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Petkit PuraX Automated Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box + 6L Free Litter $629.99 Delivered (10% off w/Coupon Code) @ Lectory.com.au



  • Specialized crystal shape filter pad supports more types of cat litters, including Tofu, mixed and clay litters

  • 6 security measures to monitor the entry of cats and stop the machine for safety

  • Deodorizing function with 99.9% disinfection rate of 12 common pathogens

  • Real-time data report and settings with a smartphone app

  • Smart notification to alert low of litters, full collection box and other incidents

About the offer:

  • Free 6L Kungfu Cat Litter included as a Starter Kit.

  • Offer ends 28th October.

  • 10% off + Free Shipping by Applying "OZBARGAIN10"


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  • $700 seems a bit steep

  • Lol i hate cleaning litter but 700 are you for real

  • lol cat people

  • Does this double as an air fryer/pet crematorium?

    How does this get the runny shit off the wall when the pustee uses it in anger?

    $700 is pretty steep, i can pay my kid for a long time to do it for that plus have the pleasure of having them deal with it.

  • Dumb cat can shitttt outside

  • Schitz post

  • If it actually does what it claims, I'm in.

    • I have a Littermaid, not as fancy as this but does a great job. 10 minutes after it's sensed that a cat has been in it, it rakes all the clumps into a receptacle.

    • I have a LitterRobot 3 ($900) and it is one of the best pet products I've ever bought. I will never go back!

      Plus were going though 50-75% less litter than we were, so it'll have paid for itself in under 2 years.

      • Yeah, it's not so much the initial cost that puts me off. If something works and I am in the financial position to afford it, buying it at the best price is the definition of a bargain.

        Buying something regardless of how cheap is still a massive downer if it doesn't work.

  • last time I bought a gadget for my cat, the company closed about 2 months after and then the product stopped working after a year and I was stuck with it, unable to fix it.

    For this price, it better not break anytime soon!

  • I am willing to give it a go and see if its worth it. We were seriously thinking about getting the Litter Robot 3, but that $900 price tag is a bit high. This one is not that much cheaper, but its enough that I am willing to give it a go.

  • I just bought the last unit… hopefully $620 will be worth it.

    Im just worried about the warranty as i didnt see the details in the product description.

    Also, there's no 90-money back guarantee unlike the LitterRobot… my cats might slap my face for spending $620 for stuff they dont like. Aw.

  • Thank guys, it's sold out, the backorder ETA is the end of November.

  • It's been more than a week now since I set up the cat litter. Here's my thoughts:

    First impressions:
    1. The build is of high quality. The materials used don't look and feel cheap.
    2. There's a huge instruction manual and makes you want to look at before using the product. What's good with that is that you see all the instructions in 1 page and that's very helpful to look at it while setting up the litter box.
    3. The product is huge! I'm 5'7" and the box is almost at hips high.
    4. The motor is quiet.
    5. The app is user friendly and functional. There's auto-clean, scheduled-clean and manual (where you manually push the button to tell the litter box to run the cleaning routine) options. A notification is sent for each litter box activity.

    1. The litter box is huge but the barrel is small. One of my cats is huge (6kg) and litter sticks on to his fur every time he uses the litter box. It's an issue because the fecal matter goes everywhere, to my bed and even to my lap when he cuddles. My other cat (4.5kg) is a bit small and i dont see litter sticking on to her fur when she gets out of the litter box.
    2. Both of my cats got terrified the moment i first turned on the unit and they are still scared by it up until now although they are getting used to it now. I almost wanted to return the product and I was scared that they will never use it… They didnt use the auto cat litter for the first 5 days. I had to make them eat close to it so they feel comfortable around it. I have to turn off the auto and scheduled cleaning so they dont get scared again when i'm not at home and the unit is running. I do the manual mode cleaning when I get home and when they are not around it.
    3. I dont know if there is a cheaper deodorizing liquid alternative.

    So… it's been 8 days now since I setup the litter box. It was 3 days ago when I got rid of my cats' old litter box and it was the past 3 days when they started using the new litter box. Since then, I couldn't smell the usual cat waste smell, the floor is cleaner as tracking is minimized by the mesh mat and I stopped using the poop scooper.

    It really does a great job filtering out the waste from the litter media. Btw, I'm using the "World's best cat litter" for my cats. As the media is small enough to pass through the filter, most of the waste go to the bottom pan.

    My wishes:
    1. A literature warning the owner that cats may get terrified by the auto cat litter. Owners may get excited setting up the litter box but it would be good for them to know cats may get terrified and that may cause them not to use it.
    2. Suggestions/recommendations to make an easy and hassle-free conversion to using the auto cat litter. E.g. keeping the unit turned off for the first few days.
    3. A longer power cord.
    4. An "L" shaped power cord end. The current one has the usual pointed end. It's protruding in the back of the unit and that you cannot place the unit close to the wall.
    5. Bigger barrel/drum for bigger cats.