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[eBay Plus] iPhone 12 (64GB: $1277.10, 128GB: $1349, 256GB: $1511.10) @ Sky Phonez eBay


Looks like the seller "my-phonez" on eBay is applicable to the 10% off, only for eBay Plus members. AU Stock and Tax Invoice available (but sadly due to travel restrictions, TRS will be difficult :/)

iPhone 12:
- 64GB: $1277.10
- 128GB: $1349
- 256GB: $1511.10

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  • If only my TCN GC's were sent… Jk idk but my iPhone X is lasting a lot longer than I expected. Might wait another year and throw all that cash into a 3080 instead.

    Also, RRP is
    $1349 for 64Gb - 5.3% off
    $1429 for 128Gb - 5.6% off
    $1599 for 256Gb - 5.5% off

    so discounts are a little smaller (but expected due to eBay fees)

  • iPhone 12:
    - 64GB: $1277.10 (RRP$1419)
    - 128GB: $1349 (RRP$1499)
    - 256GB: $1511.10 (RRP$1679)

    Real RRP

    64GB $1349
    128GB $1429
    256GB $1599

  • I still prefer to buy it from apple store because of better return policy… wish there is discounted gift card for apple

    • I kinda like inflated eBay prices though, especially when I still had 18% off eBay GC's. TRS gets counted for the higher price as tax invoices never show the discount. Not that I'm travelling anywhere anytime soon though…

    • If it is genuine AU stock, you can still take it directly to Apple for any warranty issues. Unless you are referring to returning within 14 days of purchase, that of course is only possible if you buy directly from Apple Store.

  • Same seller Apple iPhone XS MAX $989.10 if anyone is interested

  • Isn’t the discount $100 max?
    So iPhone12 128gb will be $1399 vs rrp $1429?
    Only $30 off. I think the costco deal is $50 off and much easier to return as well.

    • Not according to the T&C of the PLUSSAVE promotion:

      Conditions. The offer entitles eBay Plus Members to a 10% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on Eligible Items listed on the eBay.com.au website, when you spend $100 or more in one transaction during the Offer Period, with up to a maximum discount of $500 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in 10 transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

    • No, its 10% not capped at 100.

  • I bought my iPhone from this mob a few years ago. “Aussie stock” turned out to be Japanese stock and I only realised after a month in when I couldn’t turn my camera noise off.

    • These fools are playing the tech card. It’s Aussie stock as in its in Australia but not an actual Australian model.


    • Would Apple still offer ACL coverage on overseas models?

      • iPhone warranty is not international.

        Saying that Australian Apple stores will assist you if you have issues in the first 12 months but after that you are on your own.

        ACL issues would be with the retailer you bought it from not Apple in this case.

    • Wouldn't the power adaptor be a dead giveaway?

    • Without the charger, it’s even harder to find out what country it’s from

  • Wow! Good deal

  • 1) 100% Aussie stock.

    2) Model number: Does not apply (this is a red flag!!!)

    3) Disclaimer. We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct.

    Downvoting cause I am almost certain it’s not Aussie stock and selling grey imported stock with so called statements to try and protect themselves from liability is a massive red flag for me.

    • Protect themselves from liability? A seller can write whatever they want to, if it violates Australian law it is worth nothing. If they claim it is Australian stock but it isn't this text won't help them a bit

  • Fake “RRP” so they can mislead on the discount.

    Edit: just realised the OP is the one that suggested these were the RRP. Still neged for overpricing to inflate the discount.

    • As i always say if all one can offer is 5% off original rrp. Then so be it. Whats stopping someone offering 50% off but overpriced pretend bs rrp? All these stores act like they are victims. Like this rule only apply to them should think the rules apply to every store. Start from rrp and every shop discounts from there.

  • Fake rrp, not Aussie stock..

  • after seeing the youtube battery test, I give up changing my iPhone 11 pro to 12 pro


  • Not Aussie stock

  • EbayPlus, Jacked, pre-order ( 28 Oct ) dispatch, higher than apple’s list price.

    Neg for seller, not OP.

  • Look I found a dick, who is already trying to make money on iPhones: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/738256673699880. He wants $1850 for a phone, which is worth $1699