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AmEx Statement Offer | Spend $100, Get $25 Back (Vogue Fashion's Night in)


Possibly targeted to primary cards only

Note: the relevant Vogue event has additional and separate discounts: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/575318

  • Offer valid online at participating Vogue American Express Fashion’s Night In ("VAEFNI") retailers (as listed by Amex).
  • Only valid for purchases shipped to Australia and paid for in Australian Dollars.
  • Offer valid in-store at David Jones Elizabeth Street, Sydney location. Not valid in-store at any other participating VAEFNI retailer.
  • David Jones: Excludes payments to David Jones Corporate Services, online purchases via Shop with Points, and online purchases of Miele, The Daily Edited, and Ultraceuticals products.
  • Estee Lauder: Excludes purchases of gift cards.
  • Myer: Excludes purchases of gift cards.
  • Offer is limited to one credit per Card to which the offer is saved and only spend on this Card counts towards the Offer.
  • Excludes transactions where you do not spend directly with your Card to which the offer is saved, online at participating VAEFNI retailers or in-store at David Jones Elizabeth Street, Sydney. Valid at Australian websites and locations only.
  • Excludes transactions made through a third party establishment or payment processor.
  • Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.
  • Credit should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from the offer end date.
  • Credit will not be applied to your Card Account if your Card has been suspended or cancelled.
  • Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled.
  • See Amex app or account for full offer terms

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (1)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (26)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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  • Only seeing it on my primary card and not supps….

  • I only saw it on my DJs Amex and not my Westpac Platinum and Velocity Escape cards :( Not on my DJs Amex supplementary either …

    • Not on my DJs Amex! :(

      • Really? Interesting. I got an e-mail from American Express themselves about it as well with the two DJs Amex cards in the top right hand corner.

        Guess they think Melburnians don't need new fashionable clothes during lockdown …

  • Got it on my edge card.

    Too bad no Westfield cards like last year :( But at least there is a wide range of online stores

  • This year is rubbish compared to previous years.
    Use once per elligible card. Spend $100 receive $25 back… No Myer gift cards. Don't think Westfield is participating this year. Understanding they are trying to avoid creating unwanted crowds in city.
    Personally not going to bother this year and will wait for 2021 when hopefully back to spend $50 get $20 credit 3x per card. Can anyone find value with this promotion?

    • -6 votes

      Perhaps a workaround for Myer gift cards might be to buy something then exchange for a gift card (presumably a standard Myer card only, not Coles Myer)

      • Does this work? Whenever I have returned an online order to Myer in store, they have told me that the refund would be processed to my original form of payment in the next few days.

        Though I don't believe I've ever asked to do a product exchange for an online order and requested a gift card instead.

        • When I say 'return' for a gift card, I also meant 'exchange'

          I'm not sure why my comment above was negged… I assume it must not be considered possible.

          However, see here (from https://www.myer.com.au/content/returns-policy):

          "where a credit or debit card was used to make the purchase, the cardholder and the same card used for the purchase must also be presented and used for the refund, otherwise a Myer Returns Card will be provided"

      • Ehh I feel like this is a dick move.

    • Yeah the Myers GC were nice. Could use them as Eftpos cards. I still have plenty of DJ GCs from last couple years that I’m struggling to spent. Much of their stuff are overpriced

  • No Myer gift cards 'cause I believe it goes through a third party, unlike DJs gift cards.

    Westfield definitely isn't participating. Williams Sonoma is if you have your eye on some pricey kitchenware.

    I can find value in this promotion; it's all about stacking the deals e.g. spend $100 on Clinique and get $25 back and 14% back via Cashrewards.

    Edit: In response to lovemydeals

  • Can you use this to purchase anything (such as toys for kids from Myer) or does it need to be fashion related? Sorry stupid question

    • It needs to be from a participating store. You can buy $100 of toys from Myer and get the $25 credit provided you saved the offer to your Amex.

  • Uniqlo is a participating retailer, might get $100 worth of stuff from there

  • 2/2 primary cards got it while nothing for the supps.

  • Yearly fee with Amex is up early next month and there isnt a hope its being renewed for another year

  • Can you split your spend at multiple retailers to hit the $100?

  • Is it valid once per store only? I remember the deal used to be available up to 3 times right? I loved buying gift cards then using them throughout the year

  • What is the cheapest item I can buy? I have a shirt I want to buy at $99, but I'm $1 out of the requirement…

    • It's so hard! The socks don't work for some strange reason! And some items need to be click & collect… which is frustrating!

      • Sometimes stores have a charity you can donate to. I've done this at Myer when I was a $1 short of the amount I needed to spend, but it may not be something offered online.

    • I usually look for a small kitchen item (based on where you're shopping) like a teaspoon

  • Not on any of my cards :(

  • targeted to primary cards only

    Sounds fair to me. I always thought it was unfair that the people with 9 supps can get 10x the discount.

