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$10 off Pizza (Min Spend $25, Delivered by Restaurant Locations Only) @ Menulog


As per the title. $10 off. Delivered by Restaurant only.

Why not enjoy your pizza with a side of Coke… "aaah"
Whatever you're craving, we'll slice $10 off* your pizza order 😎
*$25 min. spend. Offer only valid with "Delivered by Restaurant" Pizza orders until 25/10/2020. One redemption per customer.

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    Can use pick up and 'new customer' discount to maximize discount.

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      Tried as new customer and got this…

      Voucher for returning customers only.

      • Apologies, should have clarified it was for the restaurant 'first time new customer orders'. Some restaurants offer 10-20% off for new customers.

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    Nice 17 dollar pizza GB and drink for the night

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      2 large with the same $25

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        22+5 delivery minus 10

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          27 minus 2.20 10% discount then minus $10 for Jumbo

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    not sure how this works really. I had an order for $24 and applied the code fine

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        wicked right

  • After hearing DeliveryRoo claim they will turn over 14million on Saturday & Sunday with the AFL & NRL grand final I’m guessing tonight will be quite for most delivery services.

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      Quite quiet?

  • Already buyededed a Jumbo Pizzzzzah, should be here in next 10 mins.

    Pizza, mmmmmm

    The Lot, Jumbo 23.00
    Offer discount -2.30
    Voucher discount -10.00
    Delivery fee 5.00

    $15.70 delivered.

  • Amazing! Was just about to order a pizza and i open up ozbargain and see this

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      The site just keeps giving

      • +2

        Giving avenues to spend that is….

        • Lmao
          The fact that we acknowledge that yet succumb to it..
          SORCERY ?

  • Don’t pick the pay by cash option or you’ll won’t get the discount

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      I still have the same $20 bill I had in my wallet from Feb b4 covid hit…. But good to know…

  • Does this work at kebab shops that also make pizzas?

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      Sure it would, this isn't a Pizza specific item, more so the stores included in the Pizza promotion.
      Check your menu to see who is offering what.

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    OzB sorts out dinner - good stuff

  • Sweet worked for pick up too, cheers Op.

  • same deal but for McDonald's, $10 off V7CC-TJFS

  • Never mind

  • why not just order directly from the restaurant themselves?