KN95 Disposable Respirator 5pk $5 C&C at Bunnings


Cheap KN95 masks at Bunnings
Plenty of stock at my locals

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  • Oof…prices have fallen hard…

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    Cheap N95 masks at Bunnings

    Come on OP, N95 != KN95

  • Good deal.

    To all,

    Do not buy the other kn95 brand available (Wellcare) on the Bunnings website if you have a normal to large sized face:

    The Wellcare brand has verrrry short elastic strap length, and doesn't fit my face at all.

    • These ones have a short elastic strap too. Bought a pack a while back when they were $19 or something ridiculous like that and have not used them because they dig into my ears and start to hurt after a few minutes.

      • Yeah same, these Sojo branded masks hurt my ears after a while also.

        The Wellcare brand is way worse.

        Cheap though, I paid $15 about 2-3 weeks ago for these ones.

    • So better for the kids then?

  • These are glorified surgical masks due to fit and construction as per a wide sample of fit testing.

    Treat accordingly.

    • I don't trust KN95 much either compared to P2 or N95, but relatively speaking I trust them way more than those washable reusable masks that cost $10 the price with bs marketing names for bacteria stopping fabric.

      • Correct. Just saying, these will be similar effectiveness to a surgical mask. Which is more effective than most washable masks out there.

        If handled and worn correctly, and disposed of appropriately once soiled.

  • Just realised these are "respirators" as compared with masks.

  • Would these be good for woodworking/sanding?


    • Wouldn’t provide a tight seal on your face, if that is what you are after.

    • Better off going to Total Tools if that's what you're after. They have a (somewhat more expensive) much larger selection of higher quality certified P2/N95. Don't risk your lungs.

  • Single packs are a buck instore too

  • These things are going to cause a lot of problems with landfill. Reusable is better

    • What’s the problem with landfill? We‘ll all be there soon enough.

    • One day Wall-E will go through the landfill, neatly sort all the masks, and they'll be used for something else, using some machine we haven't invented yet.

  • Thanks for posting! I bought the willcare ones 5 for $19 a few months ago and they're great!! The ear things are a bit tight though.

    Just bought 50 masks as I'm sure Melbourne will be back in lockdown around January/Feb.

  • Thanks OP! Stocking up for the third wave!

  • Scumbags were charging $25 for these at the start, profiteering pricks


      I work at Bunnings and thought they were expensive so out of curiosity I went to write one off to see how much it costs us. Surprisingly we were selling them at cost at the original price. ( If the write off price was accurate).