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Zero-X Pulse Drone $64 (Was $129) @ JB Hi-Fi


Looks like a decent basic intro drone for kids gift or if wanting something cheap to practise on before upgrading. Stacks of them in stock at CBD stores.

Specs aren't anything to write home about: 720p camera, 100m range, 7 mins flight.

$19 for additional batteries.

Make sure you check legal areas of operation:

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  • What’s the general consensus on these?

    • Looks like a decent basic intro drone for kids gift or if wanting something cheap to practise on before upgrading.

      • Fun to fly at the local oval with no one around, you really need the extra batteries, if theres wind dont fly it as itll be taken with the wind

        • +2

          if theres wind dont fly

          Thanks… No baked beans for breakfast tomorrow then…

  • JB has pretty mixed reviews. From 'awesome' to "return button doesn't work, drone flew off and was lost"

  • Hmmm. Seems they go on sale at $49 ?

    • Not for over a year…

  • They are terrible. Not worth the $64.
    You need the app running to fly. Better off getting a non app / no gps quad with the money.

    • +1

      I've got one and never used an app? Takes off and flies about, not a lot of flying time with a charged battery

  • I got one previously cheaper than this at big w. The video recording is impossible i tried many different sd cards and if you go the app route then it's outdated and won't work on new devices.

  • Zero X are quite a good brand. Local AU warranty and support. Entry level model, but at this price, good fun.

  • +1

    Get tello instead of this ones. Another $20 $25 and you are good to go

  • Bought one last year for $49 at JB. Not worth the money IMO. Can't handle the slightest wind. Signal disconnects less than 30metres, and have to chase after it hoping it won't crash.

  • i bought 3 entry drones and came to the conclusion that, i should have started on a proper dji, even if a 2nd hand dji phantom [email protected] for $400. day and night. just my 2 cents.

    • Yeah, very true. All of these cheap one will end up drifting into infinity once they go on air.

      • that said, the $100 blackfin drone deal like a few mths ago was ok. probably one of the best cheap drone to start with.

        still, better start with a $400 2nd hand phantom.

    • So don't buy list Including Tello?

      • yes i would say so. anything dji except tello will do

        • I see… Yes I kind of understand, we buy cheap onee but if we like it then we will feel the better model will be amazing , and regret not buying decent ones.

  • I have one of these and can confirm the following:

    • They are useless in ANY sort of wind. Even a very slight breeze will cause it to drift, and flying it in the opposite direction might hold it still.
    • Battery life is OK for a joy flight, but remember this is just a toy - a cheap remote controlled car that can fly.
    • Camera quality is barely passable. In bright sunlight, shots are washed out and in shade, everything looks pretty dark, but they're definitely passable, probably on par with a cheap phone. Also, you need to take the SD card out to get the photos.
    • I've never used an app, the included controller is fairly good. Sometimes the drone won't do what it's told (eg return home), but I've never had it fly off.
    • Range is OK for a toy, it usually works across a full sized oval, but I've had it lose connection at about 120m away and it auto-landed itself safely, but then it took me 20 mins to find where the hell it landed.
    • Build quality is decent - it can withstand the odd bump or crash landing and comes with a few spare parts. Flies smoothly enough for stable footage most of the time, but obviously there's no gimbal at this price.

    Overall, it's a bit disappointing as a drone, but it's a pretty good toy. If you have a lot of really still days, you'll enjoy playing around with it to decide if you want to invest in a proper drone. If you live where it's windy, just don't bother, and if you plan use it for the camera, be aware that you won't know how good/bad the shots are until after you get the SD card back to a computer.

  • Best bargain drone for kids. Check out furibee

  • is it brushless