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JB Hi-Fi Bundle: SmartThings V3 Hub, Multi-Purpose Sensor (X2), Water Leak Sensor, Vision Sensor & Smart Bulb for $199 +Delivery


2 Offers:

Samsung SmartThings WiFi Hub Mega Pack for $239 + delivery
Samsung SmartThings V3 Hub Mega Pack for $199 + delivery

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All items must be purchased in the same cart transaction to receive bundle offer, delivery fees apply. Offer valid until November 24 2020 or while stocks last.

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  • Any comments which is better WiFi Hub Mega Pack or V3 Hub Mega Pack

    • Wifi hub replaces your normal wireless router and is also mesh compatible to expand your wifi coverage

  • This is a good price, comparable to the RACV bundle to a degree. But I think the vision sensor is an overpriced motion sensor that kind of has a confused use. I'd prefer motion sensors instead. Not sure the water sensor is overly useful either.

  • My experience with smartthings wasn't great, a few of the sensor keep losing connections after a few days and you'll have to reset and set up all those automations again, very annoying. In the end I just keep the sensors and hooked them up on conbee with hassio, much more responsive and stable, easy to backup. And don't forget most of samsung sensors use very expensive cr123 battery, unlike xiaomi who use much cheaper and popular cr2032

    • It's easy to set up compared with more advanced setups like OpenHab, Home Assistant, Domoticz, Hassio, etc. so good for those not IT savvy. Still has some pretty advanced features via their web IDE for those who like to script, etc. and install community created plugins. Personally I haven't had issues with my Samsung Smartthings sensors dropping out but have had some of my Xiaomi ones drop off initially but touch wood they're mostly stable now. Worst thing about the Samsung sensors is the battery cost as the motion sensors can chew through CR123 batteries in as low as 3-4 months compared with Xiaomi which can last as long as 2+ yrs. But buy in bulk on eBay and it's actually pretty cheap. The biggest benefit Smartthings has is that Google and Alexa integration is OOTB and free. Most other platforms require some kind of subscription which can be as much as ~$120/yr.
      But be warned, the Samsung Wifi hub has gone through some very bad issues with internet connections lately as it's app controlled by Plume. They've had some extremely annoying outages and bugs which anyone without an IT, Computer Science or Engineering degree would really struggle to debug. Was that bad that I ended up hooking up my Telstra Smart Modem as a secondary router between my NBN NTD/modem and my Samsung Smartthings wifi hub. If internet drops out/is offline which is somewhat common for NBN, the whole Samsung router craps itself as it doesn't really have a proper offline mode. So normal LAN devices will stop working, etc.

      • Yeah, I agree with your point about Samsung's woeful software development skills. They haven't changed or learned much since their wave os time.

    • Same here, I returned the SmartThings hub but kept the motion sensor. I found the SmartThings interface quite bad, messy, convoluted, unfinished… like Samsung took it to a certain point, then gave up. The Samsung "on-boarding" with their account requirements etc. Not for me.

      I then discovered Hubitat, which is light years better. It gives you the sense your home automation is under YOUR control, not a tech giant's. I don't want Samsung's or Google's "permission" to switch on my own damn lights.

      Hubitat can work completely on your local network, if you want it to. Powerful and user-friendly rules engine. Simple operation, or you can dabble in more advanced stuff at your leisure. Works with Sonos speakers. I could not get my Sonos speakers working with SmartThings at all

  • Do they have a Stranger Things season 4 bundle as well?