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NZXT H210 Mini-ITX Case Matte Red/Black $99 + Delivery (Was $145) @ PC Case Gear


Cheapest H210 you can find if you don’t mind the colour

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  • +8

    Quite big for a mini itx but good price and some people like it. I don't like it.

    • +2

      Quite big for a mini itx

      That's putting it mildly, this thing is obese. Bigger than my Matx box.

      • +2

        Not only it's too big for an ITX case, the GPU position right against PSU shroud WILL block air intake for GPU almost completely, plus I don't think a GPU over 2 slot can be used in this case.

        It's just a bad case after all.

        • I dont think everyone builds pcs with big great gpus in place though, for someone looking for a simple machine, this s ok

          • +1

            @Franc-T: You are right, smaller GPU with limited air intake is enough.

            But why don't you find a better case and make the GPU run like 10 degree cooler? I believe a cooler GPU have better chance to survive longer.

            • @OMGJL: Depends on the users, for some users onboard video would be fine, and this a non-issue, surely?

              • +1

                @Franc-T: not meant to argue or offence you in any way, but if someone were building a iGPU only ITX, why not get something like a inWin Chopin, it even comes with a PSU.

                If one was to build one with GPU, then Fractal Node 202 will not only be smaller but also better airflow for GPU, which matters much more than CPU thermal.

                • @OMGJL: All good, I wasnt offended you made it clear you point about it. Im not advocating buying this, its just some people might have a reason.

                  My main pc case is expensive and gigantic as I have a similar use case (GPU + watercooling).

    • -8

      Mini Itx is used here for clean asthetic not size.

      • +8

        That don't make too much sense to me, mini itx itself is about the size

        • +3

          The choice to use m-ITX is 100% about size, the same aesthetic is achieved with the h510.

    • This red will go well with an EVGA 30 series.

  • +3

    Also available on their eBay store, good for those with discounted eBay gift cards.

  • I have one of these and its an awesome ITX case.. Bigger than a real small ITX case but I think its better with the extra space to work with and airflow.

    • Would it fit a noctua nh-d15?

      Eh, scrap that question, I'm not going to buy it haha

      • +2

        In case anyone wants to know, it does fit tho it's a pain to install

        • +1

          Got one in mine too

        • Thanks!

          I've just got my case angled grinded and it fits into the tv cabinet nicely now - just don't look inside, it's a Frankenstein looking thing haha.

        • In case anyone wants to know, it does fit tho it's a pain to install

          Ah yes, the mITX lifestyle

    • talking about airflow when GPU is right against the PSU shroud.

  • +2

    Just be mindful of GPU Clearance with this case.. the listed spec is without anything installed at the front, it's significantly reduced with an AIO installed.

    • +1

      Not only the clearance but also the GPU airflow. It is suggested that you use a SFF PSU for this issue even though it fits a regular sized one.

      • I have a similar sized phanteks case that my 1080 TI would absolutely cook in Australian weather, couldn't move air at all.

        A SFF PSU would help, as would a blower model GFX card. I ended up watercooling mine though.

    • I got this case and fit a Gigabyte 2070 Super Gaming OC which fits just fine, even at 2.5 slots in height, it is running a SFX power supply for better airflow but then again I have two 140mm noctua fans in the front panel.

    • More of an issue is the thickness of GPU you can install.

      It’s about 2.5 slot max, so a lot of 3080’s won’t fit, if you ever plan on getting one on 2022 when they are available :P

      Certainly what I found when I had this case.

      Also you’ll want to make sure you find a motherboard with a USB C header for the front, they are surprisingly limited in B550 boards

      • i think all mini itx B550s have a USB-c front header…

        • Seems they are more common on ITX boards which is good. Other than Gigabyte.

          When I was looking was hard to find a good ATX board with one.

          • @blackfalcon53: I see the confusion. The ITX boards all are targeted at the higher end markets, so typically have higher tier features such as high load VRMs and latest tech like USB-C headers at the cost of less ram and USB slots.

  • +4

    I'd go mATX at this size and it opens up motherboard options significantly.

    • +1

      And improves budget as well

  • I love the colour.

  • +1

    Just in time for a team red build?!

  • I got this case (white version) If you use the Kraken x53 AIO you can't fit a 3080 in it. Someone on reddit suggested using 15mm fans to claim back space.

    • If you don’t use the aio, can you fit a 3080?

      Thought about x53 when I built my rig a few years ago. The review wasn’t that great, although I did really want it.

      • You can as long as you buy the Founders Edition, EVGA XC3 or the Inno3D TWIN X2 fan one as they are 2.0 to 2.2 slot. My issue is the lengh of the card with the AIO x53 in this case. I either need to buy 15mm fans or wait for a shorter card to be released. I only have 278mm tops to play with and the shortest 3080 is 285mm

        • the INNO3D GeForce RTX 3080 TWIN X2 OC 10G is 274 so it should fit. Dell also looks like they have made a custom 3080 and it looks small form factor compared to the 3 fan 3080's but cant find too much info.

  • +1

    only 1 3.5" bay?

    • Yep and bay is a stretch it just screws to the bottom of the case

      • I don’t have a NAS so all my HHDs are in the computer!
        Given the size, one is disappointing

  • I have the h400 case which is huge for a mats case. Looks great.

    The h210 also looks very premier, the colour is great!

    Only two questions:
    The new 3800x cpu seems giving a large amount of heat with the idle temp at between 55 and 60 degrees. Not sure if the ventilation in the smaller case is even worth.
    Second, is it possible to fit in a “full size” 3080 or even just a 2080, if I want to upgrade. No problem with 1070 in my hi400. Sure I also need to buy an itx mb if I do want to change from 400 to 210.

  • +2

    Nothing mini about this mini-ITX case.

    • +1

      It is as "mini" as a girl who puts "curvy" in her Tinder bio.

  • +1

    The NR200 exists.

    • +1

      At $109 the NR200 is a bargain. That’s assuming you can get hold of stock.

      • I have the NR400 and NR600. NR200 will probably be next :)

  • Unless you're trying to make a flashy itx custom water cooling loop, this case isn't that great. It's bigger than some regularly available m-atx cases.

  • What's that red thing inside the case?

    • Cable management bar. It's been built as an aesthetics thing in the NZXT cases.

  • +1

    I have a h400i, love it (micro atx). Switched from a bitfenix prodigy

  • Naise, very ricey

  • OOS

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