[WA] Craft Beer Sale - E.g. 16 Pack Balter XPA $44.99 @ Farmer Jack's Joondalup


Spotted this on Facebook, Farmer Jacks in Joondalup are having a sale for the AFL grand final weekend…Some ripper deals, unsure if other FJ's are doing similar prices. Uncle Dan's prices listed for comparison.

16 pack cubes

Balter Captain Sensible $39.99 ($51.99 at Dan's)
Balter XPA $44.99 ($54.90 online at Dan's, otherwise $61.99)
Feral Biggie Juice $51.99 ($63.90 at Dan's)
Nail VPA $51.99 ($64.99 at Dan's)

6 packs

Colonial Small or Draught $16.99 ($23.49 at Dan's)
Colonial Pale Ale $17.99 ($22.95 at Dan's)
Colonial IPA $19.99 ($26.99 at Dan's)

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  • Cracking prices, this stuff almost never goes on sale. Thanks OP made the track to grab a case. As a side note they have a great selection of craft singles at decent prices.