step)

  • +1

    Heads up for anyone trying this with a Home card (TCN) …

    The UX for TCN is terrible and it is easy to miss the drop-down where you select how much of your Home Card balance you want to convert to another retailers gift card. I have now swapped 'the default' $30 from my Home card to JB and when return to swap again I can only select a fixed figure - $50 and $30 - rather than the remaining balance which is now $70.

    I've sent them an email, no one answers the phone, for a resolution.

    • +1

      I've done the same thing…
      Did you find a solution for this?

        • Many thanks!

      • +1

        Yep, I redeemed onto JB cards as much as I could and converted the last $20 to "In Person" which actually generates a Mastercard Debit Card for your Apple Wallet / Google Pay.

        This card shows the full CC (debit card) number with expiry and CVV when I then used to top up the payment on checkout.

        Now knowing this, what I haven't tested yet is if I can convert any Home Gift Card amount to this debit card and use it with any retailer, online or otherwise. As JB Hi-Fi is one of the partners of TCN this may be way this Mastercard prefix was accepted for payment.

        Who wants to test out get $100 fro $90 and spending it anywhere?

        • +1

          Its worth a try, we can do this digital MC for all the HIM/HER/HOME/BABY/ACTIVE/KIDS gift card. $6,000/month

          10% off everything!! EVERYTHING! Wow!

          • +1

            @PissLUR: The MCs are limited by either their merchant category code or merchant ID.

    • I feel your pain…

  • Paid last night via CC, just got them now.

    Does anyone know if I convert them into online JB Hifi cards, will they work in store too? I already converted 1 card to a “use in store” card and it was basically a prepaid MasterCard that I could add to Apple Pay.

    Was hoping to convert them into $500 JB GCs so I don’t have to go through 10 cards at the checkout in store.

    • wow does that mean that this prepaid MC can be accepted elsewhere too?

      • The T&Cs don’t mention anything about it being limited to the retailers listed so possibly. I imagine it works similarly to the Westfield gift cards (in that they’re accepted anywhere EFTPOS is).

        EDIT: Tried to buy a $100 JB gift card online using the Prepaid MasterCard and the order got cancelled… so guessing you can’t use it online lol

        • I don't think you can buy gift cards with pre-paid cards due to a AML control.

          You could use the prepaid MC on any other purchase though.

          • @bigev: Ahh ok, good to know! The transaction is currently pending on my gift card so gotta wait for it to drop off first.

          • @bigev: Does it mean I can use the Prepaid MasterCard in Apple Store too?

            • @usmanhafeez2000: Unsure, I doubt it but give it a crack for $50 if you're happy to spend it anyway with retailer like JB.

            • @usmanhafeez2000: I tried it at Coles last night and transaction got rejected. I imagine you might be able to use it at any of the retailers they list but haven’t tried it yet.

  • things get a bit weird now. When I tried to swap HIM and HER GC to JB Hi Fi GC, it always shows Swap request cannot be processed.
    Then I called them a few times, no one answer the phone.
    Also I downloaded the TCN app, but I never receive the SMS code to start use it. Interesting.

    • +1

      finally I got the call answered, and it turns out I need to redeem the gift card first…………………… interesting that I can't use the card number and pin that I received from the email directly to convert.

      • Could you able to buy JB GC by using HIM and HER GC?

        • +1

          Yes, just go through the redeemption first. I bought $1900 HIM and HER GC and converted to JB hifi GC and just pre-ordered the iphone 12 pro.
          Pretty time consuming though, go through the process 19 times.

      • +1
    • I have the same issue as you. I bought 10x Him Gift Card which already redeemed to JB HI-FI gift card. However, I got 1 Home Gift Card with no card number and pin in the email. How did you solve this problem? Thanks.

  • +2

    Does anyone know how long will take for JB Hifi to send out the e-gift card?
    My order shown as shipped 1 hour ago,but I didn't receive the gift card yet.

    Updated: Received the GC 1 minutes ago

  • How many home/him/her cards we can use on jb hi-fi website/store directly. Did anyone try to use?

  • Thanks everyone for helpful comments. I am getting an error while finalising the voucher “ Unfortunately the maximum daily limit for the Home gift card $1000 “ though I am ordering $100 with quantity 6 only.

    How to rectify this one?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Are we able to redeem any other gift card (like Him or Her) to TGG GC? Thanks

  • Has anyone been able to get to the rewards section under my account? I tried yesterday and it looks like it has been removed.

    • yes i am able to see the rewards section

      • Strange, I still can't see AGL rewards after logging in. Can you please send a screenshot?

        • How do I send a screenshot here? (New to ozbargain)

          But if you log in to your account -> top navigation bar has the option 'Rewards'

  • How long do I need to wait to receive after I bought The Home gift card from AGL rewards?

    • +1

      It does take 2-3 days

      • That's a long time

    • +1

      Ordered weds evening. Did bank transfer right away.

      Gift cards just showed up

  • Just got $1000 Home and $1000 Her gift cards land in my inbox. Both ordered on same day (seperate orders). But annoying that they’re in $100 denominations but hey ho

    Ironically I’m not even a current AGL customer (moved to Nectr last month) but AGL still lets me log in and access rewards!

    • yeah i was able to sign up with them and got instant access to rewards even though my switch over date was the coming month.

  • Does JB Hifi online accept split payments, eg $500 by GC and $90 by normal credit card for example? Thanks

    • +1

      Yes you can.

