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5000W Air Diesel Heater for Vehicles $108 Delivered @ Maxpeedingrods


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Final price: $108

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    I'm fascinated by this - never seen these before. This appears to be a kit of parts but on ebay I see complete units of the same power for around $130.

    So I'm thinking whether this would be suitable for warming a tent in the middle of winter? A family size tent, keep the heater outside, duct the heated air in, maybe extend the exhaust a bit further away too - efficiency will be low for sure but at say 0.5L diesel per hour that's < $5 to keep warm all night and not have to bring lots of winter gear. Youtube reviews make it seem quiet enough.

    Anyone done something similar?

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      It's a standard installation kit although the photos are not very helpful. I can't speak for this particular unit or this seller, but the concept would work if you build a platform for it. I installed one in my caravan and the hot air coming from the outlet is too hot to be blowing on my feet. Even at the lowest setting you would want to have some vents open in the tent. Fuel consumption a lot less then too.

      It makes a bit of a ticking noise from the pump, but you can quieten that with some damping. The exhaust noise and smell may be a bit annoying … wafting into the tent or if there are other campers around.

      But the strongest advice I have would be to get a carbon monoxide detector. I would not want to risk my life on some cheap chinese stuff that may develop a fault, or just a wind change resulting in the exhaust gases entering the tent.


        Thanks. Yes a CO2 detector would definitely be on the list if I were to give this a go.


          CO2 (carbon dioxide) is fine, you mean a CO (carbon monoxide) detector.


      There are 2 air "circuits". The inlet and exhaust for the burner part exit from the bottom of the unit. These are the small pipes and these would need to be routed/kept outside the tent. The other circuit is the heated air. This should suck air from inside the tent and heat it, and put it back inside the tent. That will give you the most efficiency and best heating effect.

      IF you just have the heated air going in, it won't be heated as much since it is starting with cold outside air, and the air will have to come out of the tent somewhere. It will be running at full speed all night which might get a bit annoying. Also you could suck in fumes from the burner exhaust and die.


        Thanks. Where do you use yours?

        I was thinking of getting maybe 10m of suitable hose or even collapsible duct to get the warm air in - far enough from tent to hopefully not be a bother. Not lagged or anything - I'm not thinking uber efficiency here. Did not think about recirculating but it's probably a good idea.


          My van has the German Espar hydronic version as a factory option. The one these are clones of. It heats the coolant in the engine rather than heating the air directly. But they are the same other than that.

          These sound like a small jet engine when they are running at full speed. In addition to the Diesel fuel, they pull a few amps at 12V when at full speed, so you will need to consider having to supply that too.


            @stumo: Had no idea about the large 12V requirement. Thanks.


              @afoveht: When at maximum, mine sounds a bit louder than a 240v fan heater. But on low to medium, which is all you should need unless in really cold areas, the fan slows right down and the sound is certainly not obtrusive. Definitely quieter than your typical fan heater ever gets.

              As for current draw I can't recall exactly what mine consumes, but the specs show 15-45 watts (so a little over 1 amp on low). With my 100ah battery there has never been a problem running 2 laptops and lights as well.


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