[Back Order] Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 4G 256GB, Silver - $1161.95 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Screen 11.0"
Memory 8GB RAM
Storage 256GB
Front Camera 8MP
Rear Camera 13MP and 5MP Ultra Wide
Battery 8,000mAh
Colours Silver
4G ✓

**dispatched within 1 to 2 months

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  • YMMV but I bought this from the last deal and I got the 256GB wi-fi / 8GB ram version that came with the book case keyboard cover at the same price. I was pretty happy about it since that's what I preferred!

  • So what's people's thoughts about this vs the new Ipad Air 4 @ $1,109.00 for 256GB wifi?

    • As others have noted, there’s better app selection for the iPad. And you’ll get waaaay better support and updates.

      But if your workflow is largely Google, Microsoft etc then much of a muchness.

  • I would have thought ipad air 4 is more powerful and would probably last longer. :)

    • Last longer how?

    • I have a 6 yo Sammy still running as fine as the day I took it out of the box. It gets hammed and I don't know of any iPads of that vintage that are still around that haven't been made redundant by iOS upgrades.
      If my Sammy was to fall over tomorrow, I would probably get this….

  • Yeah honestly I've tried Samsung tablets in the past being an Android users and Samsung stop support, app Dev on Android tablets are not consistent.

    My iPads that are older have out lasted my newer iPads

  • +2 votes

    Depends on how you like to multitask if using for work. Dex is excellent compared to iPad OS. Just got the S7+ to replace my S6 which was already an excellent workhorse. Maybe im not the used to my iPad pro but I feel that the Samsung has more flexibility

    • iPad may have more tablet optimised apps but Samsung Dex is in a league of its own. Sometimes I forget that I'm running android when I'm playing on my S6.

    • Yeah although Android for tablet is suck, you guys definitely have to try Dex from Samsung. It's like i rarely need my laptop for work now unless i need to get apps to work properly.
      I came from Tab S4 and iPad Pro 12.9". Ipad might have their app store with good Apple Pencil support, but if i need to get work done i'll just get to my laptop anyway.

  • Do Amazon sell insurance?

  • I would have bought an ipad air 4 to replace my ipad Air 2 but ever since Samsung has updated my S5e to ui 2.5 I never use my ipad any more. Samsung multi tasking is way better and I prefer the oled display. With that being said I wouldn't pay this much for an android tablet, however I won't be buying a new ipad either.

  • Bought! This will be a huge upgrade for my Tab S3 which is starting to lag now with Android 9. Cheers, OP :).