  • I just noticed in my emails amoment ago, my second lot of purchase today via AGL web site, it listed as The Active eGift card (and JB Hifi or TGG were not listed as a participating retailers), my first lot of purchase was listed as The Home eGift card. Does anyone know if I can convert "The Active eGift card" into JB Hifi GC or TGG GC? (planning to use it to buy iphone from JB Hifi). Thanks

    • did you buy the wrong gift card? Home is not Active.

      • Yes, I didn't check carefully. I thought it was "The Home eGift card" when I click the link above (but somehow it switch the Active GC instead). I already made the bank transfer a moment ago. I try to send them an email as no one answer the phone……

    • According to https://thecardnetwork.com.au/pages/the-active-card The Active eGift card is a different card to HOME/HIM/HER, you might purchased the wrong cards.

  • Anyone had any luck getting their order changed once it has been put through? (I meant to order "The Home card" but somehow accidentally order "The Active card" instead, via AGL website. I paid via bank transfer a moment ago. (It is $1000 worth of GC I can't use !!!). Thanks

    • +1

      Try to contact Agl rewards via 1300 397 079

      • I did but no one answers the call. May try my bank to stop the fund transfer….

  • +1

    Thanks OP. All set to pre-order iPhone 12 pro max soon. A bit of a process to combine these as $500 JB GC.
    I know for sure now that I'm not a Robot. also very good at identifying palm trees, taxi cabs, traffic lights and cross walks !

    • lol

  • Redeemable at Adairs, House, Matchbox, Provincial Home Living, Robins Kitchen, Urban Home Republic, VIP Home Services, Wheel & Barrow Homewares, Pet Stock and more.

    i don’t see TGG or JB, am i missing something?

    • Click on the TCN's link

  • Has anyone received egift card yet? Ordered on 21 (paid via CC) but haven't got them yet.

    • Most likely will get them on Monday (3rd business day)

    • You should get it by now. Worth to contact them. I bought heaps yesterday morning (pay with cc), received the cards in an hour.

      • Argh.. Will call them now

  • hi so i purchased $650 worth of home giftcards and i would like to spend it online at TGG.
    On the good guys website, they only have gift cards in $50, $100 and $200.
    How would i go about using the home giftcards with the TGG for an online purchase?

    • Read the text on the pdf

  • +1

    Good experience. Bought the Home Giftcards to buy iPhone 12 at JB HiFi. Bought via credit card (1% surcharge), received PDF giftcards the next day. Clicked the link in each giftcard, selected In-Store use, received SMS to then add the giftcard to my Apple Pay (I already had TCN app installed). Went to JB the same day and used Apple Pay for 10x$100 giftcards.

    • Hey, just a quick question. my friend just told me that they cannot buy the home gift card through AGL saying that due to COVID Government restriction……can I ask when did you buy that?

      • Can't be true, I also bought $1,100 worth of gift card via AGL Reward after seeing this.

  • Friend was buying a TV today in JB. So I let her use my cards for a further 10%. Bought another $2,000 tonight to replace original $2,000. Wouldn’t let my buy Home or Her (original purchase) so bought Him and Kids.

    Easy money :)

    • How did you buy $2000? Thought $1k limit? Thanks

      • limit is per card type

  • I just swapped 10 * $100 The Home GC to JB Hifi but all of the JB cards I received are $30 GCs not $100.
    Tried to call The Home but they're not answering… Has anyone had a similar issue as mine?

    • read previous comments, there's an option to select value redeem which is easy to ignore

      • Thanks. Just realised that now…

  • Anyone else get the error "Unfortunately the maximum daily limit for The Home eGift Card is $250.00! Unfortunately the maximum monthly limit for The Home eGift Card is $250.00"

    Same for Him eGift card. I can only check out with $250 Him and $250 Home eGift cards in my cart

    • Yes, it seems the limit was decreased to $250 today - I had the same issue.

    • +1

      the limit has now been changed. bad news.

  • I've purchased $70 worth of stuff from JB online using the 'In-store credit card' which I converted. But JB sent me an email saying it's been cancelled and the money will be refunded back to the card. Has anybody received a refund back to their In-store credit card? Mine still shows $0 balance…

    • +1

      Just called them and they said the refund will show up within 48hrs. Fingers crossed!

      • I got the same issue as you. Do you know why your orders cancelled?

        • The email says

          Unfortunately your order JB-5280XXX placed on 26 Oct 2020 has not passed our verification process so it has been cancelled.

    • This just happened to me :( How long did it take for your TCN card balance to update with the refund?

      • It took me 4 days for the funds to reappear. So just wait for 4days 🥲

        • Thanks for the reply!

          What a waste of time… wish I read the comments about spacing out the JB Hi-FI purchases first -____-

          • @hellibelli: Yeah, it is pretty annoying!!
            Also, when you buy JB gc next time, maybe check out as a guest. My order got declined only when I bought GC after signing into my JB account. The ones I bought as a guest didn't get rejected (maybe it's irrelevant but who knows?).


    Maximum daily order $250 with a monthly maximum of $250


    Note: If you are after JB-HIFI, get the HIM/HER/BABY/HOME for maximum purchase of 4x$250

    • +1

      JB HiFi is not included for BABY Card. KIDS Card does include it though.

      • +1

        Yes, KIDS is the one you need for JB hifi - not BABY.

      • thanks for the correction.

    • Hope they honour my orders from last night

      • Let us know when you get them

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