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[Kogan First] Kogan SmarterHome 1.7L Glass Kettle $29.99 Delivered @ Kogan


This kettle has been fluctuating between $80-160 finally going down to a reasonable price. Much better than $110, maybe cheapest ever?

Must add the original post for the description.

Wake up to ready-to-pour, freshly boiled water thanks to this smart kettle, helping you get to your morning brew or cuppa even quicker.

  • Remotely boil from anywhere using the free SmarterHome™ app
  • Wake Up function notifies you once the kettle has boiled
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • 4 Hour Keep Warm function with 40°C, 50°C, 60°C, 80°C and 90°C settings
  • Rapid boil with 2200W of power
  • Boil-dry protection automatically switches off when there is no water
  • Quality Strix technology controlled base
  • Blue LED touch screen with a one-touch open lid
  • Durable stainless steel and glass structure
  • 360° Cordless base

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  • Is it possible to start a trial, buy, then cancel? Or would the first payment be forced to go through. Probably still a good deal if you do ($41 with first month of KoganFirst)..

    • +1

      That's what I did. Started the free trial, bought, still have First though as it stops when you cancel it. First payment for First of $11.99 doesn't get added.

      • +15

        You must have been lucky. Cancelled my Kogan First trial two days before the renewal date and they still charged me. Have provided them the screenshots of the upcoming renewal date and the green cancellation confirmation text and they still refuse to refund the $12. Be very careful

        They havent tested their website using Chrome, so stick with Firefox which seems to work better. Hopefully I get the money refunded but their customer service (while quick to respond) give you the run around. Escalations do nothing except have some numb nuts write the same thing and ignore the evidence provided. They've only manually cancelled my subscription but arent willing to refund me even though I did it two days before the renewal.

        Be careful of Kogan … I won't be buying anything from them in the future.

        • +8

          I’d be calling my credit card company about that.

        • +3

          If it's anything like Amazon's subscribe and save it will ask you twice if you're sure about cancelling, and then three more times if you're really really sure.

        • +1

          I bought a fan from then more than 12 months ago. Maybe longer. In the box was lower part of fan base for model a, and upper part of fan base for model b. Packed in their retail packaging!! They were never going to fit together, and they screwed me around so much to get a refund. Be careful. Nothing would convince me to ever by anything from this mob ever again.

        • Similar experience here. Bought a "smart" kettle from them that didn't have any smart features. It also arrived with discolouration on the metal. Tried for weeks to get something resolved with their customer service but I just got the run around. Ended up selling it on Facebook marketplace for roughly what I paid. Its put me off Kogan altogether.

        • I had good experience with their customer service recently. Signed up for their trial to buy xiaomi air purifier then cancelled too hastily before the trial ended. Realized I wanted to buy more stuff then signed up for monthly service. After buying stuff with Kogan first and getting free delivery I canceled the membership, before the original trial end date.

          Subsequently I emailed their customer service and after some talking back and forth and getting them to call me to explain better they agreed to refund the monthly fee as goodwill. To their credit, they were nice throughout as I persisted with my case.

          Previous dealings and purchases with them also had no issues. Will continue to buy from them if the deal is good.

        • Worked fine for me cancelling using the new chromium based Edge.

        • Earlier this month I bought a Xiaomi filter with free shipping from Kogan. It was stolen off my verandah after delivery. Reported the theft to police with doorbell video and enquired with Kogan. After initial questioning if a family member or neighbour got it they made an investigation with AusPost. Couple days later they offered a replacement. All in all there were 19 emails back and forth with 5 different support members over 10 days. Also gave me $10 credit for having to wait until Dec 1.

    • Yes. I did. Their membership price is ridiculous.

    • +1

      If you're using Kogan Credit Card, then you can have free Kogan First Membership.

      • Wats your experience with applying for this card? I was rejected last year

        • +1

          I got this for 5 months. It's okay. Just like using other credit cards, but you will have kogan first + $1 kogan credit to use in kogan website per $100 used in credit card. It's great.

  • +3

    Don't need it…. but bought it.

