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Do you struggle to find healthy treats & enrichment toys for your fur baby?

Well you're not alone, and the struggle is REAL for most dog parents.

It can get quite stressful for most of us to find what's best for our dogs. Afterall, there's so much to choose from out there.

Uglybox is a curated box for your dog and is tailored to their size & allergy preferences.

Each Uglybox containes 2 Treats (Meaty & Chewy) and 2 Toys (mix of enrichment and/or treat dispensers).

All our treats are made in Australia or New Zealand with only the best quality meats. Nothing cheap and nasty!

Our toys are all high quality and we stand behind them. Some are more durable than others but we choose every item to match the overall style of the box. Variety allows you to try a whole range of items you may never have realised your dog loves.

Do what matters most to you which is spending more time with your pooch creating memories and having a great time with your family!

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  • Each pack contains 2 toys and 2 treats.

    Toy 1: $29.99
    Toy 2: $13.99
    Treats are about $5.00 each judging by these and your website.

    Total value (at RRP prices): ~$54 give or take depending what's included.

    Subscription box: $60/month.

    What's the point? You're a bit late to the subscription fad which has died out as people realise there's no real added value in them anymore.

    The uninspiring name doesn't help either to get one for gift packs.

    Good luck anyway.

    • Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.

      Each Uglybox is usually $70-$90 value with Shipping included Australia-wide. The toys and treats are of the highest quality and our curated based on your dog's preferences (allergy, size, etc).

      The treats we send out in our Uglyboxes are full serves at around $13.99 each. Hope that helps with providing some clarity.

      The name Uglybox is actually very popular amongst our customers and is named that way because all our boxes are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. And our treat packaging is home compostable. Better for the environment, and great for dogs!

      • I would sign up but the toys shown in the images look cheap, my dog (staffy - 25kg) would destroy these in a couple of minutes.

        All good having eco packaging but if the toys are destroyed easily then whats the point.

        I'm happy to pay for quality, perhaps another level of packs for extra large dog with more durable toys or even toys that are made from recycled materials

  • the name doesn’t sound like it fits with the product.
    Also first line said fur babies, so i clicked. just for dogs.. not all fur babies

  • To balance out your 'customer feedback' I'll add another vote to that name being terrible!

  • I was interested until I had to put my email address in. It should be the last step not the first. I wonder how many companies lose sales by trying to grab the email address of potential customers and spamming their inboxes.

  • think the dogs would get more fun out of destroying the packaging