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32% off Twin Pack 100% Mulberry Silk (22 Momme) Pillowcase $87.20 Delivered (RRP $128) | 20% off All Other Items @ only | silk


Edit: This is the same deal that was posted yesterday under the “onlysilkau” account, but has been reposted due to account issues. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Hi OzBargainers,

We’ve redesigned our new website - only | silk - and are having a launch special for this weekend only across our site.

We’re selling a twin pack of the best seller colours in our 100% mulberry silk pillowcases for $109 as a launch special.

This deal be stacked with our 20% site wide sale with code WELCOME20, and free delivery Australia wide for orders above $50, to bring the two pack down to $87.20 delivered for this weekend only (RRP $128).

There’s other special offers available too on our regular and large scrunchies - eg. ~29% off our triple pack “biggie” silk scrunchie $32 + Delivery (RRP $45)

All our products use 100% 22 momme grade 6A mulberry silk on both sides, making them comparable to other leading brands on the market.

Finally, a thing to note about our brand is that we’re dedicated to supporting mental health and so we’re donating 10% of profits from every sale to charities like BeyondBlue.

Please see our Instagram page for more information @onlysilkau.

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  • How many silkworms do you reckon are boiled alive for each pillow?

    • Wow i didn't realise they kill the worms, i thought it was like a milking process or something.

      • Imagine working your whole young life to build a house so you can go in it to chill and transform into a superhero, but then while you're in there some dude comes along and destroys the entire neighbourhood, occupants included, so he can re-use the construction materials you and your buddies gave your life for, for his own flippant project. That's silk.

    • how many chickens/cows are killed to make a burger/steak?

      • Not enough for the greenies apparently. Despite wanting us all to eat plant-based steaks - aka Veakes - they also want to whine about all the animals farting in the atmosphere and creating alleged global warming…

      • 70+ billion per year.

        Here's a scale for your reference.

  • What's the difference between these ones and the pair I recently bought from ebay for $12 from this link: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2PCS-Bedroom-Mulberry-Silk-pillo...

    I personally bought these in a nice white and they arrived in a few days and seem fine, 100% silk.. so I'm wondering what the upsell to more expensive ones is?

    These advertised ones are 7.3 times more expensive .. so I could buy 14 and a half pillows for the price of this $88 pair..

    To make the point again, the $6 ones I bought seem really fine, quality of stitching and material is good, and they feel nice. So why are these expensive ones so much more expensive?

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      Hi there,

      Thanks for the question.

      I’ve had a look at that listing and I can’t tell the silk weight or quality they’ve used in those pillows.

      The fact that it is silent means it’s not likely to be the really high quality stuff, especially given price - for context, grade 3a silk (which is the benchmark for commodity pricing) sells at around US$60 per KG. Like with all commodities (eg. Iron Ore), the price for higher quality end products will be higher - I just don’t have this information at hand.

      The ones we’re selling are grade 6A mulberry silk and have a 22 Momme finished weight which means the silk has a thicker texture across the whole pillowcase. Our pillowcases are also ~90grams in weight each, so just simple math will show it’s impossible to sell the raw material itself for A$6 a pillow (assuming no price premium to the grade 3a pricing, which is not the case), let alone including manufacturing costs.

      Finally, I assume the other seller does not give back to charity or incur significant packaging costs and so raw material is the only way I can think of about how they are pricing at that level.

      Please note I am not trying to dismiss that product in any way. I am sure it is completely fine and does the job it’s intended to do, but like with most things, you do get what you pay for and I’m just trying to explain why ours is priced differently.

      • Misleading title as it say sx the final price then lists 20% off.

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          Sorry, I can see how that reads having a second look at it. Let me fix it.

      • At 7.3 times more expensive you’re going to have a hard sell. And the charity gimmick I don’t buy that story. Bottom line is I don’t see this as a bargain even if yours is better quality.

      • Great detailed explanation op. Appreciate the breakdown. Based on prices I’ve seen in store for silk pillowcases. This is a great price.

        It may not be eBay silk comparable but you need to compare apples to apples

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          Thank you for saying that, it’s very kind of you!

          Frankly, we’re a small business trying to get into stores and other marketing channels.

          We genuinely believe in our product and think the quality speaks for itself, but if it’s too expensive for OzBargain, we’ll take that feedback on board and tailor our marketing accordingly going forward.

    • Thanks for the link, Bono - just bought a pair each of the white and grey. Will see how they compare to the satin ones I've been using.

    • I have purchased these before.

      Quality of the stitching is what you would expect for $12/ $6/pc

      Care labels don't actually say it's 100% silk. Until I have something to compare it to, I have no idea whether I got scammed or it is real silk.

      I ordered Luxor crown ones off Amazon for $39 a pair, they should be coming today. Will let you know what the difference is.

      Edit: They just arrived. The quality on Luxor Crown definitely seem better, GSM might be denser, stitching is cleaner, material is definitely a bit thicker. More confidence in the Luxor Crown being of real silk, but they both feel very similar on the surface.

      I just washed them using delicate fabric wash, will compare sleeping on them when they dry.

    • There are many fakes on ebay, you need to check carefully if it is real silk, I've found that anything below ~$20 is likely fake or really thin cheap silk.

  • I'm yet to decide where I stand on the anti- vs pro- mental health argument.

    Can I get the 10% discount instead of a donation to "charities like Beyond Blue"?

    I promise to have some heart to hearts with troubled youngsters about the concept of resilience to help make up the difference…

    • +2 votes

      Hey, unfortunately we can’t allow this. We’ve made a representation to the public that we’ll be donating it, so we have to follow through.

      As part of our audited accounts each year, we need to demonstrate that 10% of profits are actually donated to charity so even if I were to allow 10% off the sale price, my auditors would still require me to have donated 10% of the end profit from that sale to charity.

      So I’m still donating (slightly less) either way.



        In saying that, if you’re a registered charity (ACNC accredited) and have deductible gift recipient status, more than happy to have a chat offline about how you can get on our charity panel so that we can donate money to your cause.

        • Fair enough, and more power to you.

          But given your detailed explanation above about the cost base of your premium product, I'm not sure I'd want to be building more margin - however philanthropic in it's ideals - into a business selling comparatively high end product which is already at a significant price disadvantage to other players in the marker. Tough sell…

    • I'd rather see that 10% go toward funding people to do the course they put the people who answer the phones through tbh, build the community skill set and all that.

      • Perhaps you can launch your own business and decide on how you donate the money and to which charitable causes?

        Beyondblue is a great choice of charity and Much needed in these current times

        • I ran my own kitchen with my family for 10 years, I now work child safety and ndis in high challange behaviours.

          This is what informs my response, knowing that it's better to have a system that can regulate rather than fix issues after they are enough of a concern to require intervention.

          But I appreciate your response.

  • So sad to have missed out on this - please bring back! :)


      Hi there, thanks for your comment. It's great to see the support and we're really sorry you missed out!

      Unfortunately, we won't be bringing this exact deal back again because - as fellow bargain hunters ourselves - we hate it when we buy something on a "limited time sale" and then eventually find it either even cheaper, or back on sale for the same price, down the track. We then feel misled by the company and don't want to be doing that to our customers.

      We will definitely have sales from time-to-time, but this deal (the twin pack deal for $87 delivered) was only ever intended to be a launch offer for our new website, so we won't be selling at this price (or even lower) in the foreseeable future.

      We'll happily post any future sales on OzBargain when we do have them, but its probably also worthing subscribing to our mailing list on our website as we also send out targeted discount offers from time to time.

      Have a great day and we're sorry again that you missed out on this deal :(