    • +14

      kettles boil almost instantly, so why do we need remote control "smart" kettles?

      • +14

        for those lazy nights where I wanna make two minute noodles and don't want to walk out of the room twice

      • +8

        Doesn't boil instantly if you need to make 12 cups of coffee at the same time. You can prefill the kettle and then tell it to start boiling when you're almost home from bible study, with your 11 bible study friends.

      • +3

        Ha nearly bought until I read this

      • kettles boil almost instantly, so why do we need remote control "smart" kettles?

        Well duh! That's why they have had to drop the price more than 50%. It s a useless gimmick.

        I have the 2-litre Kogan kettle, which has temperature setting but no wifi. Works well.
        Probably worth paying the extra $10 for something that will last longer.

      • +1

        “Smart” because it’ll breakdown first, before the heating element stops working.

  • +2

    Has anyone had one of these long term and formed a view as to longetivity/quality? I've found all kettles start out the same but the better ones still maintain the boiling performance (ie time to boil) and sound six or twelve months down the line.

    • +4

      Had it since for about 6ish months. Would recommend.

      • Been looking forward for this one, well ever since the Kmart one got discontinued.
        Logged in after 3 hours, and all stock was gone :'(

    • +3

      I had one for a few months before the wiring insulation in the base melted and fused the base to the jug and also tripped the safety switch.

    • +4

      Had one for a month. Started leaking out the bottom of the kettle onto the stand. Big no no. It's a good kettle if you can get one with no faults. Sums up a lot of their home products really; sometimes they send you a dud, sometimes they don't.

    • +2

      Had it for about 6 months here too. I've scheduled it to boil Mon-Friday at 6am, when I get down around then it's done in time for coffee before work.
      At other times, I can remote boil (app or echo) whenever (noodles at night? My room is upstairs so this is great).

    • I've been a happy user of the non smart version of this for 3-4 years now. Still working perfectly - but I imagine there have been a few design changes between then and now

    • +1

      I have had 3, due to warranty replacements.
      First one had a constant high pitch whine, Kogan sent out a replacement when i sent a video of it. Did not ask for a return.

      Second one the Wi-Fi did not work at all, once again i sent a video and Kogan sent out another one with no request for return.

      Third one lasted about 6 months before it started leaking out the bottom. Took a video of it and requested a refund. Which they did.

      As a note, I gave the second one to my Father to use, it also developed a leak after a few months.

      So overall assessment, works well when they do. But Quality is pretty poor and I’m pretty sure with the way the thermal probe is glued into the bottom they will always begin to leak there after some time. Kogan’s warranty though can’t be faulted from my experience.

    • Had one for about 6 months as well. Works perfectly fine and very easy to use. Other than your standard calcium build up every month its pretty easy.

    • Have had it since Nov 2019 and it works as well as it did when I first received it. It onlt gets used twice a day and usually just enough water for 2 cups so it boild very fast. I bought it mainly because it was a good price - did not need the smart features but now we have a smart kettle it is surprisingly convenient when you are feeling lazy.

  • +3

    I wouldn't buy a kogan kettle ever again. I bought the same model as this without the smart conectivity. When the kettle boils , hot water spits out of the nozzle, I tried all levels of water to see if this would affect it but it still did it. I took a video and sent it to kogan and the best they did was offer me credit through kogan…

    • +18

      I stay away from everything that has Kogan written on it. Never had any good experience with them and sick of the fake reviews on the website.

      • Same except for the pedestal fan. Just purchased because of OzB and frankly one of the best buys.

  • +1

    $30 for a smart enabled kettle with HA integration capability. Good find.

  • +4

    Poor man sous vide alternative? 😁

    • this is what i was about to say

      if it can maintain 50c etc. constant then it might do

      • Imagine the quality of the temperature sensor in something like this… 😀 There is no circulator to ensure the temperature is even through the jug and it's a tiny vessel. Might be useful if you want to disassemble and rebuild into something else?

  • Wondering if this will shiet itself, too many features and glass? More reviews please.

  • +5

    This is one of those tech gadgets where you really have to ask the question - why?