    • tbh I don't see how that's unfair. It's not like as if supplementary cards are somehow restricted to some people and not others, it's a standard feature for all cards. So everyone's playing by the same rules, just some are motivated to go further than others, and therefore reap greater rewards. Nothing unfair about it.

    • I always thought it was unfair that the people with 9 supps can get 10x the discount.

      You understand you're still spending money, right? And the merchant+amex is still making a profit (arguably at lower rate though).

  • Do we need to reach the $100 threshold in one transaction? Or can it be multiple transactions?

  • Received on my Platinum Edge, but not Qantas Discovery.

  • Very interesting wording "Spend $100 or more in one or more transactions at participating retailers… to receive one $25 credit" …so I can spend $50 at Myer and $50 at David Jones to receive one singular credit? I'd just do one transaction of $100+ to be safe but sounds like you can only receive credit once, which is a bit shit.

    Any idea if/when there will be a vogue online sale night to pair the deal with?

    • vogue online sale night to pair the deal with?

      DJs are on sale now (for fashion). Vogue Online Fashion Shopping Night (or whatever it's called) was a few weeks ago.

      • Thanks. I also found Bonds had buy 4 and get 40% off, plus there's $3 dog bandanas if you fall a bit short (which I did).

  • So confirming dj gift cards work in store or e gift card online?

  • Got only on my primary Westpac card not Discovery. Sooo much worse than multiple spends on 10 cards.

  • Most of the time the DJ Amex you get almost all of these kinds of promos. Does qantas Amex do? I thinking to change.

    • Not always. Only reason why DJs Amex are commonly targeted is because they're a main sponsor (and flog their own Amex unlike Myer)

    • I got it on my primary Qantas no fee card.

    • Except for a couple of very specific offers like this one, and the BP David Jones one, I have not found much difference between the offers I get on my $99 fee DJ Amex and my fee-free Qantas & Velocity cards.

      I am planning to cancel my DJ Amex after this offer, because the $99 fee (and $29 additional cardholder fee) isn't worth the tiny number of extra offers.

      • As someone who doesn't pay for their DJs Amex, I wouldn't pay $99. Maybe if you bought everything from DJs and shop a lot from their online store …

      • I like getting free delivery from David Jones with the DJs Amex, although they just sent me two rolls of wrapping paper in a box as large as a small freezer.

  • Just once per card… eh

  • Weird, got it on my Essentials but not my Platinum Edge

  • Can confirm only primary card. It's not showing on supplementary cardholders

  • Got it on one of my primaries(Explorer) but not on my other primary card(Plat Edge). Understandably, not on any of the supps, but weird I'm not seeing it on my other primary.

    • Are the cards linked to the same rewards program? I linked it years ago. And I got it on Explorer account but not on Plat Edge. Both have separate logins.

      • yeah, both linked to the Ascent program ages ago as opposed to Plat Edge on Ascent and Explorer on Gateway. Same login though, both cards are visible on same login.

        • Probably because it's linked that's why. But given that there is no more Gateway, probably it's worthwhile to try and unlink.

          • @lilkid28: Interestingly, the offer finally appeared on my Plat Edge card, couple of days before it expires! Not sure why it took so long, but it eventually did make it! I didn't do anything different like delinking or anything. Was just checking my offers, and it was there today. I'm sure it wasn't there a few days ago.

  • Got it on my primary Westpac Black card but not on Essentials, Qantas Discovery and Gold.

    • Just checked and the offer is on all of my primary cards including Essentials, Qantas Discovery and Gold.

  • One way of making the most of this IMO is to find a bargain ~$100 that can be price matched by DJs (get approval via Facebook chat). Then take advantage of free delivery for orders over $50, and pay using Amex to get the cashback.

    • Thanks for this comment - didn't know about the FB price matching

    • After getting approval, you just make purchase as per normal via DJ website? Can still use Cashrewards/Shopback for cashback?

      • Yes, full benefits.

        The price match is processed separately as a credit back on your credit card (not a reversal of your transaction, so it shouldn't invalidate your cashback).

        If you want to be uber-safe, then just buy an egift card and pay with that instead ALTHOUGH be warned if you do that then your price match refund will be provided to you as an egift card.

  • I also have David Jones online Spend $100 get $15 back Amex offer. What happens if I spend $100 at David Jones online?

    Would I get $25 back from Vogue Amex Night in, $15 from David Jones online Amex deal, or $40 total (this would be amazing).

  • Myer: Excludes purchases of gift cards.

    Wow. Just read this.

    This sucks. No discounted Coles shopping. :-(

  • just got confirmed over amex chat that you can do multiple transactions over different stores. Final total need to be $100 or more to qualify.

  • Just wanted to confirm if anyone got confirmation for online purchase for DJ's, Uniqlo & Myer for gift cards?

    • Please try and let us know how you go

    • I got the confirmation right away for purchasing a DJ e-gift card. But still waiting on the gift card itself.
      Myer gc won’t work as others said as it’s through a different portal. And I don’t believe uniqlo sell gift cards.

      • It seems DJ e-gift cards aren't instant. Got amex cashback confirmation but no gift card yet