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EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Super KO Gaming 8GB GDDR6 Graphics Card $885 + Delivery @ Online Computer


I was searching for "RTX 2080" on Staticice and this came up. I'm not sure if this is a good deal, nor do I know the company selling. I'll let the pros at OzB decide.

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    I will definitely waiting for the incoming rtx 3070, about same price but more performance.

    • How much stock would they have of the 3070 though

      • I have heard there is far more stock of the 3070 (Compared to 3080 launch) and suppliers have it on shelves waiting for release date. However, I'm also sure there will be huge demand.

        • 3060 Ti shortly after (expect a date to be announced as part of the 3070 launch) and apparently there will be a 3070 Ti (GA102 based) not that far behind too.

          Between stimulus packages, those who skipped Turing and being stuck indoors, demand for the 3080 is multiples higher compared to previous xx80 generations, though anecdotally, most people don't understand the performance they're buying and should be looking at their monitor setup.

          Long story short, $550 should get you a card at least equal to this for rasterisation performance, with more RTX performance likely to come.

        • Huge demand but I hear it about 5%demand which is greater than the 2.5% of the 3080

      • Should be much more supply than 3080 cause the memory is only gddr6, but then again demand would also be so much more

        I'm betting similar situations to 3080 though

  • its sold out mate

  • Consider the 3070 is $850 and has better performance than 2080ti, I would say 2080 super should be around $600- 700

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    Not a deal and sold out

  • big navi is being announced in a few days, 3070 after that, ild hold out and see how much that 885 can get you later :)

  • I guess people are tired of the no stock 3080 lmao

    • Different price point to 3080 but certainly people with no patience are concerned about 3070 stock for rest of this year and will buy 2080 cards instead. Given 3070 will be more popular than 3080 I see how they would feel that way

  • Anyone got any recommendations for GPUs for around $350?

    • erring on the side of caution in this case i would say IS posting it and as someone in the market for one I appreciate that; I can easily disregard stuff I decide isnt for me, but I can't pull the trigger on something I didn't hear about (which happens all too often!)

  • Should be a lot more cheaper compared to new models releasing if you have waited this long you can wait until early next year for stock of the 30 Series to come back

  • Still priced too much regardless of the stock of the new gen cards imo

  • Looks like prices has rebounded so perfect time to sell my rtx 2080 super. Hopefully not many lowballers in gumtree waiting to scoop one for the cheap given new is $880 now

    • They never really dropped much lower than this though. I reckon you'd still get plenty of lowballers, especially considering new AMD cards and 3070 are about to release.

  • RX6800XT coming which can push twice more fps than 2080Ti on FireStrike 4K in 3Dmarks

  • 3070 is releasing in just a few days at around this price range. Performance has been leaked and it's on par or slightly faster than 2080 Ti (apart from maybe 4k because of the 3gb less VRAM). Regular price for 2080 Super now should be 600-700.

    • $1100 and no stock unless you wanna ebay one for $1300 :)

    • Yeah I have a ageing 1080 with a 34" ultrawide and would be happy with a 3070 so will wait my time, people have to be nuts jumping into a 2080 when the new cards will obliterate at a cheaper cost

  • Interesting comments looks like a 2080 Super will suit a 4K screen the most? 👍😀

  • horrible deal, should be 750 or max 800

  • When the 2070s is around $550, this isn’t really attractive. 2080s is roughly 15% faster only.

  • Wait for the 3070 tbh

  • This is a decent deal for today, however, it is not a good value. MSI had a 2070 Super Gaming X Trio (personally a better-looking card) for $200 less, while this is only ~15% faster. Also the 3070 is only around the corner.

    • Yes, just bought this 2070 super, very good looking and decent quality for $640. 3070 is a few days away, but I guess an MSI trio X 3070 would be around $1000.