    • +14

      So I can boil my chia tea while doing my tai chi

      • U don't find the Chia seeds get caught in ur teeth?

  • Bought! Thanks OP!

    • Alexa boil my water 50c and stop spying plllzzz

      • Gets dressed, did you just turn on Google?

  • +10

    Dumb kettles are as smart as I will ever need.

    • Buy stovetop whistling kettle and thermometer might be better if you want it to last the decades

      • +9

        I've seen enough movies to know that setting up a stove top whistling kettle is an invitation to being attacked and murdered. Then the next day the police or a friend will arrive and the kettle will still be whistling, they'll need to step over your body to take it off. In movies if you've got a whistling kettle your chances of dying before it finishes boiling increases dramatically compared to any other type of kettle, it's proven science.

        • -1

          I'm going to kill you

        • hahaha

    • Haha true.

      It won’t overthink what it is suppose to do. The smart features will be the first to breakdown.

  • +12

    I've never understood why people fill the kettle to the top to make a cup of tea/coffee. I just put in enough for a cup or two and by the time I've put the sugar and coffee in the cup it's boiled. Reboiling water you didn't use last time is just wasting time and electricity. Annoys the sheep out of me every time the inlaws stay over.

    • They are too lazy to refill it a cup at a time. Lazy and patient, they'd rather stand around while the whole thing boils, than have to do more things like refilling the pot more often.

  • +1

    It is kind of cool to have for the niche. We boiled our water using the smart app when waking up in the morning for the first month - then now we just boil it as a manual kettle. LOL

  • +1

    I am all for smart this and that… just can’t see a use case for this.

    • +1

      Everyone's use case will be different, but im going to throw it on my "Good morning" Alexa routine with several other automations so its already boiled when i get to the kitchen.

      • yup. having boiled water ready by the time you get up and to the kitchen would be so nice

  • Almost bought it, then thought I'll stick with the original plan of getting one of the instant hot water dispensers when there is a good deal for one, seems like a more practical option than one of these.

  • Thanks OP - needed a new kettle so thought why not try a smart one 🙂

  • got this for $35 last time, so for so good

  • +6

    Got one when it was 49. Mainly so I can say "hey google put the kettle on"

    Does the job

    • +2

      Hey Google. It's like having that one family member who you ask to do things because you can't be bothered to get up

  • Bring back the Teasmade from the 60s and 70s and then you won't have to get out of bed at all!

    • Bring back the 60’s and 70’s full stop

  • -1

    You are stuffed if you have the Kogan Money Black credit card, that’s for sure.

  • I bought before Christmas for slightly more. Good kettle, as long as people remember to fill it up, after using.

  • It's worth it just for the option to get water to a set temperature. I.e. 80 degrees for a hot water bottle.

  • I don’t need one

    I don’t need one.

    I don’t need one

    I really don’t need one

    • +2

      How many did you buy?

      • Went to Kmart and check the price, $ 29 without wifi function, So I brought 1 from Kogan….
        I really really don't need a spare one

  • -1

    it says $79

    • You need Kogan First…

    • Just under you see the FIRST option and price,

      As per title, needs a 'Kogan First' subscription aka Prime of Kogan

  • Can I join Kogan First, buy the kettle for $29 then cancel the trial straight away and won't be charged any extra? Heard they will charge you the first month regardless…

  • Lame $16 for delivery to my address …
    Some how have first until the 10th of next year though

  • lol someone posted it as $110 and tried to convince people it's a good deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/560984

  • Would the delivery take 3+ weeks. Says will tske 2-3 weeks to leave the warehouse?

    • That way you cannot cancel the Kogan first before they despatch it. Will probably end up paying 41$ instead of 29$

  • Love the fact it has the LCD thermometer display after boiling you can see if it's still a good temp to use. Also tells you the ambient temp while not using it haha

  • They are cheeky! I went over to buy first, comes back then it says sold out!

    Looks like deal over.

    • Back in stock today - at 39.99… bought it cos now I was desperate for it and so disappointed from missing out yesterday. Well done Kogan.

  • OOS

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