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40% Off - ThinkPad X13 $1379.40/T14 $1529.40/P14s $1859.40/X1 Yoga Gen 4 $2279.40 + Free Shipping @ Lenovo Australia


Last day of the Lenovo Happy Hour sale. Ends tonight at 11:59pm.

ThinkPad X13 (Intel) for $1379.40
10th Gen Intel Core i5-1021OU, 8Gb Soldered RAM, 256Gb SSD, 13.3" FHD, Integrated Intel UHD Graphics, 48Wh battery

ThinkPad T14 for $1529.40
10th Gen Intel Core i5-1021OU, 8Gb Soldered RAM, 512Gb SSD, 14" FHD, Integrated Intel UHD Graphics, 50Wh battery

ThinkPad P14s for $1859.40
10th Gen Intel Core i5-1021OU, 8Gb Soldered RAM, 256Gb SSD, 14" FHD, NVIDIA Quadro P520 2Gb Graphics, 50Wh battery

ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 4 for $2279.40 (Note: clearance item, while stocks last)
8th Gen Intel Core i5-8265U, 16Gb Soldered RAM, 256Gb SSD, 14" Low Power WVA Multi-Touch, Integrated Intel UHD Graphics, 51Wh battery

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  • Just comparing these promotions to the Lenovo Edu store, considering you can get the X13 AMD version with a 6 core 12 thread 4650U CPU for $1299. The rest of the specs are almost the same.

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        I think this used to be the case. Hasn't AMD overtaken the CPU market?

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        This hasn't been the case for the last 3ish years

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    Nothing impressive with X13 AMD.. I have a fully loaded 32gb one.. then again it's a biz machine. I've had some overheating issues with the 1tb nvme, batt done 4-5hrs, sound disappearing when connecting BT headphones then going back onboard (had to.keep on reinstalling audio drivers). Keypad isn't the best also crap already getting into nook.

    I use it to test VM and general use.

    • I have the the x13 with 4750u and 16gb of ram. I like the laptop overall but I've also had issues with the sound not working and having to reinstall (or rollback) the drivers. More annoyingly, the wifi won't start often after waking from sleep. Lenovo tech support has been useless at helping me with this.

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        ah yes. I've also had the faulty wifi state a couple of times. After numerous of times removing & reinstalling the drivers the wifi would remain faulty (i thought it was defective)… I discovered doing a complete shutdown or Power Off did the trick to get it back.

        A few times when the nvme overheats the laptop DOES NOT poweroff but rather reboots and gets stuck on this white post screen saying couldn't find boot device (at first panic set in as i already had few project vm that i haven't done a snapshot elsewhere to. The laptop remains pretty warm with fans roaring). But after a manual power off it boots fine. I may have to MOD the nvme and put a heatsink. I honestly think Lenovo have disregarded basic design consideration such as this…

        Being a new release v1.. these are the risk of taking the punt! The more scary thing is even with the NBD onsite, parts are scarce especially during this covid.

        this is turning into a regretful buy.

    • It's very overpriced here.

      Enterprise contract for X13:
      Price (exc. GST): $884.00
      Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 Pro 4450U
      Ram: 8GB
      Hard drive: 256GB SSD

      That's 972.4 inclusive. They shouldn't be >$1000 anywhere with a Ryzen, let alone a lower specced Intel model…

      Other models:
      Price (exc. GST): $954.00
      Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 4650U
      Ram: 8GB
      Hard drive: 256GB SSD

      Price (exc. GST): $1090.00
      Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 4750U
      Ram: 8GB
      Hard drive: 256GB SSD

      • cash goes out the door once you spec it up to max. even on enterprise contract.

        • Yeah, the soldered RAM notably is overpriced.

          The SSDs aren't too bad to spec up - fair enough pricing.

          Just wanted to comment to contrast the X13 OP mentions… Benchmark of 4450U is 10078.
          $1379.40 10th Gen Intel Core i5-1021OU benchmark 6531
          Rest of specs is identical.

          It's literally +$407 (after GST) for a crappier CPU… rest is the same.

  • What you have is what I wanted. Did you get the US version Ryzen 7 Pro? I wanted to do the same, run VMs.

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