Intex Wave Rider Sports Swimming Set $21.81 + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Intex Wave Rider Sports goggles have two highly resistant polycarbonate lenses for extra safety. The all-round edges are made of hypoallergenic, thermoplastic rubber material. This is a soft and flexible material that makes the mask comfortable to wear.

Fins: Fits shoe sizes 5-8

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  • Hey OP, what makes this a bargain? CCC says it's always been this price.

    Can you provide a little more insight? Cheers.

    • Op has a history of posting random stuff like this from amazon. Usually the price jumps in a few minutes and the post is marked expired. Look at their stats, they have more posts than comments!

      • But many deals they have posted are incredibly priced. I've scored a few great bargains.

        • Agreed, is a bit mean spirited to have a go at OP over this. Looks like they have posted many deals and hundreds have benefited. OP is not responsible for stock levels. A cheap and nasty shit like this from the Anaconda or BCF generic brand go for more than this and intex with a reputable brand.
          Keep up the good work OP, you have not found OZB fame yet but it is your destiny.

        • Thank you.

      • I wonder why do you mind my posts? I believe some have picked up quite a bargain from Amazon.
        It is not my fault that Amazon uses AI to manipulate prices.

    • If you look at the CCC chart closely you will note CCC only started tracking just over a week ago. I don't think it's fair to suggest it has always been this price based on a week's data… no?

      • Very fair call mate. I didn't notice it was just a week's worth for price history. Normally it's a year's worth and I assumed that was going to be the same case.

        I'm not having a go at OP by any means, just based on the info provided (and I'm a noob in field of goods) I can't see how's it's a bargain. Just keen to see why it's the case.

    • This is a good price for a set of these three items. Intex produces no brand items which are solid in quality. They usually get sold out quickly on Amazon because of their reasonable price.

      • Hey OP not having a go at you at all, sorry if it comes across like that.

        It was more of a question because CCC says it's always been this price so I was curious why it's a bargain. I know nothing about diving gear so any insight is very welcome.

        • No worries.
          This snorkeling set is not a serious one, just for kids to get a fun, etc.
          If you are looking for a more serious kit, you should consider better brands.